After finishing the meal Saori made, I was now relaxing while watching TV.

Meanwhile, Saori was washing the dishes.

I had tried to help with this many times in the past, but have been turned down.

“Amane-kun, you may go take a bath.”

“Oh, is it that time already?”

Time flies when you’re just lying around…

“I’ll go in then.”

“Okay, have a nice bath, Amane-kun.”


That reminds me, I bought some bath salts.

I’ll use one bag right away.

I put the bath salts I bought today into the bathtub.

It smelled great.

I washed my hair and body first before soaking in the bathtub.
If I got into the bathtub dirty and then came out and washed and got into the tub again, there would be no point in getting my body clean.

As I was washing my hair with this thought in mind…

“Excuse me”

Saori came into the bath.

“Sa-Saori! What are you doing here!!!”

“I came to wash your back.”

I was washing my hair right now so I couldn’t see the front…

“You do have clothes or towels or something wrapped around your body, right?”

“Who knows~? Just wait for it, hehe”

“Then I’ll wash your back.” She added,

Saori applied body soap to her hands.

“Here I come, Amane-kun.”

At that moment, something soft pressed against my back.

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