As she spoke, Chu Yu shook the spear in her hand, and pointed at the ground with one hand and behind her with the other, she slowly raised her head, and her eyes fell on Wei Yun: “I would like to dance for Jun.” 

  The moment she finished talking, the spear slammed out and made a beautiful arc in the air.

    Inside is the soft song of a woman, and outside is the wind of the spear breaking through the air.

    The bright moon fell on the plain white figure, combined with the gentle tone, for a moment, Wei Yun felt as if it was a beautiful dream in front of him.

    In the dream world, this girl, so tough, so strong, her spear is like a wandering dragon, with a cold light that is not inferior to any heroic young man of the world.

    The maple leaves slowly drifted down due to her movements, becoming the only warm color under the moonlight.
Fourteen-year-old Wei Yun stared at Chu Yu without blinking.

    He had never seen such a beautiful view, such beauty was not a mere scenic beauty, it seemed to carry a silent force, like a hand that helped the already shaky him to slowly stand up, he stared motionlessly at the girl, listening to the song coming from behind him.

    “Look at the willow by the river in spring, waiting for snow white heads in winter.
Three cups of wine with friends, drunkenly lying in the spring wind building.
The battlefield is full of life and death and Huajing is the most windy ……”

    The woman had a bright smile in her eyebrows, and the spear swept through the night with light.

    Until finally, the sound of the piano slowly went away, the woman turned over in the air, the spear fell violently into the ground, she knelt on one knee in front of him and raised her head.

    Bright eyes in the moonlight with a smile, is no less than the man’s cheerful bravado.

    The battlefield is life and death, Huajing is the most windy.

    Where can this poem only be reserved for the Wei family boy? How can this girl in front of him not be the most affectionate?

    Wei Yun looked at her and listened to her smile: “Wei Yun, I don’t need you to protect me, none of us need you to protect us.”

    “You just have to be yourself, that’s enough.
I’m here,” she said, her voice growing gentler, “always.”

    Wei Yun did not say anything, he looked at the young girl in front of him holding a spear, kneeling before him on one knee, a smile appeared on his jade-like face.

    “Last time you gave me a flower for me to be happier later.
This time you gave me this one dance, what should I give you?”

    Not expecting Wei Yun to say that, Chu Yu raised her eyebrows, “What can you give?”

    Wei Yun did not say anything, and at the moment when Chu Yu asked, a sentence flashed in his mind.

    I would like to die before I can get this dance to serve you.

    The words stopped at his lips, and he looked at her silently, but after a long time, he smiled.

    “I am very happy.”

    He spoke seriously: “Sister-in-law is here, I am really, really happy.”

    The moonlight was bright, and Chu Yu tilted her head, with a few child-like clear smiles, and looked at him quietly.

    That night everyone made a lot of noise before they finally went to sleep.

    This night seems to be the cathartic of all feelings, and those loves or pains are gone with the song of the night.
The day is going to come, as we all know.

    After a night of hangover, when Chu Yu woke up the next day, it was already noon, Chu Yu let people freshen up, not long after, Xie Jiu walked in.

    Chu Yu was eating, when she saw Xie Jiu come over, she couldn’t help but be a little surprised: “How did you come so early?”

    “It’s about time,” Xie Jiu smiled, that smile with a bit of bitterness and reluctance, but also determination, she walked in and said, “I’m here to ask you a favor.”

    “Go ahead,” Chu Yu looked at her expression, she probably guessed the purpose of her coming.
In fact, she had been waiting for this for a long time, and it was beyond her expectation that Xie Jiu would last so long. 

    Xie Jiu sat down, took a sip of tea, hesitated for a moment, she finally pursed her lips and said, “Now Wu Lang has been buried ……”

    She lowered her eyes and gripped her shirt tightly, “Xiao Qi came back, and the Wei House has settled down.
I come to you …… to ask for your help, with Xiao Qi and mother-in-law to ask for the release of wife.”

    “How come you don’t go yourself?” Chu Yu was a bit puzzled, Xie Jiu smiled bitterly: “I still prefer to face you to say these words than Xiao Qi.”

