“Amane-kun, has Kazuha left already?”

“Ah she just left.
Shouldn’t you have seen her off too?”

“No, I can see her anytime.”

“I see.”

Sisters could certainly see each other anytime.

And maybe Saori was always meeting her.

“But that doesn’t matter, Amane-kun, what were you and Kazuha talking about?”

“That’s …… a secret.”

And if I told you this, you’d call me a slacker again.

“A secret huh…… You can’t even tell me.
I’m going to sulk again.”

Saori said, squirming.

“I was happy to see you sulking when Kazuha came back.
I was more than happy, it was adorable.”

Especially when she hid her face with the cushion.

Saori was really like an angel at that time.

“So Saori, can you sulk once in a while, please?”

“M-Mou~ I don’t know anymore! I don’t know Amane-kun!”

Saori then retreated to her room.

After that, it was hard to comfort Saori.

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