“Amane-kun, breakfast is ready.”

“Thank you.
Has my mother left already?”

“Yes, your mother has already left for work.”

My mother left early in the morning and came home late at night, and my father was working alone, so I practically lived alone.

No, to be precise, it was like living alone with Saori.
Saori took care of me a lot.

Even if I said I would do it myself, she would not allow me to do so.

『I am happy to take care of Amane-kun.
Do you want to deprive me of that happiness, Amane-kun?』

There was nothing I could do if she says that.

Besides, the food Saori makes was super delicious!

I could say this with confidence!

Even today’s breakfast.

“Amane-kun, Amane-kun, how does it taste?:

“Oh, it’s delicious today too.”

“Thank you.
I am glad to hear you say so.
I feel at ease even when we get married in the future.”

‘Hmm…yes… wait marriage!?”

“Yes, I want to marry Amane-kun.
Am I no good for you?”

No way…

Because I love Saori… even though she was a pervert… but I still love her…

But… not yet…

“I can’t say that yet… whether Saori is no good or not…”

“Yes, Indeed, you are a diligent man.”

Saori directed a calming smile at me.

Then, before I knew it, Saori approached me and whispered in my ear…

She muttered, “I love you because of that.”

This is bad because Saori sometimes does these things unexpectedly…

I’m definitely blushing right now…

“Amane-kun, your face has turned into an apple, right? Shall I kiss you?”

“How can you do that in this situation?

“Just kidding.
If you don’t eat soon, you’ll be late for school.”

Saori’s pervertedness was really annoying…


Something warm touched my cheek.

“I couldn’t resist, Amane-kun was so cute.
I’m sorry.”

“Saori! Baka!… You’ll stop my heart!”

She really kissed me… I’m going to die…

The usual noisy morning thus came to an end.

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