She raised her head and saw the young man, his face crowned with jade, his eyes falling with cold snow, his sword hanging from his waist, handsome and graceful.

    He extended his hand towards her and said, “Come up, I’ll take you away.”

    She hesitated for a moment, but finally put her hand in his and was pulled onto his horse, he held her in his arms, and raced towards the battlefield.

    That was twelve-year-old Chu Yu and fourteen-year-old Gu Chusheng.

    There is no such thing as love without a reason, and when Chu Yu thinks back, it was probably at that moment that she first realized that she liked Gu Chusheng.

    She fell in love with the teenager who reached out towards her at that moment, and despaired for the rest of her life for that moment.

    So when she realized where this was at that moment, she took a sharp breath and began to run desperately.

    She wanted to get out of here, she never wanted to meet Gu Chusheng again, she didn’t want to live the same life as in the previous one, she didn’t want to hear the same words like the previous life.

    She desperately ran in the dream, desperately fled, but still heard the sound of horse hooves chasing up.

    “Come up, I’ll take you away.”

    “Come up, I’ll take you away.”

    The teenager’s voice chased behind her, like a ghost, pestering.

    Chu Yu desperately tried to move forward, but she could not escape, she just couldn’t escape.

    She panted heavily, and ran desperately, feeling as if there was a flood around her, she was struggling to death in the water, but there was no one to save her.
She vaguely grabbed something, and she clutched desperately, as if tears were pouring into her nose and mouth, seeing that she was about to completely drown, she almost gave up struggling, just at this time, she heard a call, sister-in-law.

    This is Wei Yun’s voice.

    He heard that Chu Yu was sleeping restlessly, and he couldn’t be relieved.
It happened when Chang Yue went out to bring medicine, and Chu Yu shouted “Help me!” He pushed the wheelchair, lifted the curtain and went in, stopping by Chu Yu’s side.

    He had just come to her and raised his hand to test Chu Yu’s forehead to see if her fever had gone down, when she grabbed him by his sleeve with a deadly grip, as if she was grabbing the only straw.

    “Save me ……”

    She trembled out and spoke repeatedly, “Save me ……”

    Wei Yun frowned and spoke softly, “Sister-in-law.”

    Chu Yu was trapped in a nightmare, her words were confusing, Wei Yun vaguely heard a name that seemed to be …… Chu Sheng?

    She shouted vaguely, and Wei Yun couldn’t hear it very clearly, only to see the girl close her eyes and hold his sleeve, as if she was extremely afraid.

    Letting go of the usual calm momentum, Chu Yu at this moment finally looked like a fifteen-year-old girl.

    She was born beautiful, fifteen-years-old, she actually did not grow open, usually that maturity also depends on makeup, and now that she has removed her makeup, he can see the girl’s youthfulness and childishness.

    Her skin was very white, like white porcelain jade, and now she was sweating and showing a little flushing.
Wei Yun frowned, seeing that she was in a nightmare, but there was nothing he could do but call out to her: “Sister-in-law, wake up.”

    His voice seemed to cross the mountains and the sea, like the Buddha chanting, overcoming the dead souls drowning in the river of forgetfulness.

    Chu Yu listened to his call, as if she had gained some kind of strength inside, and gradually settled down.

    The voice seemed to be a guiding light, she slowly walked towards the voice and then saw the shimmering light.

    When she opened her eyes, she saw the teenager sitting next to her, the golden curly cloud pattern pressed against the edges, the long hair tied behind him with a hairband, and the worry between his eyebrows slowly loosened and turned into a smile when he saw Chu Yu open her eyes: “Sister-in-law is awake.”

    Chu Yu quietly looked at the teenager in front of her, and for a moment she couldn’t recognize who this person in front of her was.

    She was in a trance for a moment before she responded, “It’s Wei Yun ah ……”

    As she spoke, Chang Yue had already walked in with medicine, and seeing Chu Yu awake, she said excitedly, “Young lady, you’re awake!”

