save him?”

    “Do you think that if the 70,000 men were really Wei Zhong’s strategic mistake, as an emperor, what would the dynasty think?”

    “The courtiers would be suspicious of the truth of the matter ……”

    Chu Yu spoke hesitantly, “So what the eldest princess means is …… I have to give His Majesty a step down?”

    “Then of course.” The Eldest Princess looked over with a smile, “If this crime cannot be escaped, your Wei family might as well admit it.”

    Chu Yu did not say a word, and the eldest princess’s fan pointed at her forehead: “Or, you admit down.”

    Chu Yu confessed, and Wei Yun confessed, that is a completely different concept.

    The fact is that the people in Huajing and the emperor are not aware of the battlefield at all, and she admits that it does not mean anything.
In future , a light “I do not know anything”, can easily turn over the confession.

    But Wei Yun recognized it differently.
The only male member of the Wei family today, and also the only surviving Wei family member on the battlefield, his every word, has enough weight.

    The emperor could not release Wei Yun directly, because he needed the family to admit the crime, and he could not let the world see that he was weak-minded.
However, the emperor did not really want to use the sacrifice of Wei Yun, sacrificing the reputation of the dead is nothing, but really let Wei Yun die, the emperor still can not bear this at heart.

    The Wei family was, after all, a loyal and virtuous family, and whether it was for the sake of Wei Yun’s talent or her ancestral loyalty, the emperor could not really watch Wei Yun die.

    So Chu Yu had to give the emperor a stepping stone, a reason to cross the legal line and let Wei Yun go.

    “I understand.”

    Chu Yu nodded her head and said to the eldest princess, “I will go back immediately and bring the tablet of my Wei family to the palace gate and ask His Majesty to summon me.”

    Before she was worried that she did this without first approaching the emperor, which was suspected of coercion in the eyes of the emperor, now see, the emperor needs, is such a coercion.

    Chu Yu looked up at the eldest princess and said sincerely, “At that time, I hope the eldest princess will circumvent the situation for a while.”

    “Don’t worry,” the Princess had a cold intent in her eyes: “I will help you block the Prince’s side.
But what the prince has done now, you must remember it in your heart, remember it well!”

    “Don’t worry, Princess.”

    Chu Yu said busily , “The crown prince acted like this, my Wei House will never forget.”

    The Eldest Princess nodded and said no more, she seemed to be tired and narrowed her eyes slightly.
Seeing that she was unwilling to say anything more, Chu Yu excused herself and went down.

    When she returned to the Wei Mansion, she found Jiang Chun, who was answering a letter to Liu Xueyang, who had now settled down in Lanling, and asked Jiang Chun how things were going.
Jiang Chun had just finished writing the letter when she heard that Chu Yu had come looking for her, so Jiang Chun hurried over and saw that Chu Yu was changing her clothes, so she said, “Where are you planning to go?”

    “You go down and let the young and old in the house go with me to the ancestral hall to carry the spiritual tablet and kneel at the entrance of the palace.”

    Jiang Chun froze, but still reacted quickly and nodded, “I’ll go now.”

    With that, she turned around and informed the entire family to change into clean mourning clothes and then gathered in the courtyard.

    When Chu Yu arrived in the courtyard, she saw Jiang Chun, Xie Jiu, Yao Jue, Zhang Han, and Wang Lan all present.

    Chu Yu did not expect them to come, so she was a bit surprised, but after a moment, she smiled: “I never thought I would be able to have all of you along on this journey.”

    “The most difficult road has been walked with you,” Xie Jiu looked calm: “This last journey, what’s the harm in walking with you?”

    “Consider us unlucky.” Yao Jue laughed coldly: “What can we do when we have this dead ghost?”

    “We’ve already stayed until now,” Zhang Han sighed, “so let’s stay a little longer, and if we can be of any use, young lady, just give us an order.”

    “Young lady ……,” Wang Lan timidly said, and just as she was about to say something else, Chu Yu then said: “Xiao Liu do not go, you are still pregnant, for the sake of the baby.”

    “I’d better go,” Wang Lan smiled bitterly: “He took me with him to wherever his brothers and sisters-in-law were.
And now at this time, if he knew that I was left at home alone, I am afraid that he would be angry.
I’ll stand on the sidelines, and I won’t be a problem.”

    Chu Yu pursed her lips, Jiang Chun stepped forward and said, “If she doesn’t go, I’m afraid it will even be harder to settle down in her heart.”

    Chu Yu thought about it and finally nodded, “Then the housekeeper will take good care of the sixth young lady.”

    After saying that, Chu Yu then said to the crowd, “Wait a moment, after burning incense and praying, we will carry the spirit to the palace gate and beg His Majesty to release Wei Yun back.
If Wei Yun is still in prison, I am afraid that he will stay there.
Since we are his elders, we should protect him.

    After saying that, she led the people to the ancestral hall, after the people burned incense and purified their hands, she led them to kneel in the ancestral hall, she was in the first row, the remaining five young ladies in the second row, a line of people raised incense and bowed, Chu Yu went forward and lifted up Wei Zhong’s spiritual tablet, and let the housekeeper hold up Wei Jun’s spiritual tablet to follow her, the people behind them took their husbands one by one, and then further, they took away their status in the corresponding spiritual positions of identities in order.

    One hundred and thirty-two people of the Wei family, Chu Yu walked out of the gate of the Wei Mansion with the spirit tablet, and the others lined up in two rows to follow behind, dressed in white like snow, only the spirit tablet in her hand was dazzlingly black.

    They walked majestically towards the palace gate, and everywhere they passed, people looked at them.

