〜Sunday night~

“What, are you leaving already Kazuha? It’s still Sunday night, right?”

I have to prepare for tomorrow, and I was happy to see you, Amane onii-chan, for the first time in a while.”

“I see.
I was happy to see you after a long time too.”

“M-mou! Amane onii-chan, you say that again! Onee-chan will sulk again, you know?”

“Haha, yes.”

Incidentally, Saori was preparing for tomorrow in her room.

“But it’s true that I was happy to see you, you know?”

That was a fact.
Saori and Kazuha were both important childhood friends of mine.

In terms of love, I loved Saori more, but when it came to friendship, neither of them were higher or lower than the other.

“…T-Thank you…”

Kazuha smiled shyly and scratched her cheeks.


While we were having such a conversation.

“Kazuha~! Sorry I’m late!”

Kazuha’s mother came in looking a little flustered.

“Ara? Where is Saori?”

“Onee-chan, she is in her room.
I told her earlier that I’ll be back, so it’s okay.”

“Well, you guys can meet anytime.
Shall we go then, Kazuha?”

… mom can you go to the car first?”

“Huh? Ah, I see…okay.”

She glanced at me and left.

“A-Amane onii-chan!”

Kazuha called me in a loud voice.

“What’s wrong?!”

“Onee chan and you…good luck! I’m rooting for you both.

“Ah, Thank you very much, Kazuha.”

“I’ll see you soon.
Then, bye-bye!”

Kazuha opened the front door and left.

Kazuha’s face looked a little sad when she said that, but I must have been mistaken.

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