“Amane-kun, it’s morning.”

My body was shaken to and fro.

To be honest, I didn’t want to wake up because I still want to sleep…

“Good grief…A.M.A.N.E-kun! It’s morning.”

I was shaken even louder.

I also woke up.

“Good morning, Amane-kun.”

There was Saori in an apron.

Ah, that’s right, she stayed over last night.

“Good morning Saori.”

I could smell the miso soup…

I wonder if Saori was making breakfast for us.

Like a newlywed couple… us.

“It’s like we’re newlyweds, right?”

“I was just thinking the same thing.”

What a coincidence!

I mean, would anyone think that in this situation? I don’t know.

“Well, in the near future, we’ll be real.”

“A-ah… yeah.”

That was like a half-proposal, wasn’t it?

Saori was amazingly quick to say these things.

“Amane-kun, you can do things at your own pace.
I’ll be waiting for you all the way.”

“I guess so.
Just wait for the lazy me a little more.”

“Yes, I will.
Then let’s have breakfast.”

Saori comforted me this morning.

Almost there… until I gain more confidence in myself…

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