l incorporation. ”

< Action blocked by higher Celestial entity. Recalculating and $%=$#*=%*+ >

( ” Hello again I hope you haven forgotten about me already, after all, it was just a moment ago when we first met. ” )

The girl stared intently at the panel in front of her, trying to think in a way she went wrong.

( ” You forgot divine and celestial protection in your system, but don worry I won allow anyone else to enter this system apart from me of course. ” )

” a-are you the god that reincarnated me? ” the girl asked with a shaking voice.

( ” Yes I am indeed, but don worry Im just here to make sure you don break this omniverse and to make things a little more fun for me at least. Also, I managed to change some things about your system soo… good luck, bye~ ” )

” …Wait?, WHAT!? ” She screamed so loud that it could be heard all through the forest.


A cloaked figure could be watched weaving through the dense forest, where the dim moonlight would sometimes show the protruding bone-like spikes coming from its back and shoulders, or it showed its razor-sharp teeth coming from its long snout, its glowing ruby eyes showed constantly being contrasted by the darkness that provided the forest. The creature seemed to stop abruptly before lightly lifting its skull-like head, and switching directions, going in a full sprint toward where it felt something.


< Raphael, King of Wisdom , from the series Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken , has been exempted from the penalty in the system, other skills will continue to perform the penalty. Do you wish to incorporate skills? >

” …yes, ” the girl said in a hushed manner.

< Raphael, King of Wisdom , has been incorporated and set at level 1 / 10. WARNING, only when skills are at level 10 / 10 will the skill be at maximum control and effectiveness. >

” System max level the skill, Raphael, King of Wisdom , using shop currency. ” The girl muttered.

< Raphael, King of Wisdom , has leveled up, 10 / 10, skill activating passively. >

” System, upgrade to max level every skill incorporated using the shop currency, without asking for confirmation, she said tiredly.

Raphael, can you find out where I am? she thought to herself.

[ Answer. Not sufficient information for the usage of sub-skill All of Creation , location unknown. ]

Letting out a sigh the girl stood up and began looking around once more, trying to find a trail of some kind. She stood completely still as she found herself in a staring contest with bright ruby-like eyes that watched her from between the forest trees. Sweeting, she never broke eye contact, but ultimately she had to blink, and as soon as she did the eyes started to growl at her, when she opened them again she saw the dark creature rapidly approaching her.

oh… oh no she thought.

( A/N hello everyone remember when I said that this story wasn well-planned, I kind of don have a name for the MC soooo… yea give me your suggestions also Im going to do the RWBYS thing, or maybe do RWBYY or something similar so yea help.

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Another thing is that I intended this chapter to be released yesterday so sorry about that, I will probably realize a chapter tomorrow.

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