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    Hearing these words, Chu Jin’s face suddenly turned ugly.
She had cried with Chu Yu about her heart, but now Chu Yu still said that she wanted to discuss marriage with the Gu family, so she did not intend to care about her.

    When Xie Yun heard this, she thought that Chu Yu did not understand what she meant, she sighed and said: “Now the Gu family is like that, how can you let Ah Jin to suffer? What I mean is that now that you have married into the Wei family, you might as well see if there is a suitable candidate in the Wei family.”

    Now the Wei family has only one Wei Yun who is not married, Wei Yun is fourteen years old, men usually get engaged to marry between fifteen to seventeen, now Chu Jin is only fifteen, waiting for a year or two for Wei Yun, Chu Jin can afford to wait.

    But how would Chu Yu let her own sister go to harm someone as good as Yun? So she said with a difficult look on her face, “I’m afraid father won’t allow it, right?”

    Chu Jianchang is very committed, since he promised the Gu family, no matter what the Gu family does, he will not go back on his promise.

    Xie Yun heard Chu Yu talking about Chu Jianchang, showing a look of iriitation: “That old cow, you sisters do not care about him, I have to bare it, do not be afraid of trouble! Ah Yu, Ah Jin’s marriage ……”

    As she spoke, Chu Jianchang’s laughter came from outside the door.
Chu Jianchang walked in with the two brothers Chu Linyang and Chu Linxi, Chu Yu and others hurriedly stood up and saluted, Chu Jianchang was very happy to see Chu Yu, patted Chu Yu’s shoulder and said, “Good spirits!”

    Chu Yu and Chu Jin are the two sisters, but since childhood Chu Yu lived at the border with Chu Jianchang and Chu Linyang until the age of ten, Chu Jianchang does not know how to raise daughters, she was raised as Chu Linyang.
Chu Jin, on the other hand, has been following Xie Yun to stay in Huajing, so although they are sisters, they are of very different natures, and their parents’ attitudes are also completely different.

    Chu Jin loves crying and is easy to be sad, Chu Jianchang does not dare to scold or say, but Chu Yu is different, in Chu Jianchang’s heart, this daughter and his own eldest son are no different.

    Chu Yu was so solidly slapped a few times, but her face did not move, she smiled and said: “Father came back very early today.”

    “I knew you were coming,” Chu Jianchang sat down on a chair, Chu Jin poured him tea, Chu Jianchang sipped the tea and said, “So I brought your brother here first.”

    “Ah Yu.” Chu Linyang sighed, with some helplessness in his eyes, “Have you been wronged.”

    He is also a martial arts general, he naturally knows Wei Jun’s inevitability, but did not blame Wei Jun, he only regrets that his sister married a person who lives with his own head.

    Chu Linyang and Chu Yu are good friends, since childhood he looked after her, it is a pity that Chu Linyang died too early in his last life, otherwise Chu Yu also can not fall to such a situation.

    Chu Jin heard her elder brother sighing, she knew Chu Linyang was heartbroken for her, his heart was sour and warm, he said gently: “To marry into the Wei family is a blessing that many girls in Huajing can’t even hope for, A Yu is happy in her heart.”

    Seeing that his sister was not as sad as he thought, Chu Linyang was quite relieved.
Chu Linxi leaned over ,and asked Xie Yun,  “Mother, what were you talking about?”

    Xie Yun was a bit embarrassed, in front of Chu Jianchang, but she was not too embarrassed to mention the matter of finding a next family for Chu Jin.

    Chu Jin pursed her lips and didn’t say anything, but Chu Yu pretended she didn’t know anything and said with a smile, “We were talking about Ah Jin’s marriage.”

    “Also,” Chu Jianchang nodded: “Ah Jin and Chu Sheng are also at the age of marriage, at first they said that they will wait for you to get married and then arrange the marriage of Ah Jin and him, I will have someone reject the letters to Chu Sheng, now the Chu family is in trouble, this child Chu Sheng is high-minded and arrogant, am afraid we will regret the marriage.”

   With that said, Chu Jianchang turned towards Chu Linyang and said: “Linyang, you go about this  ……”


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    Chu Jin couldn’t stand up, after all this is her marriage event, even if she has always tolerated it, now she can’t tolerate it anymore.

    She kneeled down in front of Chu Jianchang, her eyes instantly red, crying, “Father, I don’t want to get married, I don’t want to get married!

    Chu Jianchang froze, he is extremely afraid of women crying, before Xie Yun cried and he could not help it, now watching Chu Jin crying gave him even more headache, he hardened his head and said: “you first do not kneel, what happened? You used to be very satisfied with this marriage?”

    Chu Jin did not say anything, she lowered her head and shook her head one after another.

    Chu Jianchang asked, “What’s wrong? But what happened to Gu Chusheng?”

    Chu Jin’s hoarse voice, finally exported: “sister’s love, Jin does not want to snatch.”

    Hearing these words, Chu Yu spurted out a mouthful of tea.

    She thought of Chu Jin’s reasons, but she didn’t expect to drag her into the water.

