[ 3rd POV ]

Slowly opening her eyes, she stares as a ray of moonlight manages to pierce the dense tree roof of the forest that surrounded her. The darkness that surrounded her, not allowing her to see more than a few meters around, her eyes not yet adjusted to the dim environment.

The moonlight slightly illuminated her face, she was laying on the ground as she gazed at the moonlight, she was brought out of her thoughts by a light graze on her leg. Trying to get up she felt her legs trembling for a second before giving out making her stumble to her knees.

Where am I? she asked to herself.

Slowly she raised one hand to her forehead and laid the other on the soft grass beneath her. She slowly looked around her, feeling her whole body stiff. Looking up she carefully observes the forest roof, layers upon layers of branches hiding the night sky, only letting through small specs of moonlight.

Moving her head down she spots the rough ground, covered by a silk soft grass that graces her leg occasionally as a small breeze of wind passes through the dense forest. Moving from the ground she glances forward, focusing on the trees themselves she studies the barely visible tree logs rising from the ground, a small ray of moonlight shows the rugged texture of the trees.

Being brought out of her thoughts she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her head, she quickly lowers to the ground with her head between her knees and hands covering and gripping her forehead, letting out short and uneven breaths.

===================== FLASHBACK ====================

Why am I here? … Where am I? … What happened?

Being surrounded by a void, or something similar in the distance one can see neatly organized souls, they, however, appear too big, with constantly changing colors, some simply implode being brought smaller and smaller to a point where they will disappear creating an exact copy of the previous one.

Trying to remember, the soul surrounded by void starts to recall short and few memories of what happened.

Ah … I see, I died.

Being surrounded by nothingness the soul slowly remembers its life or when it was its life. With no way of telling time, the soul stuck to its own thoughts. As time passes, if time can pass in a place like the void, the soul finally recalls its most fundamental memories.

So, I died, because of a truck … that came from underground, somehow?

[ soul POV ]

Doesn matter how many times I try to comprehend how physically possible it is for a truck to come from underground. I just can , I feel like Im going to die again if I think too hard.

Anyways being stuck to my own thoughts isn as bad as I thought, I always had a wild imagination, still, is this supposed to be limbo or something because I can see, feel, smell, touch, or hear anything, its just me and my memories that I somehow have a perfect control on, its like watching a movie.

It was a sad sight, the ”movie ” recalled how I basically closed myself off from others, being alone most of the time. Similar to now I would be stuck to my own thoughts imagining small scenarios of different stories I knew and overthinking the thoughts of others if I somehow interacted with them.

A yes social anxiety, what a fascinating thing it is to be scared of talking to others, who am I kid –

” Are you done with your pathetic sob story already? ” a voice echoed.

[ 3rd POV ]

The scene changed from one second to the next, what was once the void is now a completely white box.

” How did you even get to the void and even survive it for so long?! ” the voice said, outraged.

” Ehh… ” the soul tried to answer, but was cut off.

” To be able to stay with only your own thoughts for that long is highly improbable, most souls implode after some time ” the voice continued.

” Bu – ” the soul tried again, but was cut off.

” And to be able to enter the void, how is it even possible, never in my life have I seen something like this happen, ” the voice said to itself.

” I don think – ” the soul tried again but was cut off again.

” Don talk for a second, ok? Im still trying to comprehend something that should

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