    Chu Yu understood Xie Jiu’s difficulty.
The world is also harsh on women, if you do not marry into a powerful family, even if you go back to your mother’s house, you will be bullied.
Xie Jiu’s life as a person has been good at calculation, and being able to achieve this level for the Wei family is already a lot that Xie Jiu can give.

   Chu Yu looked calm, nodded, and said with relief: “This is good, you are still young, with your talent, it is not difficult to remarry.” ”

    The people of Chu are still open, and the world values a woman’s talent and appearance, so although remarriage is not as good as a first marriage, it is not too difficult.
Xie Jiu didn’t speak, Chu Yu saw that she was silent, she thought about it, and asked, “But what else are you commanding?”

    “You …… are determined to stay with the Wei family?” Xie Jiu said with some hesitation, “You are only fifteen years old now ……”

    “You also said that I am only fifteen years old now,” Chu Yu smiled, her eyes fell on the tea stalks floating in the teacup, “now I don’t have anyone I like, and I don’t know what to do when I go home, it is better to stay in the Wei House.
I am in a different situation than you, my parents did not force me, and I do not want to marry anyone,” Chu Yu looked mild, “it is not that the character is high, but the personal choice is different.”

    Xie Jiu heard this and sighed: “It’s a bit disgraceful to say, but if you stay in the Wei House, please also take care of Ling Han ……”

   Wei Linghan was Xie Jiu’s child, and now he was only three years old.
Chu Yu nodded busily, “You can be rest assured if I stay, and Wei Yun also made plans to take care of the little prince.” Although you are out, but the child is here, this is also half of your family,” Chu Yu said, looking at her with a smile: “When the time comes, you can often come to see me, but also to see Ling Han.” ”

   Listening to Chu Yu’s words, the boulder in Xie Jiu’s heart suddenly landed on the ground, infinite gratitude poured up, she was a little confused for a moment, she looked up at Chu Yu, after a long time, just about to say something, Chu Yu blinked, smiled and interrupted her: “But, there is some reward.” ”

    “What reward?”

    Xie Jiu saw that Chu Yu was playing around, Chu Yu thought about it: “Fourth young lady’s piano is very good, come and play a song for me when you have time, as a reward.”

    “Good.” Xie Jiu nodded her head and agreed: “I will definitely come.”

    Seeing Xie Jiu is relax, Chu Yu leaned back in her chair: “You’re the only one who came this time? Apart from you, who else wants this wife release letter?”

    “Except for Jiang Chun, all of them begged me to come over and asked you to pass on to Xiao Qi.”

    Chu Yu nodded and asked one more question, “What about Wang Lan’s child?”

    “She comes down first, the child is taken care of until it is two years old, and then she leaves the house.”

    Xie Jiu explained, “It’s just that when the time comes, she will be embarrassed to take this wife’s release letter alone, so she thinks about coming with us now.”

    Chu Yu answered, Wang Lan has always been non-assertive, letting her go alone to Wei Yun to ask for the wife release  letter, it is indeed not something she can do.

    Chu Yu talked to Xie Jiu about staying for a while, and Xie Jiu resigned and went back, ready to go back to pack up her things.

   Before Xie Jiu left, she suddenly remembered something and said to Chu Yu: “Did you know that your sister is discussing marriage with the son of Song Shizi?”

    Hearing this, Chu Yu slightly froze, then nodded: “Now I know.”

    Knowing is knowing, but she does not put it on her mind.
What Chu Jin did, it seems to have nothing more to do with her.

    Xie Jiu saw her reaction, also understood that for Chu Yu, Chu Jin probably does not have much weight, so she turned around and walked out.

    When she went out, her body was a little slumped, and she looked as if she had suddenly aged a lot.
Chu Yu quietly looked at her back and didn’t say much.

In terms of affection for the Wei family, she was by no means as good as these young ladies.
They sincerely loved their husbands, but for Chu Yu, she has more admiration and responsibility for the Wei family, perhaps.
So while they left, they had to spend a lot of time to slowly heal their wounds, while Chu Yu was able to tune herself up for the long road ahead after a night of drunkenness.

    Chu Yu closed her eyes and settled her mind.

