Chapter 3

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    Gu Chusheng waited until sunset, but did not see Chu Yu’s figure.

    The inconsistency with his memory made him couldn’t help but be a little worried, and this time the officers and  soldiers no longer had patience, they forcibly pulled over the carriage, saying discontentedly, “Let’s go!”

    Gu Chusheng looked at the city gate where people were coming and going, took a deep breath and finally departed.

    It’s okay, Chu Yu will definitely come.

    He told himself that his return would inevitably cause everything to change, he knew how deeply the seventeen-year-old Chu Yu had feelings for him.

    In the last life she came, in this life, and in this life she will come.

    When Gu Chusheng set out on his official path full of hope, Chu Yu was sleeping beautifully.

    After waking up, she received a message from Chu Jin’s men that Gu Chusheng had left the capital.

    Chu Yu is not very concerned about whether Gu Chusheng has left the capital or not, she is more concerned about how her sister is so magical?

    She doesn’t know anything about the news outside, but Chu Jin even knows when Gu Chusheng left the capital.
These things should be because Chu Jin got the news from Gu Chusheng, that is in fact, those years Gu Chusheng and Chu Jin relationship had not been broken.

    While Chu Jin said she had no feelings for Gu Chusheng and told her to elope with him, Chu Jin herself kept in touch with Gu Chusheng.

    Chu Yu raised her hand and threw the note into the fireplace, and said with the maid who came to deliver the message: “Tell Second Miss that there is no need to talk to me about this kind of thing, I don’t need to say too much about the rules, she knows it in her heart.”

    With that said, Chu Yunlooked up at the maid, and coldly said: “The general’s house wants her face, let her weigh herself! 

    The maid did not know the content of the note, and was a little confused by Chu Yu’s words, she panicked and left, Chu Yu looked at the bright fire in the charcoal stove and couldn’t elp but sigh.

    This note made her almost completely dead to her sister.

    The two-faced nature of Chu Jin is not a future, but is bad in the bones and bad in the roots.

    At that time she liked Gu Chusheng, but because he was Chu Jin’s fiancé, for so many years she never showed it.
She did not say a word, even the daily relationship would have been avoided and the holy marriage, she agreed, she thought she did extremely well, even when she chased Gu Chusheng to Kunyang back then, Gu Chusheng himself was ignorant.

    If it wasn’t for Chu Jin crying, if it wasn’t for Chu Jin begging her, how would she have gone to the trouble of waiting for Gu Chusheng?

    On the one hand, she said she did not like to encourage her sister to seek true love, and on the other hand, she was coupled with Gu Chusheng ……

    Chu Yu is a little helpless, she does not understand why Chu Jin is this nature, obviously she is born in the General’s House to the same first lady, how can she have such a different character?

    Chu Yu thought about it for a while, and did not want to think about it any more.
Taking advantage of the fact that she had just returned, she found a pen and ink and began to recall all the major events that she remembered from her previous life.
Since she came back again, she naturally could not come back for nothing.

    In the short term, there is nothing bigger than the death of the entire Wei family on the battlefield.

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    On the 27th of July, the day Chu Jin married Wei Jun, an urgent report from the border was sent to Huajing, and Wei Jun went to war with his father.

    The Wei family a total of seven children, including the youngest Wei Qilang and Wei Yun, followed to the battlefield.
Everyone thought that the God of War Wei family would return triumphantly as before, but a month later, the news came that 200,000 elite soldiers led by the Wei family were completely wiped out in the White Emperor Valley.

    Wei Yun returned to the capital and was tried at the Da Lisi Temple, because the reason for the defeat in the battle was due to Zhen Guo Hou Wei Zhong forcing his way to chase the North Di’s deserters despite the royal order.
All the major families made it clear that they were disassociating themselves from the Wei family, and all the other wives and concubines were asked to leave, except for Jiang, the wife of the second son, Wei Shuang, who killed herself.
In the place of his brother and father, Wei Yun wrote letters of peace to these people, and for a while, the Wei family was scattered, leaving only one person, Wei Yun, and the old woman, Wei, with five children who had not yet grown up.

    Chu Yu followed Gu Chusheng, who was far away in Kunyang.
The second line of the northern border is Kunyang,a key place for  grain and grass transportation, Chu Yu was helping Gu Chusheng to have the grain and grass transported many times.

    However, when Chu Yu contacted the war, it was already after the death of the Wei family.
At that time how the Wei family and why they died, she really did not know.

    She only knows that later, the state uncle Yao Yong was ordered to guard the White City which was in danger, and finally abandoned the city and fled.
When there was war in various places , they were under much control , and when there was  no one available in the court, Wei Yun asked for orders from the prison and went to the front line in a state of life and death.

    It was either win or die.

    The day he returned, he carried Yao Yong’s head into the imperial study room, and after he came out, the emperor gave additional titles to all the men of the Wei family who had died in battlefield.

    She did not want the Wei family to die.

    Chu Yu pinched the pen, with a cold light in her eyes.

    The Wei family, those iron-blooded men, should not die.

