Adele was afraid of her son.

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She certainly thought it was a blessing just to have a child, but the child born was too strange.

Since he was born, he had lot of heat in his body, and fires frequently broke out where the child was.
At first I thought it was a coincidence, but it wasn’t.
The fire was following the child.

Even though it was the child I wanted so much at a time, I got scared.
I did not want to get close to the child.

There were times when I was so scared that I tried to abandon the child.
But the child always came back.
It as terrible.

The village ostracized the child, saying he was an ominous child.
Then Adele also began to stay away.

She was forced to move from village to village.
But the same thing kept repeating itself.

The hard heart was worn out and exhausted from everything.

‘It can’t be like this.’

Adele thought, trembling.

Let’s really abandon the child this time.
Let’s leave him in the forest, far away, where he can never come back from.

Then everything will be solved.
If the child disappeared, I don’t think I would have to live a life of running away anymore.

“Ronshka, let’s go play with mom today.”

She suppressed the trembling and took the child’s hand.
It was because she was afraid that the child might run away on the way.

The child, who had hesitated at first, gave strength to her holding hand.
I almost shook it off in surprise, but I need to endure it desperately.
I’ll be free after today.

I took the child’s hot hand and walked down the long road.
My feet were sore and hard because of the old shoes, but I walked hard.
The child quietly followed.

Thank God.
Adele breathed a sigh of relief and walked deep into the forest.

As she passed the rough road of no return, she heard the sound of a beast from somewhere.

‘This is good enough.’

Adele strained her hand to let go of the child’s hand.
Then she was startled when she realized that the child was looking up at her with his creepy red eyes.

“It’s all right.”

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The child stammered in a harsh, low voice.

“I, you can abandon me.
Uh, Mom.”

Surprised, Adele threw out the child’s hand and stepped back.

“It’s okay because you held my hand.”

The child giggled and smiled distortedly.
The grass that was touching her child’s toes caught fire.

“A monster, a monster.”

Adele turned around and ran.
She ran and ran, not knowing how the child was looking at her from behind.
But she tripped on a large rock and fell.


She rolled over and banged her head hard.
Grasping her head in terrible pain, an unfamiliar memory suddenly came to mind.

She lived as an ordinary modern person, and also remembered the novels she loved and watched before she died.
It was a memory of her past life.


Ronshka, the spirit of fire, the villain in the novel.

As a child, he was abused by his mother and abandoned in the worst way, and he was at the brink of death.

He barely survived, but because of his unusual abilities, he was captured by a strange wizard and tested.
He then awakened his powers and became a great fire spirit.

However, his misfortune did not go away even when he had great abilities.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts again.
His life was a series of pain.

He struggled to get a good life, but in the end there was nothing left in his hands.
He couldn’t even have the affection that everyone else had.

His mother, the father who accidentally gave birth to Ronshka, the heroine he loved, and the male protagonist who was his only close friend.
No one was left by his side.

Adele does not know why she was reborn into this world.
But one thing was certain.

Hate wasn’t the only feeling she had for Ronshka.
There were times when she was definitely in love with her child.

No, I’ve been denying it, but I still love him.
A pain in the chest was a testament to the remaining affection.
She stood up in pain and looked back.

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The road she ran on seemed infinitely far away.
The dark forest, looked like a terrifying monster with its mouth wide open.

I still have to go.

Adele raced back down the path she had just been running.

I stumbled several times on the bumpy road, but I didn’t give in.
I was more worried about the child I left in the deep forest now than that.

My child, Ronshka is not a monster.
He just got too much love from the fire spirit.

Like an idiot, I didn’t even know… The child is not guilty.
Adele gasped for her breath and ran.

‘Please, please, be safe.’

In the place she reached, a small child stood.
And in front of him stood a large bear.

Common sense about bears flashed through my head.
Having no weapons, no knowledge of martial arts, she could not beat the bear.

I knew that turning around and running away was the only way to survive.
Still, I couldn’t.
I just looked at the bear’s front paws, which were going to step on my child, and my body protected him without much thinking.

A burning pain flashed through my back.
A scream came out of the terrible pain, but I held it in.

Adele placed her child in her arms and took his little hand.
His hands, holding her properly again, were so small and dry that tears flowed.
But she couldn’t cry now.


Fortunately, the voice came out properly.

“My child.”

“Oh, oh, mom?”

Ronshka looked at Adele with a panicked look.

“Run away.”

The bear won’t go after Ronshka, at least until it kills her.
So she hoped he would run away while she was alive.

Finally, she held his hand tightly and said, letting go.
I sincerely pray that at least this word will save the rest of my child’s life.

“I love you, Ronshka.”

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Then she pushed the child away.
Even though I felt the chills from behind, I didn’t turn around and pulled up the corners of my mouth.


At the end, I wanted to show Ronshka a smile.
So she bent her eyes and smiled as much as she could.

I was scared to die again as soon as I regained the memories of my past life, but I was able to endure it.

If there’s anything I just wish for, I hope this whole thing isn’t a trauma to Ronshka.
I wanted him to forget the terrible things and live happily.

“Oh, mother…….”

Adele erected her crumbling body upright and stood in front of her child.

“Ronshka, run! Don’t look behind and go as far as you can.”

In fact, the bear I encountered was so large that I was terrified.
She was all the more so because she was attacked right in front of her child.

Still, I was going to resist as much as I could.
That way, we’ll have time for Ronshka to escape.


Her body was trembling.
My heart was beating like crazy with the fear.

“Run away, Ronshka.”

Adele mumbled her words over and over again and stood there.
The eyes of the bear that met her were like an abyss, which gave off chills.

Then, I heard small footsteps behind me.

Finally, Ronshka is running away.

Nevertheless, I was relieved by the bear who did not chase the running away child.
The beating heart beat slowly subsided.

“That’s enough.”

Adele drooped her arms.
Too much blood was shed, and her vission was blurring.

Then, behind her, something clinged to her leg.
I turned around blankly and saw a familiar child with red hair.

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Why are you here? You have to run away.
I told you to run away.

There was a lot I wanted to say, but nothing came out of my mouth.

“Go, go, go!”

Ronshka shouted, clasping Adele’s leg.

“I’ll be with my mom.”

My eyes were burning when I heard that.
You think this kind of person is a mother.
That’s why you didn’t run away.

I felt sorry for the child who wanted to lean on such a small affection, and tears came out because of the impending death.

“You should at least live.”’

Adele tried to keep the child apart somehow, but her body couldn’t follow her because she had lost too much blood.

The vision gradually faded, and now I couldn’t see properly.
Only hot tears flowed constantly.

“Mom, I’m sorry.”’

I’m so sorry.
Adele smiled bitterly and hugged the child for the last time.
Then She laid herself on the floor.

Yeah, I won’t send you any more if you don’t want to go that far.
So let’s stay together.

Even if she didn’t speak, did he understand what it meant? The strength on the child’s hand, which had been desperately hanging on, was lost.

Ronshka just smiled happily and dug into Adele’s arms.

‘My mom told me she loved me.’

A mother who loves him.

Any pain that may come soon will not cover this happiness.

Ronshka ignored the sounds he had been hearing before, and rested his head on Adele’s chest.

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