    Chu Yu nodded her head and raised her hand for Chang Yue to help her up.

    She was a little hot, and next to her Wei Yun brought her water, and after she took a few sips, she looked up at the sky: “What time is it?”

    “It’s dawn.”

    Chang Yue took the cup from Chu Yu’s hand, Chu Yu nodded, her eyes fell on Wei Yun: “Why are you here on guard?”

    “My sister-in-law is infected with an illness, and it is difficult for me to be at peace in my heart.”

    Wei Yun said respectfully, Chu Yu glanced at him and said directly, “Is it hard to rest in your heart, or is it hard to sleep?”


    In front of Chu Yu, Wei Yun did not hide: “I also had trouble sleeping, so I came to watch over my sister-in-law.”

    Chu Yu responded indifferently, and with this question and answer from Wei Yun, she slowly eased out of her dream state and lost her sleepiness.
She leaned back on the bed, a little lazily: “Why can’t you sleep anymore?”

    “I dream.”

    “Hmm?” Chu Yu raised her eyes, Wei Yun lowered his eyes to look at the lines on the corners of her clothes: “Always still dreaming of when my brother and father were still there.”

    The better the dream, the more cruel it is to wake up.

    Chu Yu did not say anything, and after a moment, she changed the subject and said, “You’ve met His Majesty, right?”


    “Did you say anything?”

    “His Majesty told me to understand his difficulties.”

    Hearing these words, Chu Yu snorted lightly and looked at him lazily: “How did you reply?”

    No matter how, it must be an answer that satisfies His Majesty, otherwise Wei Yun would not be here.

    Although Chu Yu step by step gave the emperor a feeling of loyalty to the Wei family, after all the emperor felt sorry for the Wei family, if Wei Yun had any dissatisfaction, perhaps he might not be here.
cutting off the grass and removing the roots, is a common thing for emperors.

    “I said to him, I do not understand many things, but I know that I am a member of the Wei family.”

    This answer made Chu Yu find it interesting, she curled her leg, put her hand on her knee and smiled.
“What do you mean by that? The Wei family teaches to protect the country and protect the king, and to live and die without regret, are you showing your loyalty?”

    “No,” Wei Yun smiled gently, “what I mean is that I am a member of the Wei family, and my Wei family’s debts will be collected one by one.”

    Chu Yu inclined her head and looked at him with a smile.

    The fact that Wei Yun thinks this way  is not a surprise to her.
In the last life, Wei Yun was a vengeful and vindictive person, and in this life, he would not have suddenly become a loyal minister.

    “The Wei family protects the people of the country,” Wei Yun’s voice was calm, “not loyalty to a particular family name or a particular person.”

    “You’re telling me this,” Chu Yu asked with a smile, even though she already knew the answer: “Aren’t you afraid I’ll say something?”

    If today’s words were to get out, there was no way Wei Yun would live to see the sun the next day.

    However, Wei Yun looked at Chu Yu with a calm look: “If my sister-in-law had a bad intention for me, why would she have gone to such great lengths to get me out of the heavenly prison?”

    Chu Yu met his gaze.

    After experiencing so many storms and rains, watching this teenager transform from an ordinary teenager who jumped out of his way into a calm and young man, at this moment, he had many changes, but only these eyes were as clear as ever.

    The future Marquis of Zhenbei has a pair of eyes so sharp that they point straight to the heart, those eyes were like a cold pool, she had not looked carefully, now that she remembered it, if she had looked at them carefully, would she have been able to see the clarity and purity in this young man’s eyes at this moment, still with the light of the water?

    She had also asked herself, why did she do this for the Wei family?

    However, looking at the gaze of Wei Yun, she slowly understood that she was not for the Wei family, but for these eyes.

    She likes such clear eyes and hopes that all the people in this world who have such eyes will have a peaceful life.

    Heroes should have heroic companions, and she has nowhere to go, so she might as well be here.

