“Well then, Amane-kun, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Saori said, looking at me when I had recovered from my arousal.

Saori always returned home a little while after she got out of the bath.
My parents were not back yet, so I was a little lonely at this time every day.

Saori would definitely stay if I told her not to leave.

But I didn’t say that because it would be a nuisance to Saori as well.

“See you tomorrow, Saori.”

Saori then left the house.


It had been only about five minutes since Saori left, but it was still early to go to bed, so I was watching TV.

Then the phone on the desk trembled.

I checked the screen of my phone and there was Saori’s name on it.
Did She forget something…?

“Hello? Is something wrong?”

I called for Amane-kun, who looked lonely.”

Huh? Did I have that look on my face!?

Yes, I was lonely…that’s what I was thinking, but …

“That…you even paid attention to that?…”

“Well, I want to talk with Amane-kun 24 hours a day, and I really want to.”

My childhood friend was really sweet.

I knew she was a bit of a perv but…

“…Thank you”

When I said this, Saori responded in a gentle voice.

After that, Saori and I had a casual conversation and we both fell asleep without disconnecting the call.

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