    Now that the seven deceased members of the Wei family were buried, it was just the beginning of the journey to get Wei Yun back on his feet.

    After resting for a while, Chu Yu asked someone to inform Liu Xueyang and Wei Yun, and then went to meet them in Liu Xueyang’s room.

    When Chu Yu arrived in Liu Xueyang’s room, Wei Yun had already arrived first, and Liu Xueyang did not look well, the loss of her husband and son was too much for her.
When she saw Chu Yu enter, she looked sickly and said, “Is there something wrong?”

    As soon as she heard Xie Jiu’s words, Liu Xueyang began to shed tears.
Wei Yun listened quietly, but did not say anything, and after finishing, Liu Xueyang finally said: “They …… they ……”

   Speaking, she also did not know who to blame, and after holding back for some time, she finally said: “Fortunately Jun married you.”

    “The young ladies are not young, unlike me, and if you stay in the Wei family for a few more years, the road behind you will even be more difficult to go.” Chu Yu advised, “mother-in-law, put your heart into it, if Mother-in-law were them, what would mother-in-law think?”

    Liu Xueyang was stunned by this, and after a moment, she sighed: “I don’t know the truth.
It’s just that as soon as I think about the fact that this is my child of the Wei family, my heart is ……”

    She said, she waved her hand: “It’s just that, they want it, give it to them, forcing them to keep it is also harmful to them, not of much use to the Wei House, so let’s just do it.”

    Liu Xueyang said, while asking someone to bring over the ink and pen, and instructed Wei Yun to write the letter of release.
When Wei finished writing, Liu Xueyang then remembered and turned her head to look at Chu Yu: “They have all planned for themselves, what about you, A Yu?”

    “I’m still young,” Chu Yu smiled, “and I don’t have any plans.
I just want to accompany my brother-in-law to rebuild the Wei House and bring up the five young sons.
Mother’s health is not good, so there must be a few people left in the house.”

    “You ……” Liu Xueyang wanted to say something, but finally just said, “Do not worry, our Wei House will not let you suffer.”

    Chu Yu nodded, and took the wife release book from Wei Yun’s hand, she reviewed it one by one, and said to Liu Xueyang and Wei Yun, “Then I’ll send them to them.”

    Liu Xueyang nodded, looking a little tired.

    When Chu Yu was far away, Liu Xueyang sighed: “This Ah Yu ah, is really a silly child.
She is now fifteen, and if she accompanies you to build up the marquis, it will be at least in her early twenties, so it won’t be as easy as finding a husband now.”

    Wei Yun didn’t say anything, and helped Liu Xueyang to bed.

    Liu Xueyang’s health was not very good, this time it was so exciting, it was even weaker, she sat on the bed, and said to Wei Yun: “Your sister-in-law’s heart is not easy, you need to remember it well, she could not have stayed, but now she stayed, this is grace.”

    “I understand.”

    Wei Yun nodded, and there was no perfunctory look in his eyes: “The good sister-in-law, I remember her in my heart.”

    “She doesn’t plan for herself, but we have to plan for her.
You must take good care of her in the future, and don’t be disobedient or disrespectful.”

    “You have a wider range of friends than we women,and in the future, when you revitalize the Wei Mansion, pay more attention to some suitable talent outside for your sister-in-laws and pay attention to it for your eldest sister-in-law and second sister-in-law.” It doesn’t matter whether the family is not important, we Wei family will take care of them, it will always not be too bad, the most important thing is that the character is correct, and is caring.”

    Hearing this, Wei Yun was stunned, and did not answer for a while, Liu Xueyang waited for a while, but did not hear his echo, and turned back: “Xiao Qi? ”

    “Yes,” Wei Yun heard this call, then came back to his senses, and said: “I will pay more attention, and if there is a suitable one in the future, I will help my sisters-in-law plan.”

    Liu Xueyang lay on the bed, nodded, and there was concern in her eyes: “Unfortunately, If you want to say that it hurts people, who will be more distressed than my sons and daughters of the Wei Mansion? A good girl like Ayu… And Ah Chun… Alas,” Liu Xueyang sighed, “It’s a pity…”

    Hearing these words, Wei Yun did not make a sound.
Only after Liu Xueyang slept, he walked out.

