My Devil System Desires of a Sword Saint

To Me to You to Me (Prologue)

Oliver~, you probably don remember me anymore. I don know if this message will ever get through to you, but I wanted to say this anyways.

From the very first time you looked at me, I felt as if we were destined to be together. The bracelet you gave to me still hangs on my wrist to this day. No matter where I am, I feel happy whenever I look down and see it.

You always said that you weren a nice person, but that couldn matter less to me. The fact that you protected me to the last second is something that clings to my heart. It is a feeling that Ill never let go of, not for as long as I exist in this world.

People always looked at your clear, sapphire-blue eyes, thinking that they were the prettiest things on the planet. However, I love nothing else but the dark spirals that form in your eyes when you
e serious. They were a sign that you were something more than just a normal person. Even when everyone else was terrified of you—I never once thought that you were scary. You would always protect the things that mattered to you.

Ah, its a bit lonely up here. Ive seen some of our old friends, living their life in the new world of your creation. They
e all happily married, some even have kids—i

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