“Didn’t you say you know how to treat it?”

“I don’t like children.”

The doctor tried to blame the man who followed him, but when he heard the answer , it didn’t seem like it was his fault.

“Still you should have done something.”

The doctor took a deep breath and approached Ronshka.

“Come on, let’s heal the wounds.”

Ronshka rolled his eyes and looked at Adele.
Then he gently put out his foot.
He had a whole different attitude after Adele woke up.

“I don’t think the foot is the only place that needs to be treated.”

The doctor rolled up the sleeves of Ronshka.
There were several wounds, including burn marks, scratches, and bruises.

“Who hit this little boy?”

Ronshka did not respond to the voice that sounded like a sigh.

Until now, there were many people who worried about him.
But it was always temporary.
Seeing him handle fire, they all had a different attitude.
They called him monster and then run away.

So he didn’t like others.
Their favor was only temporary, and the end was always disastrous.

Even if she called him a monster or hurt him with her words, his mother was the only person in the world who always stayed with him.

Ronshka held Adele’s hand tightly as the medic cleaned and treated his feet.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

Adele asked Ronshka.
The child rolled his eyes for a moment before answering.

“Oh, it doesn’t hurt.”

The wounds have always been there, so there was nothing to be surprised about.
So he replied that he was fine.

‘I have to tell her that it hurts!’

He realized it later, but it was already too late.

What to do? Could this be why he’s not getting his mother’s attention? Ronshka looked at Adele with anxious eyes.

But unexpectedly, Adele kept looking at him.
He was happy with the persistent gaze.
Ronshka grinned again.

But Adele’s heart ached more and more at the sight of Ronshka.
How much wounds has he suffered from to get used to it like this? Thinking like that, she felt like she was going to die of guilt.

“The feet are cured, now let’s look elsewhere.”

Th doctor looked into Ronshka’s arm.
Then he took off his coat altogether.

Adele wanted to close her eyes when she saw it.
But she didn’t.
Everything was her fault, so she thought she had an obligation to watch.

Seeing the medicine applied to the child’s wound, she held back her tears.
All Adele could do was hold Ronshka’s hand harder.

It would be better if she could get sick instead of him.
But she couldn’t.
All she could do was apologize.

“I’m sorry, Mom is really sorry.”

Eventually, Adele’s voice, which erupted, trembled with guilt.
The doctor did not notice because he was treating the child, but Lucas realized the feelings contained in her voice.

He doesn’t know if she hit him or if she neglected him while someone was beating him, but it was clear that Adele was the culprit.

The moment he realized that, hatred rose to the end of his throat.
He could see his past-self by looking at the child holding his mother’s hand tightly.

The mother who abused him, but him who couldn’t let go of his mother.

Maybe that’s why.
Lucas made an impulsive decision.

He approached Ronshka, whose wound was almost cured , knelt down and stared at him.
And said.

“When your wounds recover , won’t you follow me?”

Ronshka opened his eyes wide with a surprised look on his face at the words.

“I may not be able to give you what you want, but I will let you grow up well.”

It was not impossible.
Lucas was the eldest son of a duke.

Although he felt skeptical of his power since he ran out of his family, the wealth he had inherited from his grandmother allowed him to live as he pleased.

I can’t give him the mother’s affection that Ronshka wants the most, but I can give you everything else.

“Come with me.”

The red eyes that had turned to Lucas for a moment rolled to the side.
There was the child’s mother with a surprised expression on her face.

The child asked.

“Yeah, with my mom?”

“No, you alone.”

Lucas replied firmly.

The moment the words fell, the child’s mother’s expression suddenly collapsed.
Her wet green eyes clouded, as if she was about to burst into tears at any moment.

But she didn’t cry.
Biting her lip, she desperately held back her tears.

Numerous emotions flashed through her eyes.
And finally, as if she had come to a conclusion, her emotions quietly subsided like a fallen tree in a lake.

