Chapter 6

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    Chu Yu spent the night alone in the new room, and when she got up the next day, she methodically instructed her subordinates to clean the house, and then went to Wei Jun’s room to familiarize herself with it.

    The Wei family is strict and elegant, the discipline of the children is very much, one of them is not to get involved in female sex before marriage, so in Wei Jun’s room except for a few newly sent maids to serve Chu Yu, the others are all small.

    Each son of the Wei family must be matched with three attendants, one who is good at martial arts to deal with foreign affairs, one who manages internal affairs and one for personal service.
The personal servant followed Wei Jun to the battlefield in the north, the remaining butler Wei Xia and the guard Wei Qiu are still in the palace.

    After the two of them took Chu Yu to spend a morning to get familiar with all the things in Wei Jun’s room, Chu Yu had a general idea of the Wei family.
She looked at Wei Jun’s accounts and thought about it and asked Wei Qiu: “Now, is it possible to contact the people in the North? I want to be the first to know the news on the battlefield.”

    “Young lady don’t worry,” Wei Qiu immediately said: “Wei family has a separate carrier pigeon, we will be the first to get the news of the front line.”

    Separate carrier pigeon communication channels, the Wei family was indeed a generational general family.

    Chu Yu nodded and thought for a moment, “Then can I write a letter to Shizi?”


    Wei Qiu smiled and said, “What does young madam want to write?”

    Chu Yu didn’t think too much about it, and brought up a pen and paper, casually wrote about the trivialities of life, and then asked about the war.

    All feelings are to be cultivated, although Chu Yu is in an appreciative state of mind to Wei Jun, but still intends to actively cultivate this relationship.

    After all, it is already a blessing, occupying the position of wife, she should try hard for each other.

    Chu Yu has always felt that her greatest strength is probably a very strong mind.

    When learning martial arts, she was beaten down, but even if the bones were broken, she could support herself with the sword in her hand and stand up little by little.

    Although she had experienced Gu Chusheng’s desperate twelve years, she did not despair of everyone in this world.

    She always believes that there are always people in this world who deserve to be treated with sincerity.

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    After finishing the letter and sending it out, in the afternoon, Chu Yu went to visit the people in the male’s rooms one by one.

    The seven children of the Wei family, except for the first born Wei Jun and Wei Yun were not marry, the other five have married and had children.
Because they are from a concubine background, most of their wives are also the daughters of the high class concubines.

    For the Wei family women, Chu Yu does not have much memory, she also remembers that the second room Jiang killed herself, most of the others asked to leave, leaving their own children in the Wei family to Wei Yun to raise them alone.

    The oldest one is the child of the second son, Wei Shuang, who is now six years old, and the youngest one is the child of the sixth son, who is just two years old and still can’t walk steadily.

    These children usually play together in the courtyard, the feelings are also quite good, Chu Yu understands the habits of the children and the temperament of the young ladys of each house, the heart of the entire Wei family almost have a bottom.

    These young ladies of the Wei family are some of those who do not care about things, either like Jiang Shi obsessed with hanging on their usbands, or they are focused on the clothes and jewelry leaf plate, and the Wei family is large, but no one has been wronged, so they are harmonious.

    The only person in charge of the house of the Wei family today is the second wife, Liang, who in the future rolled up most of the property of the Wei family and ran away.

    The family has been laughed at for years by the nobility of Huajing, but more importantly, it has also made the official career of Wei Yun extra difficult because he did not have enough money and silver to pay for it.

    Chu Yu’s mind was preoccupied with the battlefield and the internal affairs, and she slept extremely lightly at night.

    The next day, it was time to go back to the door.
Chu Yu had to get up early and go to Liu Xueyang’s place to pay her respects in the morning.

    After walking a short distance, a maid stopped Chu Yu and hesitantly said, “Young lady seems i have not communicated with the second madam?”

    Hearing these words, Chu Yu looked at the maid.
This is the maid that Wei’s family sent to serve her.
Now that Wei’s family is under the control of the Liang  family, this maid should be Liang’s person, and she said this to knock her.