    When they came to the palace gate, seeing the white, the guards guarding the palace gate felt a little weak in their hearts.
When Chu Yu came to the gate, the guards suddenly drew their swords and raised their voices: “Who is coming?

    “Princess Chu Yu of the Marquis of Zhen Guo, with all the princes of the Wei dynasty,  has come to see Your Majesty!”

    Hearing this, the guards looked at each other, the governor came forward and respectfully said, “Does the young lady have the holy decree to enter the palace?”


    “Then,” the officer hesitated, “why doesn’t the young lady come back after she has been summoned by His Majesty?”

    “If His Majesty were willing to see me, why would I need to do so?”

    Chu Yu raised her eyes to the simple man across the table and smiled slightly: “I know that this is a difficult task for you, I am not trying to make things difficult for you, but I am just asking you to inform His Majesty,” said Chu Yu, holding the spirit tablet and kneeling down on both knees: “The Wei family is full of people who want to see His Majesty, even if they kneel here and turn into stones in the wind, they will not return.
I will not return.”

    As soon as Chu Yu knelt, the people behind her followed by kneeling down, a large piece of white clothes, black spirit tablets, looked neat and tidy, like a tidal wave when kneeling down, shocked people’s hearts to tremble.

    That officer hesitated for a moment, and finally said: “That …… allow the official to report to His Majesty.”

    After the officer finished, he turned around and went into the inner palace, the Wei family people just kneeling on the ground, Wang Lan sat in the carriage looking out from the car curtain, and was quite worried.

    The sun is shining today, but it is also a good day.
The Wei House and more than 100 people kneel here, but they did not make any noise, only to see the autumn sun falling on the people, reflecting the burning light.

    The officer said he went to the palace to ask the emperor, but went and never returned.
But Chu Yu also did not care, today she put up such a big show, to give the emperor steps to lay some high, if so, it is natural that the more powerful the better.

    The news immediately spread throughout Huajing, but everyone had their own calculations and were waiting for the news from the palace, without saying a word.

    The next morning, the ministers began to go to court one after another, but Chu Yu still blocked at the palace entrance.
The first Prime Minister Shu Lei took a look at the situation, he immediately dropped down the curtain and said to the attendant: “Change the door, do not enter from here.”

    The attendant was a bit confused and turned his head to Shu Lei: “Sir, why is this?”

    Shu Lei glared at the attendant, “I’ll just take the side door.”

    With Shu Lei making this start, everyone who arrived at the palace gate took a detour until Tai Fu Xie arrived, he stopped and then came to Chu Yu.

    “Young Lady Wei ……”

    Tai Fu Xie sighed out, “Why are you doing this?”

    “The Wei family’s only bloodline is still in prison, how can I, as his eldest sister-in-law, sit at home in peace?”

    Chu Yu lifted her eyes to look at Tai Fu Xie, she had been kneeling for a day and a night, her face was a bit haggard, Tai Fu Xie opened his mouth, he wanted to say something, but finally just said: “Sincerity is the golden stone.”

    With that, he shook his head and entered the palace through the palace gate with his hands folded.

    Chu Yu looked up at the back of Taifu Xie and understood what Taifu Xie meant.

    The kneeling time is still too short, to be worthy of this phrase sincere to the gold and stone.

    She closed her eyes and did not say more.

    No one in the courtroom mentioned this matter, until finally, a young minister surnamed Chen of the imperial court finally could not help but speak out: “Your Majesty, the Wei family is now full of children who are kneeling outside, the Wei family is four generations of three loyal families, even if Wei Zhong committed a heinous crime, you can not do this to such a loyal family ah!

    Hearing these words, Cao Xiong stood out and said angrily: “Lord Chen’s words are not good enough, 70,000 men and horses is not a child’s play, according to my words, the crime committed by Wei Zhong today, even if they quarrel and exterminate the family, it is enough!

    “Lord Cao is too aggressive,” said the imperial historian Chen red-faced: “Even if a citizen commits a crime, there is a law of retention.
Now Wei Yun is the only bloodline of the Wei family, not to mention that Wei Yun has not yet confessed to the crime, even if he did, he should take care of his mother until her good death, and then come to receive punishment.
This is a matter of human decency, but Lord Cao’s idea is too brutal!”

    Cao Xiong was furious at his words and argued with Imperial Secretary Chen in court.
However, the two of them were not really powerful people, so after arguing all morning, the matter was settled.

    Chu Yu heard about this matter, she knew that the more loud and noisy the matter was in the court, the closer it was to a “satisfaction” of His Majesty.

    Chu Yu was not in a hurry, she knelt down peacefully and steadily.

    On the first day the sun shone brightly, the second day was cloudy and rainy, and their physical strength was not good, and they began to fall down one after another, they were carried back, leaving only a spiritual tablet to continue to accompany the people.

    By the morning of the third day, the sun was hot and poisonous, more and more people fell down, and in the court, more and more people arguing for the Wei family.

    By the fourth day, it was raining heavily, and only half of the people kneeling were left.
This day, the eldest princess also came, she walked down from the gorgeous phoenix car, gently glanced at Chu Yu, and then patted Chu Yu on the shoulder.

    Chu Yu felt the torrential rain fall on her, and her whole body seemed to be whacked by a thousand gold.

    She raised her eyes with difficulty to look at the eldest princess, but she smiled and said, “Don’t be worried, Wei Yun will be back soon.”

    Saying that, she raised her hand to straighten her clothes, and raised her hand to pull her hair behind her ears.

    “The battle that this palace is going to fight has never been lost!”

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