    Chu Jianchang looked towards her, Chu Yu hurriedly waved her hands: “I didn’t, I’m not, I really don’t mean anything to Gu Chusheng.”

    But these words are not convincing, after all, a few days ago she was still making a fuss about eloping with Gu Chusheng.

    Chu Jianchang hesitated, and Chu Jin then cried, “Since Brother Gu and sister are in love, even if they can’t be together, Ah Jin doesn’t want to be caught between the two ……”

    Chu Jianchang did not speak, Chu Linxi was a little moved, and spoke: “Gu Chusheng likes my sister, Ah Jin must be unhappy in her heart , and now the Gu family is like that, Gu Chusheng is not righteous ……”

    Chu Yu put the tea bowl on the side, listening to Chu Jin push the pot on herself and Gu Chusheng, she took the handkerchief and pressed it to the corner of her lips, slowly spoke, “Ah Jin, this mind of yours, it has become too fast.”

    Hearing her open her mouth, everyone looked out, Chu Yu raised her eyes and looked at her with a smile, “If you don’t want to go to the Gu family and suffer, just say it directly ,  what’s the need to talk around the corner?”

    “Sister’s words ……”

    Chu Jin looked bewildered, as if she did not know what she was talking about at all.

    Chu Yu sighed and showed some sadness on her face: “I have a few feelings for Gu Chusheng, don’t you understand in your heart? The reason why I eloped with Gu Chusheng is because you and I said that you do not want to follow Gu Chusheng to Kunyang to suffer.
My heart aches for you, you grew up in big and small clothes, what will you do when you marry?”

    Hearing these words, Chu Jianchang’s heart moved.

    Chu Jin grew up with a good life, but Chu Yu grew up with him in the cold.
Chu Jin is not willing to suffer.

    “Anyway, Gu Chusheng is a civil official, our Chu family does not do things that violate the marriage contract, and it is nothing for me to marry you.
Anyway, you have always aspired to a high family, married to the Wei family must also be very happy.
But Gu Chusheng can not see me.
I sent money and elopement letters to go, and all were returned, and he said that he only likes you in his lifetime.
You see, Gu Chusheng’s heart for you, that is a heavenly lesson.”

    Speaking, Chu Yu showed some sympathy: “Now I have married into the Wei family, my Chu family and the Gu family marriage contract can not be invalidated, Gu Chusheng is a good character and good-looking, although a civil official is not enough heroic, but people always have a flaw, there is no big deal.
He likes you as a child, you will definitely have a good life.
You can get married!”

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    Chu Yu walked forward and raised her hand to wipe Chu Jin’s tears: “Don’t cry, huh?”

    After saying these words, everyone understood the reason.
Chu Jianchang’s face was not very good, he held back for half a day, and finally said: “I said that Ah Yu never had any dealings with Gu Chusheng, how come she suddenly wanted to elope.
Chu Jin, who taught you to be such a pleasure-hungry person who tends to follow the power?

    Chu Jianchang has always believed in Chu Yu, not to mention that Chu Yu still has the letter that Gu Chusheng returned to her saying that he likes Chu Jin, but he did not… –>>

Even if there is no letter, Chu Jianchang will not doubt Chu Yu.

    Hearing Chu Jianchang’s words, Chu Jin simply broke the jar and howled: “I am a daughter, marriage is a lifelong matter, don’t you know what the situation of the Gu family is now? You let my eldest sister marry into the Wei family, I get married to Gu Chusheng, where has this bias come from? So my eldest sister can be the princess of the world , but I have to marry a ninth-grade magistrate, father, we are both your children……”

    “Chu Jin!”

    Chu Jianchang was provoked by Chu Jin, and shouted out: “What are you talking about?!”

    “You don’t like Gu Chusheng and you did not let elder sister marry him, so how come I can marry him?

    Chu Jin stopped hiding and her eyes were full of resentment: “I won’t marry! Even if I have to die, I won’t marry!”


    Chu Jianchang shot up and said angrily: “Shut her up in the Buddha Hall, don’t come out until you’ve reflected on yourself!”

    At that moment, the servants came up to pull Chu Jin, Xie Yun still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Chu Jianchang with a look, Xie Yun is still afraid of Chu Jianchang, she held all the words down, full of heartache, she watched Chu Jin dragged down.

    After Chu Jin left, Chu Yu stayed for dinner, Chu Jianchang seemed to be very tired, chatted with Chu Yu for a few minutes, and then went to bed.

    When Chu Yu saw the night, she asked Xie Yun for Chang Yue and Evening Moon, she said, “Mother, I’ll take the two maids back.”

    Xie Yun frowned and looked at the two girls standing behind Chu Jin.

    The two girls were slender and tall, one was quite good looking and the other very gentle looking, standing behind Chu Yu, they looked outstanding.

    Xie Yun was a little uneasy: “The accompanying maids are always not good looking ……”

    “I am over there and there is no one available.” Chu Yu sighed: “The maids over there are much more outstanding, But Wei Shi Zi does not have a single one of them, it is clear that the character of the person is correct.
I have been used to Chang Yue and Evening Moon since I was a child, and also carry some martial arts, they can act much better.”

