〜The next day~

“Sorry to disturb.”

“Welcome Amane-kun, you’ve grown up!”

Sorry to bother you.”

This person was Saori’s mother.

As expected of Saori’s mother

She was said to be in her late thirties, but she could easily have been in her early twenties.

By the way, Saori’s father was on a business trip right now.

“Amane-kun, you came.”

I just arrived.
By the way, is Kazuha back already?”

“No, not yet.
Kazuha will be here around noon.
My mother is going to pick her up.”

“I see, I came a little too early.”

“Then come and talk to me.”

“Let’s go.”

Saori’s mother watched us with warm eyes.

〜Around noon~

“Amane-kun, I hear a car.
It seems that Mother and Kazuha have returned.”

it’s been a while since I’ve seen her, so I’m a little nervous…”

“Are you nervous about Kazuha? You are too cute”

Saori giggled.

It was a little nerve-wracking.

I wonder if she remembered me…?

If she forgot about me, I was sure I’d be so shocked that I’d be in bed for two days.

“I’m home~Onee-chan~ ….Amane onii-chan…”

I-I’m so glad! She didn’t forget me..

“Kazuha, long time no see.”

“Amane Onii-chan~~~!!!!”


Kazuha hugged me.

This is bad, she smells so good…

“Long time no see! Amane Onii-chan!”

Kazuha’s smile, which I hadn’t seen in a while, was a little more mature but still very cute, like a child.

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