    After leaving the door, Wei Yun was still in a trance, and Wei Xia couldn’t help but say, “What is the Seventh Prince thinking about?”

    “Thinking,” Wei Yun’s eyes fell into the distance: “If eldest sister-in-law and second sister-in-law left the Wei family, what would the Wei family be like?”

    Hearing this, Wei Xia sighed: “We understand what your son is saying, if the young lady and the second young lady leave, the house is indeed ……”

    As he spoke, Wei Xia added: “But you can’t keep them in the Wei House.
The young lady and the second young lady are still young, especially the young lady, the matter of feelings in this world, if you can’t taste one or two feelings in this world, it is always a regret.”

    “What are you talking about,” Wei Qiu glared over: “Don’t talk to the seventh son about this nonsense.”

    Wei Yun didn’t speak, listening to Wei Xia’s words, he felt a little confused in his heart.

    Jiang Chun had children well, but Chu Yu, he could not keep them.

    Not only can she not stay, but he also has to think of ways to plan a way out for her, looking for a man who is worthy of her.

    She can only wait for him to revive the Marquis of Zhen Guo, and later see if he can use his power to make a bright future for her.

    Wei Yun’s mind was confused and thinking a lot, and Wei Qiu and Wei Xia argued behind him.

    The house had not yet given him a special attendant, and now that Wei Jun had left, Wei Xia and Wei Qiu were simply left to Wei Yun.

    Wei Yun listened to Wei Xia yelling behind him, “Wei Qiu, you rotten wood, don’t you think it’s cruel to let a young girl of good age stay as a widow for the rest of her life?”

    “All right,” Wei Yun felt that he had finally worked out the method and said lightly, “In today’s situation, even if sister-in-law remarries, they will all be crooked, so when I revive the marquis in the future, I will pick a good one for sister-in-law.”

    “When the time comes, if my sister-in-law likes someone, I will go and ask that person to come over and propose marriage.”

    “What if he doesn’t come over?” Wei Xia is a little curious, hearing this, Wei Yun sneered: “You want people or you want life, it depends on his own choice.”

   When these words came out, Wei Xia was convinced and thought it was an excellent solution.

    Wei Xia was about to say something, and the butler hurried in from outside the long corridor, he came to Wei Yun and lowered his voice: “Gongzi, there are people in the palace, saying that Your Majesty wants to see you at the palace.” ”

    Wei Yun heard these words and the cold light in his eyes flickered, and after a moment, he said to Wei Qiu, “Go push the wheelchair over here, and bring me the fox fur heater.”

    Wei Qiu answered and went back, and Wei Yun went to Chu Yu’s room, saying in a cold voice, “Sister-in-law, lend me some powder.”

    “What for?”

    Chu Yu came out from the inner room and tossed the powder to Wei Yun.
Wei Yun rushed to the mirror and began to put the powder on his face, saying, “His Majesty is inviting me to the palace, I’m afraid it won’t be good.”

    As soon as she heard this, Chu Yu became nervous and frowned, “If His Majesty asks you to go to the front, you must not impulsively answer ……”

    “I understand.” Before Chu Yu could finish speaking, Wei Yun had already finished the powder, he did not apply it evenly, Chu Yu was a little helpless, she walked up to him and raised her hand to wipe it for him.

    Her hand was warm, and when it touched his cold face, he subconsciously wanted to step back, but stopped.
He Just held his breath and let her spread the powder on his face.

    Wei Yun’s skin was already white, and now that he had applied it, he looked even paler than paper in the night.
The first thing I did was to take a look at the newest version of the book.
Wei Qiu pushed the wheelchair and brought the fox fur over, Wei Yun grabbed a few strands of hair and fell to his ears, the fox fur was draped, the stove was hugged, and then sat on the wheelchair, the whole person instantly turned into a sick and weak man, coughing softly twice, as if he was about to feather and return.

    Chu Yu looked at Wei Yun’s acting skills and had mixed feelings inside, Wei Yun sat on the wheelchair, holding the heater, instantly into the scene, he lightly coughed twice, then with a weak voice said to Wei Qiu: “Let’s go.”


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