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[Run away! Run away!]

The fires that have been with him since his birth shouted.
They desperately tried to hold the bear,but to no avail.
Rather, the fire only drove the bear crazy.

Fortunately, Adele was unaware of all this.

Her eyes were barely open, but she couldn’t see anything.
Even the ears seemed to be malfunctioning.

‘I’m happy.’

Ronshka first thought of happiness.Still young, he chose a short life with his mother rather than the long life he had left.

The bear came out of the fire and came closer to them.
It may hurt but it’s okay because the pain was always close to Ronshka.

Instead, he hugged his mother more tightly.
Never letting go of his mother.

[Run away! Run away!]

Cried the Spirit of Fire earnestly.

[Oh my god!]

Even as the furious bear raised its paw again towards them, Ronshka did not close his eyes.
He just stared into the face of his mother he was holding.

It was then that the miracle happened.


The metal blade poked through the thick skin The bear roared and struggled wildly, but that was only for a moment.
The metal, which moved like lightning, cut through the body, and the bear could no longer move, he was dead.

A silver-haired man was seen behind the corpse of a bear that had died in vain, as if it had brought fear.

With a cold impression, he brushed off the bear’s blood and retrieved his sword Then he sighed quietly and approached the child.

“It’s dangerous here.”

The man reached out to Ronshka.
But Ronshka hugged Adele and remained motionless.
He just looked at the man with wary eyes.

Then the man turned his gaze away from Ronshka and looked at Adele.
At first glance, the condition was unusual.

“Dead body?”

“Oh, no, no!”

He looked more closely at the woman, ignoring the screaming child.
At least slightly, her chest was rising and falling.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but she’s not dead yet.
You have to move fast in order to save her.”

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At those words, Ronshka looked at Adele.
At the moment of her death, his mother told him that she loved him.
But when she opens her eyes again, will she still say of the same love again?

I wasn’t sure.
Wouldn’t it be better to just die together like this?

“If you are late, she will die.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Ronshka finally made up his mind.

I want to hear her say I love you again.
I want to see my mom smile.

It would be very painful if she wakes up and treats him the same way like in the past, but the string of weak hope moved him.

“Sir, please save us.
Please save my mother.”

“It was your mother.
All right, I’ll save her.”

The man immediately examined Adele’s condition and held her up.

“I can’t take care of you too because I don’t have enough hands.
So follow me as fast as you can.”

And then the man started running down the rough forest road.
Ronshka also ran after him in a hurry.

The road was too rough for him to walk barefoot, and his feet felt like they were going to fall, but he didn’t stop.
He clenched his teeth and somehow managed to get through.

As a result, the three arrived in a small village close to the forest.



Fortunately, even in a small town, there was a doctor.
Dragged out in the middle of the night, he was stunned to see a woman whose back was soaked with blood.

“She was hit by a bear.”

“Oh, my God, she managed to survive.”

While the doctor took out the herbs and bandages and heated the water, the man turned his gaze to the child.
The woman’s condition was serious, but he was not a healthy child either.

The dirty feet were covered with blood, and there were parts where the toenails were half lifted as they might have hit a stone.

I thought he was okay with silently following me.

He clicked his tongue inwardly.

“Let’s get you treated too.
I know the basics.”

He reached out to the child saying that, but he refused.

“I- I’m fine.”

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It must hurt, and he’s saying it’s okay.That is a lot of patience for a child.

But it wasn’t long before I realized that the source of that patience was not normal.

The child did not take his eyes off the mother who was being treated in the clinic.
Looking at her tenaciously, he didn’t care about his own wounds.
His gaze longing for affection was somehow familiar.

‘I’m tired.’

He saved them because he happened to meet them, but he didn’t help them because he had time.
So he decided to go more forcefully this time.

The man snatched the child and strode along.
Then the child began to struggle frantically.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I don’t want to!”

“Your wounds need to be healed.”

“I said it’s okay.
I did!”

“I’m not okay with what I’m seeing.”

The man perched in the corner and ooked into the feet of the child.
Again, it was a mess.

No, actually, it wasn’t just the feet that was messed up.
The child was also full of wounds elsewhere, like an abused child.

That fact moved his heart.

“No, I need to see my mom.”

Even in this situation, the child was worried about his mother.

“That’s why we need more treatment.
How upset she must be when she wakes up.”

“Oh, Mom, will she be upset?”


“Then, I don’t want to get mysef treated .”

Ronshka wanted to get more attention from his mother.
If he thought about it, he could endure this much hurt.
Thinking that his mother would be worried, he smiled.

So far, she has never cared about where I got hurt, so that’s a bit of a problem.

‘But it might be different this time.’

How I wish that would happen.
Ronshka grinned and covered his feet.

On the other hand, the man became more frustrated.

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“What’s your name?”

“Ro, Ronshka.
Uh, my mom gave me the name.”

Ronshka said, sticking out his chest.

“All right, I’m Lucas.
Call me Lucas.”

“L, Lucas.”

“Yeah, we know each other now, right?”

Is that so? Ronshka tilted his head.

“If we know each other, we can tell each other many things, Ronshka.”


“Where did you get these wounds from?”

Ronshka’s eyes turned to his feet, and Lucas said firmly.

“Not the feet.”

“I fell down.”

You fell this much? That’s ridiculous.
It’s not a wound that can only be caused by a fall.

Moreover, the clothes are too old, dirty, and worn out.
It means that it was not touched by an adult.
And his mother was the only adult he was with.
The most suspicious person was also his mother.

“Who did you live with so far?”

“Oh,my mom.”

“Did your mom hit you?”

“No, she didn’t.”

At the end of that, Ronshka no longer spoke.


My head throbbed.
I thought it would be over if I just saved them, but I think now I have to think about the child’s residence too.

They were unrelated people, but it was uncomfortable to go as it is.
Lucas sighed deeply.

“Oh, my mother protected me.”

Ronshka, who was looking around, said.

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“From what.”

“The bear.
She told me to run away.”

Ronshka said with a brooding look.

He almost never saw his mom again if he ran away.
He was glad he didn’t run away.
He praised his judgment.

However, Lucas, who was listening to the story, became more difficult to judge.

“First of all, let’s wait until your mother wakes up.”

Therefore, I had no choice but to come to such a conclusion.



I felt like I was burning up.
It was like having a nightmare.

I didn’t remember exactly, but it was a dream of losing Ronshka.
I screamed desperately and reached out to the child, but I couldn’t hold him.
It was a terrible nightmare.

And by that point Adele woke up.

Tears streamed down my swollen eyes.
My eyes were burning.

In that state, I cried frantically and managed to open my eyes.
And groaned in a sudden rush of pain.

“Where am I?”

It was my first time seeing it.
But at least it didn’t look like heaven or hell.

As I wiggled and moved my hands, I could definitely feel the sensation.
I survived.
But how?

Adele desperately tried to revive the memory, but nothing came to mind.
There was only one last memory left.


A rough, small voice echoed in the room.
And as soon as the words fell, Ronshka appeared.

The child hid behind a pole a little further away, with only his head pulled out, and was looking this way.

Oh, well, Ronshka’s safe, too.
Adele breathed a sigh of relief.
But why are you looking at me from so far away?

I called out his name in wonder.


Then the child slowly came out from behind the pillar.
Adele saw this and stopped breathing without realizing it.

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