    Chu Yu smiled gently: “What’s your name again?”

    Yesterday, there were too many people to recognize, and I forgot for a moment.
The maid took a step back and said respectfully, “Slave servant Chun’er.”

    “Oh, Chun’er.”

    Chu Yu nodded, then said, “Then go and report to the Second Lady.”

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    When Chun’er saw that Chu Yu had given in, a smile appeared on her face, and she bowed and retired.
After she left, Chu Yu turned her head and said to the attendant next to her, “Let’s go.”

    The attendant froze and said hesitantly, “Sister Chun’er ……”

    “Is there still a reason for me to wait for the maid? As a personal maid, the master is going out but still has to wander around, am I the master or is she the master?!”

    Chu Yu’s face turned cold: “Go!”

    Hearing these words, the attendant instantly understood that Chun’er was going to be finished.

    How dare he get involved in this matter? Chun’er was a first-class maid, he was just a horse driver, he didn’t want to get involved in this internal affairs, so he hurriedly pretended he didn’t know anything and drove his horse away.

    When Chun’er informed Liang and got permission to go out, she ran out joyfully and found that Chu Yu had already gone.
Her eyes widened and she asked the guards at the gate, “Where is the young lady?”

    “The young madam has left, why are you still here?”

    The guard frowned, and upon hearing this, Chun’er instantly went white, understanding that she was afraid she had provoked Chu Yu.

    And Chu Yu leisurely sat… –>>

Chu Yu sat on the carriage, thinking in her heart, this time she was in a hurry to marry, and the accompanying maids she brought over were all arranged by Xie Yun.
She was used to using the two people who were accustomed to looking beautiful, Changyue and Late Moon, and Xie Yun was worried that the two of them had different thoughts about Wei Jun, so they replaced them with two ordinary-looking ones.
These two people and Chu Yu were familiar with each other, and it was not the same as not bringing them, so this time she not only planned to see the situation at home, but also planned to bring back Chang Yue and the late moon.

    The general’s residence is half a city away from the Wei family, Chu Yu traveled for half an hour before arriving at the Chu family, but it was still morning, and according to the Chu family’s custom, they had just finished their breakfast.

    Because they didn’t expect her to come so early, Chu Jianchang, Chu Linyang and Chu Linxi were all out and hadn’t come back yet, and only the women were at home.
Chu Yu is not in a hurry, there is a day for her to return to Ning, she can always see her father and brother.

    She was guided into the house by the maid, Xie Yun was already waiting for her with Chu Jin and her two sisters-in-law.

    Her sister-in-law, Xie Chun, was the first daughter of the Xie family, and Xie Yun had watched her grow up, and was considered a cousin to Chu Linyang, a rather quiet and gentle woman.
Seeing Chu Yu come, she did not show too much, sitting on the first seat at Xie Yun’s hand, followed by Xie Yun standing up, smiling towards Chu Jin, but could not pick any fault.

    The second sister-in-law, Yao Tao, is the daughter of the Yao family’s concubine, but is quite loved by the Yao family’s old lady.
The Yao family comes from a merchant family, because of the war merits of the family, originally were not very respected by the family.
But now the emperor used the Yao family as a sword to press the power of the family, and even make the Yao family daughter the queen, the Yao family status was not the same day.

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    Yao Tao just married in but is lively and clever, but after the Yao family momentum, she was a little arrogant in the Chu family and she acted more and more wild.

    She stood behind Xie Yun along with Xie Chun, when Chu Yu came in, Chu Yu went forward and bowed, Xie Yun hurriedly held Chu Yu’s Road and said: “so long have not returned, is it the Wei family holding you? But the Wei family is difficult to get along with”

    “How does mother-in-law say this?” Yao Tao laughed lightly: “Big Aunt just married and her husband went to war, she is alone in the Wei family, and naturally, there are many things to take care of, how can you say that the Wei family is not good to get along with? This is not good to get along with, big aunt is afraid and she does not know yet.”