    Hearing these words, Xie Yun’s heart settled down a bit, seeing Chu Yu’s face worried, she also can’t bear it, but said, “Okay.”

    Chu Yu got the two maids, so she said goodbye and planned to leave.
Xie Yun sent her to the door, before getting into the carriage, she still couldn’t help but say, “Ah Jin’s matter, you should help.”

    Chu Yu nodded and sighed: “Mother, don’t worry, she doesn’t know what to do, but I will help.
But the Wei family is unlikely, the Wei family has very high vision, and Wei Yun is the most favored son of this generation, am afraid he wants Princess Shang.
I will look at other families, if there is a suitable one, I will mention.”

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    Hearing that Wei Yun wanted princess Shang, Xie Yun also put her mind off, and who can compete with her. 

    She looked up at Chu Yu, her heart full of gratitude: “In the past I always think you do not know what to do, now …… A Yu, you have grown up.”

    Chu Yu’s face stiffened, these words made her unable to help but remember the things this mother did in her previous life.

    She closed her eyes, sighed lightly, shook her head, and went into the carriage.

    After a long time, Chang Yue and Evening Moon sat on both sides of the carriage, and after a long time, Chang Yue brought tea to Chu Yu and whispered, “Missy really plans to find a good in-law for Second Miss?”

    She had never been accustomed to Chu Jin, but when she said it to Chu Yu, she would only think that Chang Yue was overly concerned.
But Chang Yue still couldn’t help but say.

    Chu Yu smiled, naturally she can’t let Chu Jin marry Gu Chusheng, Gu Chusheng is a powerful person, what if he accidentally soars to greatness?

    Chu Yu pondered, her gaze shifted to Changyue’s face, listening to Changyue say bad things about Chu Jin, she felt a little uneasy in her heart.

    In her previous life, Chang Yue was caned to death by Chu Jin because of this mouth.

    Chu Yu looked at Chang Yue and suddenly remembered those years.

    In the cold winter months, she was kneeling in front of Gu Chusheng’s study, and not far away was the sound of Changyue’s screaming and cursing.

    She listened to the board fall on Chang Yue and desperately kowtowed to Gu Chusheng.

    She was injured in the battlefield, and it was extremely difficult to give birth, the doctor said it was related to the exercises she practiced, in order to get pregnant, Gu Chusheng abolished her martial arts.

    So at this time, Gu Chusheng had married Chu Jin as his sidekick, and Chu Jin was in charge of the inner house to cane Chang Yue for disobedience, she could only kneel like this, helpless.

    In fact, she never regretted it.

    She loved Gu Chusheng, did everything for Gu Chusheng, she has no regrets, the road was chosen by herself, she gave all her strength to love a person, and when there is no longer love, she can calmly leave.

    At that moment when Chang Yue was beaten, she could not do anything about it, she finally regretted it.

    Her love should be her business alone, no one should be implicated in this.

    So she cried and begged him.

    “Gu Chusheng I was wrong,” she said, “let Chang Yue go, let Chang Yue go.
I promise to make a divorce, I’ll give up my position as the rightful wife to Chu Jin, I’ll take Chang Yue and Evening Moon with me, I won’t pester you anymore, I’m wrong ……”

    “Sorry, I was wrong to like you, you let me go.”

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    “Let me go ……”

    She cried and bowed, her head hitting the floor, blood flowing out.

    Gu Chusheng finally walked out, draped in his official robe, his eyes downcast as he looked at her.

    “Just a subordinate, is it so important?”

    His voice was like an iceberg, like cold snow.

    “A subordinate can decide that you and I will make peace?”

    Saying that, he hooked up the corners of his mouth and shouted out, “Ridiculous!”

    She cried so much that she could not help herself and reached out to pull him: “Please, I promise you whatever you want, Gu Chusheng, look at my years of accompanying you……”

    “Don’t always pressure me with those years!”

    Gu Chusheng stormed out: “I did not force you to accompany me to suffer,you wanted it your self!”

    That night, Gu Chusheng did not save Chang Yue.
In the end, it was Gu Chusheng’s mother who came to the rescue.

    But Chang Yue was too badly injured, and after a night of high fever, she still didn’t make it through.

    It was too cold in winter, so Chu Yu hugged Chang Yue’s body until noon.
She never spoke and never cried, just kept holding Chang Yue quietly.
Evening Moon called her with a trembling voice: “Miss ……”

    Evening Moon, like Chang Yue, had refused to call her madam.

    She lifted her head, looked at Evening Moon, trembled for a long time, and finally uttered, “Let’s go ……”

    So she left, taking the corpse of Chang Yue and Evening Moon with her, and left Huajing.

    She was afraid that if she didn’t leave, she wouldn’t even be able to keep Evening Moon.

    Thinking of that past, Chu Yu closed her eyes, stretched out her hand and took Chang Yue into her arms.

    Changyue blinked in some confusion: “Miss?”

    Chu Yu did not speak, and said in a hoarse voice: “Chang Yue, I am here.”

    This time I will never break my arm again,  this time, I will definitely protect you.

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