be impossible? ” the voice said, clearly angry with what was happening.

” You know what it doesn matter, just stay silent. I will do the rest, ” the voice said finally.

On one of the rooms walls a screen appeared with a video playing, it was going so fast that you could only see a blur. Just like it appeared it disappeared, the wall becoming like it once was.

” hmm… interesting, very interesting, your life was mediocre at best but that imagination of yours is something else very interesting, ” the voice said with a curious tone.

” What is that supposed to mean? ” the soul finally said.

” I told you to stay silent … I already read your thoughts, dreams and memories so don worry, ” the voice said with resolve.

Suddenly a blinding light appeared in the room, slowly dimming it to show the figure of an uncharacteristic, humanoid creature made of light. Slowly approaching the soul, the creature touched it lightly causing another bright light to engulf the room. As the light disappeared it showed the same soul, nothing appears to change.

” What did you do? the soul asked curiously.

” Something so you would be able to reincarnate, nothing much ” the creature said calmly.

” So its like those novels I read, ” the soul muttered to itself.

” Wait does that mean i get wishes and all ” it said with a little excitement in its voice.

” yeah yeah, just tell me what you wish already so I can go back to more important matters, ” the creature said tiredly.

” Are you like a god or something? ” the soul asked.

” Something like that but more powerful, I usually don do the reincarnation stuff ” the creature answers.

” So its supposed to be someone else who reincarnates me, hmmm … so what do you usually do then? ” the soul questions.

” Lesser gods are supposed to manage the reincarnation cycle, and I just laze around making sure the rebirth cycle of omniverses continues like normal … very boring in my opinion ” the creature answers.

” Sounds very interesting to me but i guess it gets boring after the first few hundred years ” the orb said

” Something like that, after watching every omniverse it can get very boring as nothing interesting ever happens anymore it just repeats itself … wait what am i doing talking with you just say your wish so i can continue to laze around ” the creature said

” Do I get a number or something? Are there any restrictions or something? ” the soul questioned.

” Just tell me your wish. I say yes or no, hurry up already, ” the creature said, losing its patience.

” Oh, I know, I wish – ” the soul tried to say.

” You don have to answer, I already read your mind sooo … good luck, bye~, ” the creature said, relieved that the soul had left.

The soul was engulfed in the light again and later disappeared, leaving the humanoid creature alone.

” I should probably keep my eye on it, this could end badly. That wish was weird and came with many things but still, to alter so much about itself, it either hated itself or something but I had to tone it down, if not it would have nothing left of itself. Anyways, creating your own system, now that is interesting ” the creature said to himself.

The creature slowly disappeared from the room, leaving the room to implode into nothingness. In a white room similar to the last one, a soul floated in the middle, unmoving.


This is really something, just thinking of a change makes the panel different, I imagined it would be more complicated, now before continuing, one last check.

Status, check, Store with its own currency which sells skills and items from different universes, check, skill with levels from 1 – 10, check, ability to level up skills with store currency, check, ai to help with questions of the system, check, being able to edit later in case I forgot something, check, missions with low penalties and optional, check, and finally an infinite amount of the store currency, double check.

Wait … what do I do now I thought.

A white light started to cover me slowly as well as the entire room, and in the next instant, I was gone as well as the room.

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