    She carefully wrote down all the relevant fragments of the Wei family in detail, trying to restore the events of that year.

    Writing until close to dawn, Xie Yun came in with someone carrying a tray.

    The general’s residence was already decorated with red lights and red paper.
When Xie Yun saw Chu Yu who was writing, she said anxiously: “What are you doing? You’re about to get married, why don’t you get some rest, tomorrow I’ll see how you’ll get by!”

    “Mother, it’s not a problem.”

    Chu Yu threw the papers into the charcoal stove.
All the details had been stored in her mind and were already incredibly clear.

    Chu Yu turned around calmly, saw what the maid had prepared, and smiled, “Is it a wedding dress?”

    “Yes, hurry up and change into it.” Xie Yun was a bit dissatisfied, but looking at her own daughter’s cheerful appearance, those dissatisfactions were also washed away, greeted someone to come in, and waited for Chu Yu to start freshening up.

   She showered, got dressed , then rubbed on osmanthus head oil, and changed into a large red gold thread embroidered phoenix robe.

    Chu Yu sat in front of the scriptures, and the maid came up to do her makeup.

    Chu Jin brought in a comb and went next to Xie Yun, saying with Xie Yun, “Mother, comb your hair.”

    Xie Yun looked at Chu Yu in the mirror and said in a hoarse voice to Chu Jin: “Look at her, she doesn’t usually dress up, but today for the first time she looks so good, she is going to meet her husband.”

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    Speaking, Xie Yun picked up the comb, raised her hand to insert the comb into her hair and lowered her voice: “In the future, when you go to the Wei family, do not act willfully like at home, a married out daughter is ultimately a disadvantage, you will be in the Wei family and everything can be tolerated, do not start more arguments.”

    If it was in the past, listening to these words, Chu Yu would  probably have to argue with Xie Yun.
But now, listening to Xie Yun’s voice with a crying voice, her little argumentative heart dispersed, sighed and just said, “Your  daughter understands.”

    Xie Yun nodded and raised her hand to brush Chu Yu’s hair.

    Xie Yun brushed Chu Yu’s hair while holding tears,and when it was over, she couldn’t suppress it a little,she seemed to be tired, and was helped by Chu Jin to the side.

    The maid came forward to give Chu Yu a plate of hair, and then put on the crown.

    While she was doing this, the sky was getting brighter and the sound of gongs and drums came from outside.
A maid rushed in and said joyfully, “Madam, Miss, the Wei family is here!”

    The first time I heard this, Xie Yun stood up and seemed to want to go out, but just before she stepped out, she suddenly thought, “No, no, they still have a while.” 

So she came back to the house and stayed with the female relatives and  waited for the Wei family to arrive.

    According to the custom, the Wei family came to welcome the bride.
The Chu family will set some difficult things, and it is not until the hour that Chu Yu is allowed to go out.
So the outside was bustling with activity, Chu Yu and the others waited in the house, and their hearts could not help but itch.

    After all, Chu Jin was still a teenager, and listening to the sound outside, she whispered, “Mother, why don’t I go out and take a look?”

    When these words came out, everyone had thought about it, they all looked at Xie Yun, Xie Yun could not help but laugh: “You guys can not help but welcome the bride, what is there to see?”


    Chu Yu pondered in her heart.

    In her last life, her wedding was very simple, and Gu Chusheng was in Kunyang,so she invited two tables of Gu Chusheng’s subordinates in the courtyard.
Gu Chusheng once said he would give her a grand wedding, but she waited a lifetime.

    After waiting for a lifetime, there are always a few differences.
Chu Yu suppressed the curiosity in her heart, to Xie Yun she said: “Mother, let’s go out and see.”

    “You child ……”

    Xie Yun laughed and pushed her, and as she spoke, she heard the sound of arguing and bickering, and then saw two teenagers fighting on the roof.

    Chu Jin exclaimed out loud, “It’s the second brother!”

    The Chu family has four children, Chu Linyang, the son, Chu Linxi, the second son, and the remaining two sisters, Chu Yu and Chu Jin.

    The women flocked to the window and scrambled to look at the people on the eaves.
Chu Yu walked with Xie Yun and Chu Jin to the door and tilted her head to look up.

    Chu Linyang was wearing a blue brocade robe and looked quite handsome.
The young man opposite him looks just 14 years old, dressed in a black power suit, his hair tied high with a black and white headband, and although he was dressed clean and neat, the arrogance emanating from the inside of his body was not inferior to Chu Lingyang.

    Chu Linyang was already good-looking, and the opposite person was born even more handsome.
The eyes are like the starry moon, eyebrows like mountains, Dan Feng eyes in the corners of the eyes slightly upward, with a few indefinable declining beauty of the wind.
However, the teenager’s  look was dignified and serious, so he only left the sharp momentum like a knife, which was directing compelling people’s hearts.

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    It is a rare solemnity and strictness of the sons of the Huajing family, as if the ice flower blooming under the cold snow in the north, beautiful and high cold.

    Chu Yu’s gaze stared at the teenager, and for a moment, she seemed to be back in her previous life, the first and only time she had seen this person so closely. 