    So she smiled softly.

    “Yes,” she sighed softly, “I am the young lady of the Wei house, and how could I harm you?”

    Hearing this soft sigh, Wei Yun pursed his  lips and hesitantly said, “Then what are your ……plans?”

    “What are you going to do?”

    Chu Yu was a little strange, then  Wei Yun continued: “Today the Yao family and the Xie family came to find fourth and fifth sister-in-law, I think they should have their own plans.
The Chu family should also send someone in the next day, and now that am close to coming out , I wonder what my sister-in-law’s next plan is?”

    Hearing these words, Chu Yu couldn’t help but be happy.

    “You just said such an important thing to me, and now you are asking me what my plans are.
Do you think I might marry someone else and still tell them such important words?”

    “Wei Yun,” Chu Yu’s eyes were full of understanding: “Would you say you are too hypocritical or too naive?”

    Wei Yun didn’t say anything, he was a little embarrassed to have his mind read, he pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.
Chu Yu lay at the head of the bed, looking at such a Wei Yun, feeling quite fresh.
She felt a subtle sense of pleasure at the thought that she was teasing the future Zhenbei King, who would be known as the Living King of Yan.

    She smiled and looked at Wei Yun, leaned forward and got closer, and joked: “Otherwise, I am going to stay with you, if you say go, then I will return to the Chu family tomorrow.” If you say stay, I stay.
I don’t know what the Seventh Prince thinks?”

   Wei Yun pursed her lips and became more silent.
Chu Yu looked at his expression and wanted to know what he was thinking, but this man’s face was so calm that she couldn’t see anything.

    When Chu Yu saw that he did not answer, she waved her hand in front of his eyes, “Wei Yun?”

    Wei Yun raised his head and looked at Chu Yu.

    His look was serious and insistent: “In terms of reason, I want my sister-in-law to go.
My sister-in-law is enjoying her youth and I think it’s not difficult to find someone to marry again.
The relationship between my sister-in-law and my eldest brother was not a deep friendship, but it is because you are chivalrous.
Now that Wei Yun has been safely released from prison, my sister-in-law should also put her heart down, after all there is no reason to stay, so it is a good thing for my sister-in-law to leave.”

    Chu Yu propped up her chin and said, “But?”

    “In terms of feelings, I hope sister-in-law stays.”

    He looked at Chu Yu, seemingly pondering for a long time, his expression sincere: “I hope sister-in-law can stay in the Wei family.”


    Wei Yun didn’t say anything, he was not good at lying, yet these true words, he couldn’t say them.

    He was afraid of the Wei family without Chu Yu.

    If Chu Yu was not there, if the only girl who could keep a smile on her face when the door was full of howling was not there, he felt scared just thinking about that scene.

    The road without Chu Yu is not impossible to go on, it will just feel too dark and difficult.

   Moreover, if you don’t know what it’s like to be accompanied by someone from the beginning, you may be able to move forward numbly.
But now that you know, it becomes extraordinarily cruel to go back to where you should be.

    But he did not dare to talk about such dependence, which made him feel like a child who was pestering adults for candy, making him feel extraordinarily wretched.

    Wei Yun remained silent, Chu Yu also did not force him.
She looked at the teenager’s nervous expression, and after a long time, she laughed lightly.

    “Wei Yun, you are still a child.”

    She looked at him with a gentle expression, and Wei Yun looked up at a loss to see Chu Yu’s gentle gaze.

    “There is nothing wrong with occasional weakness.
I will stay with the Wei family and accompany you in rebuilding the Marquis of Zhen Guo’s house.
I don’t know how long I can stay, maybe one day I’ll find a new meaning to my life, or maybe I’ll meet someone I like, but until then, I’ll stay with you until you grow up.”

    “You will be a very good man, a great general who will go down in history,” she lifted her white hand and dropped it on Wei Yun’s head, “and I hope that I can do my best to serve you and do something for the Wei family.”

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