Wei Qiu pushed Wei Yun out of the house and as soon as he went out, he saw a carriage hidden in the alleyway outside the house, and when he saw Wei Yun come out, the driver jumped off the horse and made a “please” gesture to Wei Yun.

    He was wearing a black brocade coat and a jade medallion with the word “Jin” written on it.
This is the standard configuration of the Jin Yi Wei, the close official of the Emperor.

    When he saw the costume, Wei Yun coughed sharply and struggled to get up to salute the man, but as soon as he stood up, there was a sharp coughing sound, and the man came forward and held Wei Yun down and said, “Seventh son, don’t be polite, I am Chen Chun, the envoy of the Jin Yi Wei, and I am here to invite you to the palace by order of His Majesty.”

    Wei Yun listened to him, and his coughing subsided and he slowly said, “I am not feeling well, so please forgive me, Lord Chen.
Since it is His Majesty’s order, let’s set off quickly.”

   With that said, Wei Yun was helped up by Wei Qiu and helped into the carriage.

    A few moments later, Chen Chun also sat in, the carriage clattered, and Wei Yun sat opposite Chen Chun, not saying a word, coughing from time to time, looking very weak.

    Chen Chun frowned and said with some hesitation, “The seventh son’s injury ……”

    Wei Yun’s affairs in the heavenly prison were almost known to the Manchu Dynasty, and the emperor was furious, he vigorously dealt with all those who had touched Wei Yun, and this matter was also Chen Chun’s own hand, and he was naturally no stranger to Wei Yun’s injury.

    Wei Yun listened to Chen Chun’s question, and smiled with difficulty, “The external injury has recovered a lot, but I’ve hurt my vitality and I’m weak.” 

    Chen Chun’s frown tightened, and Wei Yun looked at him and gasped, “I wonder if Lord Chen knows why His Majesty is looking for me this time?”

    “I don’t know.”

    Chen Chun replied decisively, and Wei Yun knew that he could not get anything out of Chen Chun, so he continued to pretend to be sick and weak, pondering the recent news.

    When he left the front line, although the Wei family army was completely wiped out in the White Emperor Valley, but also heavily defeated the Northern Di, now the northern border mainly relies on the Yao family to defend the city, the emperor summoned him to the palace overnight, it must be because of changes on the front line.

    His father and brother died on the front line, he knew they were never simply besieged, and among them, Yao Yong must have played an extremely important role, so when Yao Yong was in control of the entire situation in the North, he would never go to the front line to die.

    Wei Yun settled his mind and pretended to be weak as he leaned against the carriage to sleep.
After sleeping for a while, he heard Chen Chun say, “My lord, we have arrived.”

    After a few moments, he turned awake and was helped out of the carriage by Wei Xia and Wei Qiu.

    The carriage was straight into the door of the imperial study, and after Wei Yun got off the carriage, he heard the emperor’s voice coming from inside: “Xiao Qi, come straight in.”

    When Wei Yun heard the sound, he coughed sharply.

    He coughed so hard that it hurt his lungs to hear it.
After coughing, he straightened up and straightened his clothes before he stepped into the imperial study.

    The emperor had already heard Wei Yun’s cough in the room, and when he raised his head, he saw a young man in plain clothes step into the hall and bow down respectfully.

    He looked thin and skinny, not yet winter, and had already put on a fox fur, holding a heater in his hand, and seemed to be extremely afraid of the cold.

    Emperor Chunde breathed a sigh of relief, he clearly remembered how cheerful this young man had been, then even in the cold winter months, he could still wear a single coat to walk calmly outside.

    The guilt came up from his heart and made Emperor Chunde’s face with some pity, he let Wei Yun sit down and said anxiously: “How did you become like this? I’ll have the doctor come over and take a look.”

    “There is nothing ……” Wei Yun smiled and said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, it’s just a weak body, I’m recuperating.”

    When Emperor Chunde heard this, he looked at Wei Yun and wanted to say something, but did not say it. 

Wei Yun looked at the Emperor’s expression, and he coughed lightly, took a breath and said with concern, “Your Majesty summoned me to the palace late at night, is there a change at the front?”

    “Well,” talking about the front line, the Emperor looked much colder: “Now the front line is all supported by General Yao, but last night, White City was broken.”