“A-a, alone?”

Ronshka looked surprised.
Then his body began to tremble like an aspen tree.

“Ah, ah, no! Uh, with Mommy!”

“No, not your mother.”

“Why why?”

Ronshka stuttered with his words harder than usual in his bewildered voice.

Knowing that the child was embarrassed, Lucas did not change his mind.
He was just trying to convince the child.

“Because it will hurt you.”

“ No, it doesn’t hurt!”

Ronshka exclaimed as if screaming at him.

His little hands became tense.
He clasped Adele’s hand .
It was not enough, so he held Adele’s arm tightly and clung to her with his whole body.

He wanted his mother to tell him that she would never let him go, but she didn’t give an answer.
He was terrified now.

He was now in trouble.
So, what can he do to not get separated from his mother?

Ronshka desperately rolled his head.
He then came to a conclusion.

Come to think of it, Lucas didn’t know he was a monster.
So if he comes to know that, he will definitely cancel his plan to separate him from his mother.

“I, I am a monster!”

After shouting like that, he closed his eyes tightly.
Now he thought Lucas would curse at him like other people, but he couldn’t hear any voices.

When he opened his eyes in wonder, Lucas was even closer.
His face, which had been blunt all along, was distorted and looked at Ronshka.

“Why do you think like that?”

“What, what?”

“Didn’t you say you’re a monster?”

Ronshka hesitated at the question, then whispered.

“Boo, fire.”

As soon as the words fell, a small flame burst out in front of Ronshka’s feet.

“Ahh! There is a fire!”

Seeing this, the doctor screamed in surprise and ran wildly in search of water.

Adele, on the other hand, hugged him tightly as if protecting Ronshka with a calm expression.
Lucas was watching the process closely.

The fire was quickly extinguished, but it left the doctor suspicious of him.
He abandoned his friendly demeanor and became wary of Ronshka.

For Ronshka, it was a daily routine.
None of those who approached him with an interest in him remained by his side.

There was only one person who was always by his side.

Adele, His mom.

The one who caused him pain and the one who gave him joy was all in one person.
Although she hated him, she never spite or hit him like everyone else.

So, the doctor’s attitude was not unusual.

He was not hurt by his actions.
Now, he was just happy in his mother’s arms that hugged him tightly.

Then, Lucas approached and scanned the remaining floor for burn marks.
He then asked Ronshka.

“Did you do it?”

Ronshka replied to that.

“I can do it because I’m a monster.”

You’re scared, right? You can’t take me anymore, can you?

He said it as frighteningly as possible with such intentions, but Lucas’ expression did not change.
He looked at Ronshka with an unknown expression and opened his mouth again.

“You, you have the gift of the spirits.”

As soon as Lucas said those words, Adele’s arm, which had been holding Ronshka tightly, lost strength.

For the first time, there was a person who recognized Ronshka’s powern and he also was the one who offered to take care of the child.

She knew how unbelievable human beings can be from her past and present life, but she had a feeling that he might be the right person.

Maybe Ronshka is better with someone other than herself who is not a sinner like her and who will acknowledge Ronshka and make him happy.

Ronshka was now terrified when his mother’s hand fell.

“Uh, uh, Mom?”

Ronshka squeezed the voice out of nowhere and asked with a sincere heart.

“Mom, a- are you going to leave me?”

In the forest, the mind that didn’t gave up on him easily has changed now.
Ronshka still remembered how sweet it was and he couldn’t give up on it so easily.

Ronshka said with a grin.

“I, I don’t even cry.
I also eat very little rice.
I’m going to do a good job and will never trouble you.”

The child desperately laid out whatever reasons he could give to stay with his mother.

I only need to eat a little rice once a day.
She doesn’t have to give it to me at all if it is hard.

Although his stomach will hurt later, he can survive without it.
I’ve never worked before, but I’ve seen it often, so I’ll also help my mother at work somehow.

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