    The night of the wedding, her  husband went to war, this thing for any woman’s heart is a test, Yao Tao specifically picked it out.

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.
Yao Tao is extroverted and Chu Yu is straightforward, the two of them have already formed a grudge before, and they do not hide their words.

    After all, having lived twelve years longer, Chu Yu can pretend much more than when she was young, but when faced with someone like Yao Tao, she did not want to pretend, but just as the words were about to come out, she suddenly remembered that in the past it was this kind of unconcealed nature that made Xie Yun feel that she would not be bullied, and therefore defended Chu Jin in everything.

    So Chu Yu smiled, with some gloom in her eyes, lowered her head and said hoarsely: “Second sister-in-law don’t say this.”

    Chu Yu’s nature has always been fierce and fiery, she has suddenly become like this, Xie Yun was heartbroken, and felt that her daughter must be very sad.

    Yao Tao froze in shock and could not help but reflect for a moment that Chu Yu had shown this expression, had she not gone too far?

    Xie Yun was so angry that her eyes turned red and she yelled at Yao Tao: “Go back to your room! Don’t you talk to your sister-in-law like that?

    When Xie Yun yelled at her, Yao Tao froze and left her reflection behind in an instant.
Do you feel that you have climbed the tall branches of the Wei family? How about climbing up, that is, keeping alive and widowed…”

    “Yao Tao!”

    Xie Yun shouted angrily, “You go back!”

    “Mother, don’t be angry,” Chu Jin sighed and looked at Yao Tao: “Second sister-in-law, don’t be angry with mother, it’s sister who is sensitive and makes mother anxious, don’t take offense, go back to rest first.”

    Chu Jin said this, took all the blame to Chu Yu,and her face was generous.
Yao Tao and Chu Jin have always been good friends, when she heard Chu Jin’s words, she felt much more comfortable, snorted coldly, and then turned to leave.

    The room was left with Chu Jin and Chu Yu, Chu Yu’s face did not show, according to her past nature, at this moment she would have shot up, asking Chu Jin how she was “sensitive”?

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    However, without thinking Chu Jin will only say that she is just to appease Yao Tao, let her heart relax, and don’t be so narrow-minded.

    The reason why Chu Jin dares to do so is because she is sure that Xie Yun will favor her, and Chu Yu as a sister, although she looks spirited and unforgiving, she has never been a person who values family affection.

    Chu Yu was like this back then, but now Chu Yu is not the same.

    She sipped her tea in silence, the atmosphere was quiet because she did not make a scene, to give time for Xie Yun to react, complaining to Chu Jin she said: “Just now it is clear that the second daughter-in-law first accused AYu, how can you say that it is your sister’s fault?”

    “This is only a stopgap measure, my sister returned to the door,and she can’t keep making such a fuss.”

    Chu Jin helped Xie Yun sit down and poured tea for her, the temperature was just right, which made Xie Yun’s heart feel much more comfortable.

    She turned her head and looked at her eldest daughter, who had not spoken: “It’s good that she’s gone, so we can talk properly as mother and daughter.
You tell your mother the truth, did you suffer in the Wei family?”

    “Not yet.” Chu Yu smiled, her face showed some tenderness, that is not fake joy, and mentioned Wei Jun: “Ah Jun is very good, I like very much.”

    Xie Yun put her heart down and nodded, “It’s good that you married well, you married out, I should also worry about Ah Jin’s marriage.”

    Said Xie Yun, Xie Yun’s gaze fell on Chu Yu: “Ah Jin’s wedding ……”

    She did not finish, Chu Yu understood what Xie Yun meant.

    Xie Yun did not want Chu Jin to marry Gu Chusheng, and Chu Jin did not want to either, after all, the Gu family had fallen to such a low level now.
Yet she would not let Chu Jin get what she wanted.

    So she nodded and said seriously, “It’s time to discuss the wedding date with the Gu family.

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