    “White City is broken?” Wei Yun was a little surprised, but felt that the answer was expected.
The front line has always been the first line of defense by the Wei family, and Yao Yong has never fought some battles to pick-up leaks, and the reason why he sits in this position is more related to political trade-offs.
Suddenly pushing a wine bag to the first line of defense, the key city is gone, but it is also expected.

    Wei Yun’s heart was clearly calculated, but his face was surprised and concerned: “General Yao has 90,000 troops in Baicheng, and when I left, I transferred 100,000 from Liangzhou, how did Baicheng be broken?” How many injuries did our troops suffer? ”

    “Our army has not suffered many injuries,” the emperor’s face was not very good looking, and he said coldly: “Yao Yong abandoned the city first in order to preserve his strength……”

    Hearing these words, Wei Yun’s face suddenly became cold, and he suddenly spoke: “Did he evacuate the people?”

    The Wei family before abandoning the city, will first evacuate the people, otherwise even if they fight to the last soldier, they will never abandon the city.
The people of a city are unarmed, and the Northern Di and Great Chu had a deep blood feud, and most of the cities that Great Chu had lost would have been slaughtered.
Therefore Wei Yun heard that Yao Yong abandoned the city, and Wei Yun first asked this question.

    However, after asking, Wei Yun already knew the answer.

    Yao Yong would not evacuate the people.

    He is used to it, and he is not such a person.

    However, when Wei Yun waited for the emperor’s answer, he heard the emperor say, “He had evacuated the people before he went, so it’s fine.”

    Wei Yun was a little surprised, and in order to cover up his emotions, he started to cough sharply again, but his mind started to analyze quickly.

    With his understanding of Yao Yong, he would never be able to do such a thing, but he has always loved to take merit, and this time he is afraid that any general will be robbed of the credit by him.

    Wei Yun felt a wave of nausea in his heart, but his face did not move, Emperor Chunde saw that he was coughing heart-wrenchingly, and busily asked people to call the imperial doctor, Wei Yun waved his hand, and slowly smoothed the airway, “Then what is Your Majesty’s plan now?”

    “Yao Yong is too modest, and on this battlefield, sometimes you need to be young and sharp.” Emperor Chunde sighed, obviously dissatisfied with Yao Yong’s move to abandon the city, he looked up at Wei Yun, before saying, “You ……”

    “Your Majesty, Wei Yun asked himself ……” As soon as Wei Yun saw Emperor Chunde looking over, he went up and knelt down, about to express his loyalty, but only halfway through his sentence, he began to cough desperately.

    Seeing the whole person curled up on the ground and crawling and coughing, the Emperor could not say the rest of the words, he went forward to personally help Wei Yun, and Wei Yun coughed while saying: “I ask …… to …… cough …… to the front …… cough ……”

    “That’s it,” Emperor Chunde looked at Wei Yun’s appearance and sighed: “You don’t have to be brave in this condition, you should recuperate first ……” The Emperor hesitated for a moment, then said.
“Recommend a few people to me.”

    Wei Yun didn’t speak, the cough was used to cover the appearance of thinking, and the mind pondered the reason for such urgency of Emperor Chunde.

    Now there are only five or six military generals available in the DPRK, Chu Jianchang has been defending the southwest for many years, now the Northern Di offensive is too fierce, the southwest of the South Vietnam country is afraid to move, Chu Jianchang can not move.
The remaining Song family, Yao family, Wang family, Xie family, of which the Wang Xie family is not the standard martial arts family, the family generals are mostly in the mainland, and do not have much practical experience.
And the Yao family has been on the battlefield, the Song family is also in Huajing recuperation for too many years, simply no minions.

    Now go to the front, not only to fight, but more importantly, to check and balance Yao Yong, Yao Yong is too afraid of things, the battle of White City is not impossible to fight, just Yao Yong does not want a bloody battle, but which war there is no sacrifice, if you blindly retreat, just directly seek peace, what else is there to fight?

   However, except for the Wei family and Chu family, the other few may not be much different from Yao Yong, and if you calculate it, only one Wei Yun can use it.

    Understanding the emperor’s plan, Wei Yun gasped lightly and said weakly: “Your Majesty I have difficulty in introducing suitable candidates for a while, why not give me a few days, I will investigate for a few days, and then report to Your Majesty?”

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