Saori and I ran frantically to school.

Even then, Saori held my hand… but to be honest, it was hard to run.

“You guys are just in time.”

A teacher standing at the main gate said to us,

“I’m sorry.
Next time We’ll come earlier”

We bowed lightly and headed for the classroom.


“Ah, Amane, good morning.
What’s up?”

Shigeru approached me.

“Good morning, Shigeru.
Well, it’s been a rough morning for all of us.”

“It’s related to Saori-chan, isn’t it? Anyway.”

“I guess so.”

“Saori-chan, you’re holding your head, is something wrong?”

“No…I bumped …”

She said she didn’t care about pimples earlier, but I guess she was still a little embarrassed.

“Well, take care of yourself.”

“Yes…thank you.”

“Saori, you should probably go to your seat, sensei is already on his way.”

Amane-kun, I’ll see you later.”

Saori then went to her seat.

When she talked to her friends around her, she covered it with her bangs.
I don’t think you need to worry about it at all because your hair made it almost invisible.

Well, if I said something like this, she’ll probably get angry again, “Amane-kun, you don’t understand the heart of a maiden!” and say something like that.

It’s hard to be a girl (Saori), huh?.

Amane was alone thinking about this.

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