    At that time, he was already the famous King of Zhenbei, the Grand Governor of the Five Armies.
The military power in hand, power over the court.

    The day she was sent away from Huajing by Gu Chusheng, the wind and snow were mixed, he drove his horse back to the capital, dressed in black and white clothes, his face was cold.

    At that time he was much tougher than he is  now, and not like this, his eyes still contain the youthfulness and vigor of a teenager.

    His gaze is as cold as a deep pool of ice, driving his horse to stop her carriage.

    “Madam Gu?”

    His tone did not rise and fall, although it was an inquiry , there was no half-hearted suspicion, he already knew who the person in the carriage curtain was.

    Chu Yu had the curtain rolled up, sat in the carriage, saluted respectfully, and calmly returned to him, “Lord Wei.”

    “Where is Lady Gu headed?”


    “When will you return?”

    “I don’t know.”

Gu,” Wei Yun smiled softly, “do you regret it?”

    Chu Yu faintly froze as Wei Yun looked away: “Does Mrs.
Gu know that before the Wei family went up to propose marriage, the family came to ask which of the two daughters the Chu family had, and which one the elder brother had in mind.
The elder brother said that he liked the eldest lady, because the eldest lady practiced martial arts.
Later when I become an adult, if he is not defeated, he can bring his wife to the battlefield.”

    “The night before the wedding, the elder brother did not sleep and he told me that the Chu family is good at martial arts, if I moved my hands when I greeted my relatives, I needed to give up some.”

    As he spoke, he turned his head to look at her: “Mrs.
Gu, you are different from your sister, your sister tends to follow the power, she is the generation of the fly camp dog.
But you Mrs.
Gu was willing to give up your royal marriage and follow Lord Gu to the north to fight in the battlefield.
My brother treats her like a jewel, but she doesn’t care about him.”

    “You have come this far,” he said with a calm gaze, “do you regret it?”

    At that time Chu Yu lightly smiled, she met the other party’s gaze and looked calm: “concubine do things, never only want to do what you do not want to regret.”

    The youth did not say anything, he quietly looked at her for a long time, and lightly spoke out: “Unfortunately.”

    She did not reply, but sad respectfully on her knees and watched  the youth beat his horse away.

    Now she looked up and watched Wei Yun and Chu Linxi move.
His kung fu was obviously much higher than Chu Linxi, but had been tangled  with Chu Linxi for a long time, so that there was no trace.

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    Chu Yu couldn’t help but bend the corner of her mouth, picked up a stone from the flowerpot next to her, and smashed it towards Chu Linxi.

    The stone smashed Chu Linxi’s body, knocking him over on the spot.

    Chu Linxi howled out: “Wei Qilang, you shame me!”

    Wei Yun stood on the roof for a moment, then reacted and looked over in Chu Yu’s direction.

    She saw a woman dressed in a wedding dress, wearing a crown, leaning against the door, holding a stone in her hand, throwing it up and down, smiling so badly.

    Wei Yun immediately understood what was happening and smiled brightly.

    He arched his hand towards Chu Yu, then leapt down, Chu Linxi was making a scene with the other brothers of the Wei family, Chu Lin Yang was mediating, Wei Yun quickly went around behind Wei Jun and whispered, “Brother, sister-in-law is beautiful!”

    Wei Jun was wearing a wedding robe with his hands behind his back, pretending to be calm, leaning on Wei Yun’s side without a trace, and whispered, “Have you seen it?”

    “Chu Linxi was beaten down by his sister.”

    When Wei Yun said this, he was quite worried: “Brother, I think I may really not be able to win the two of you in the future.

    Wei Jun frowned and smiled: “That is natural, can your brother’s vision be wrong?”

    The time has come, Chu Jianchang also no longer delayed, raised his hand, Chu Lin Yang hurriedly greeted Chu Linxi and the other Wei family members to stand in line on both sides.

    And in the inner courtyard, the maids rushed in a panic and started to cover Chu Yu’s head and helped her to walk outside.

    Wei Jun stood in the front, Wei Yun and the second son Wei Shuang stood behind Wei Jun, the rest of the family stood in several rows behind these three, the Chu family stood on the steps, the courtesan stood at the first place on the right and sang out, “Open the door to welcome the bride…!”

    The gate slowly opened wide and Chu Yu, dressed in her wedding robe and supported by Chu Jin, appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

    She could not see anything but the sound of joyful firecrackers exploding in her ears, and then a section of red silk cloth was placed in front of her, and she heard a gentle voice with a hidden nervousness: “Chu …… Chu… …Miss Chu ……”

    Chu Yu slightly smiled, she held the red silk, and spoke softly.

    “Wei Shi Zi, don’t be nervous.”

    She said, “I’ll follow you.”

    Wei Jun’s heart suddenly settled, he held the red silk, and his uneasy heart finally relaxed.

    He hadn’t chosen the wrong person.

    The son consort of the Marquis of Zhen Guo, should be like this, someone who can make him stand calmly in one sentence.


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