The traces of that terrible night remained intact on the child.
His old clothes were still dirty with dirt, and  scars remained on the exposed flesh.

Adele clenched her teeth and stood up.
She was in a terrible pain, but now was not the time to worry about it.

“Come here, come here.”

When she opened her arms and called for him , the child, who had hesitated for a long time, slowly approached her.

However, the feeling of flinching and hesitation was reflected in the movement.
Still, Adele waited patiently.

Ronshka’s hand slowly approached Adele.
The overwhelming emotion during the moment.
It was difficult to explain in words.

“Ronshka, my son.”

Adele carefully held the child in her arms.
There were many things I wanted to say, but this was all I could say right now.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

At the words, Ronshka looked up at Adele.
It was not hatred that was included in the child’s gaze, even though she had been such a cruel mother in the past.

Just infinite affection.

“Mom, I’m sorry.”

There was heat in the corners of his eyes.
Seeing that she wanted to cry right away, she hugged Ronshka even tighter.

Now, she couldn’t even feel her back pain.
All her attention was focused on the child in front of her.

“It’s okay mom, it’s okay.
Because I’m a monster.”

Saying that he understood Adele, Ronshka called himself a monster.

No, no.
The child was not a monster.
He was just a special child born with an unbearable power.

“No, Ronshka is not a monster.”

Adele bit her lip, holding back her tears.
Ronshka wasn’t crying either even though it was him who suffered, So she desperately held back tears.

“Ronshka is just a special kid.”


“Yes, it’s special.”

“What’s special?”

“It means being a little different from others, but it’s lovely.”


Ronshka twisted his lips and raised the corners of his lips.
At first glance, it looked like a sneer, but Adele knew it.
The child just wanted to laugh.

However, his life was so difficult that the scars on his face hurted him so much that he couldn’t smile properly.

Only Adele’s lips twitched with utter disappointment in her past self, and the child who saw her expression covered his face with both hands in surprise.


“Because it looks weird.”

“It’s not weird at all.”

Adele smiled faintly, regretting things in the past.
She thought she should smile as much as the child couldn’t smile.

Adele smiled broadly.
For a moment, she felt dizzy, but she didn’t erase her smiling face.

And at that moment, I only belatedly recognized that the door was open.
I also found out that a tall man I had never seen before was standing there.

The first place where my eyes went was  at his long silver hair.

‘He is a noble.’

A common man rarely kept his hair long.
Because it was difficult to manage the hair and work at the same time.

The next thing that caught my eye were his deep purple eyes.
Eyes that did not show what he was thinking were looking at Adele.

“Who are you?”

Adele said nervously.
The fever started rising further, and the back was now starting to get wet.
The wound seemed to have opened..

In that situation, the man began to approach them.
Feeling threatened by the approach of his strides, I hugged Ronshka tightly.

The man who came closer grabbed Ronshka and separated him from Adele.


As Adele was waving her arms at  Ronshka’s voice calling out to her, she heard a soft voice.

“Now lie down.”


“Lie down.
Did the wound not burst? I will call the doctor.”

After a little while, Adele understood the situation to some extent.
Seeing that he was concerned about her wounds, he seemed to have no intention of harming them.

Then she laid down on her stomach on the bed, and the man left the room.
Ronshka, who had been dropped, ran quickly and stood next to the bed.

Come to think of it, Ronshka also had to be treated.
Why didn’t the doctor look after the child? Don’t tell me it’s because of the scar on his face?

As soon as I thought so, my head began to throb.

Wounds inflicted by fires created by fire spirits.
The wound was evidence for Adele that she had neglected the child.

On the day of the fire, Adele ran away alone, seeing Ronshka shivering on the floor.
The frozen child ran out in bewilderment when a burning and falling piece of wood hit him in the face.

Thinking about it now, It was very fortunate that they both came out alive, but because of her foolishness, the child got hurt.
Since then, he has not been able to get proper treatment, and his scars got larger than expected.

Adele reached out to pat  Ronshka’s face.
But she did not touch it, so she just left her hand  in the air and asked herself.

‘Can I touch Ronshka?’

So far, I’ve approached him for the sake that he is my child, but maybe it’s wrong.

Although he was longing for his mother’s affection, he was basically a child who had been hated by her until now.
There was no way this wasn’t scary for him.


Her hand, which had been hovering awkwardly in the air, withdrew, and Ronshka looked at her with a sad gaze.

‘Why don’t you touch me?’

The mother who woke up was still sweet.
It was very good, but suddenly she seemed hesitant to touch him.

Does she hate me too? Ronshka pressed his  hand against his aching chest.
Then he took a deep breath and tried to stretch out his hand first.

‘Things like you should disappear!’ 

He suddenly remembered his mother who was swearing.

His eyes darkened and  body began to tremble, but he plucked up courage and held out his trembling hand.
And he put his little hand on the big hand that fell on the bed.

The mother, who had a blank look for a while, soon smiled softly.

It was a pretty smile that was different from his terrible laugh.
Then she pulled out his hand.
His heart sank.

Did I do something wrong? She didn’t say I could touch her, but is she angry because I touched her?

Ronshka closed his  eyes tightly at the thought that his mother would be as angry as before.

However, over time, no sharp voice was heard.
Only warmth was delivered through the warm hands.

“Do you mind if I touch you?”

A sweet voice came in.

“It’s okay, it’s okay!”

Perhaps because the sound was too high, the voice sounded strange, but it didn’t bother him either.

He answered loudly in case his mother didn’t hear it.
The mother laughed again at the voice and said.

“That’s a relief.”

He  didn’t know what was fortunate, but Ronshka laughed along with his mother.

He was glad that his mom laughed.
He was happy to still be able to touch and feel her warmth..

He grinned and covered his face with his free hand.
He hid it because he knew it would look ugly.
Then he suddenly remembered his wounds that had not been cured yet.

Looking at his wounds, the man said that his mother would be upset, but seeing that she wasn’t upset yet, she didn’t seem to have seen the wounds.

Ronshka wiggled his wounded feet.
He wanted to show his mom, but he didn’t want to let go of the  hand he’s holding now.

‘Can’t I show you the wound a little later?’

Ronshka kept grinning, thinking so.
His small heart pounded with anticipation.

It was the happiest moment in his life.
He hoped this time would last forever.
But it must have been a vain wish.

Shortly afterwards, the closed door reopened and Lucas, the man, entered with Doc.

“Oh, my God.”

The doctor sighed and approached Adele.
Then he immediately tried to see the wound on her back, but before that, she opened her mouth first.

“I’m fine, so please look at my son’s wound first.”

At that, the doctor glanced at the mother and the child holding hands together and kicked his tongue.

Wouldn’t the mother have treated the child badly? I thought about it, but it didn’t seem like it. 

They look fond of eachother.

I almost made a slip of the tongue because of a misunderstanding.
He leaned towards Adele, thinking that.

“The wound given by the bear is bigger.
It needs urgent care.
I will see the child’s wound after this.”

Gentleman said so and examined Adele’s wounds.

He wiped the puncture wound with a clean, disinfected cloth, and again applied a hemostatic medicine.
Then, after changing the bandages, Adele’s expression became a little more calm.

Now it was his  turn to heal her son, Ronshka.
After treating Adele, he  had an urgent patient, so he wasn’t able to see him, but he was still in a mess.

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