with Chu Jin, in his last life he was chasing after Chu Jin. It was the chase to marry her, Chu Jin was widowed and also intended to marry Song Tao, as a result, after the Wei family had an accident, the Song family was sent to the front.
The result was that the front line without the Wei family was completely scattered sand, within a short time on the front, the Song family was gone, the front line was also completely defeated, Northern Di sword pointing to Huajing, no one was available in the court, which gave Wei Yun the opportunity to ask for his life.

    Chu Yu didn’t say much, although she was curious about why Gu Chusheng had rejected the marriage, hoping it didn’t have much to do with her.

    She has always been such a person, when she loves you, she loves wholeheartedly.

    The name Gu Chusheng is just because of the habits of many years, when she hears it, it is a heartbeat fluttering moment, but it only stops there.

    With that, Chu Yu said, “Mother, I have other things to do, so you can go back.”

    “Don’t you want to go back with me?” Xie Yun was a little nervous, Chu Yu smiled: “I have already taken the letter of release, I can leave at any time, but leaving now will be detrimental to the reputation.
I’ll stay for a while longer before I leave.
Mother, go back first.”

    Xie Yun hesitated for a moment, but thought of the role of Xie Taifu’s praise to Chu Yu, and nodded.

    Chu Yu sent Xie Yun out, Xie Yun was in front, and Chu Yu and Chu Jin side by side in the back.
Chu Jin sighed and said with a face full of sincerity, “My Sister refuses to go back, is it because she is worried about remarrying?”

    Chu Yu raised her eyes and looked at Chu Jin, who smiled lightly: “Sister, don’t worry, even if others don’t want sister, but that seventh grade magistrate Gu Chusheng in Kunyang, is still waiting for sister.
Although he is not as high as the Wei family and the Song family, Gu Chusheng is a handsome man, and will not be a disgrace to sister.
Suffering for a few years, maybe it will not be the end of the world”

    Chu Jin bit the word ‘seventh-grade county magistrate’ heavier, Chu Yu then understood Chu Jin’s meaning.

    She smiled gently, “Ah Jin still has a grudge against me for marrying into a high class family, huh?”

    “The Wei family is full of dead, what high class family?

    Chu Jin’s face changed, Chu Yu raised her hand to pull her hair back and laughed: “Even if the Wei family is full of only one Wei Yun left, it is not comparable to the Song family.”

    The three of them had already arrived at the door, Chu Yu raised her hand, and Chu Jin said: “The threshold is high, sister be careful of falling.”

    Chu Jin finally couldn’t help it, and sneered out loud, “Sister, wait.”

    Chu Yu nodded: “Well, I’ll wait.” She said, she held Chu Jin’s hand, and said sincerely, “Hurry up and marry Song Tao, otherwise there will be no more stores after this village, what a pity.”

    “No need for you to say!” Chu Jin gritted her teeth and opened her mouth, Xie Yun had already gotten on the carriage by this time, turned around and saw Chu Yu and Chu Jin still talking, couldn’t help but say, “You sisters are so affectionate, you still refuse to let go?”

    These words made both of them vomit, but still forced themselves to pose as good sisters, and Chu Yu in order not to force herself, hurriedly let go of the hand and raised her hand, “sister please go.”

    That look that says you should hurry up and get out of here made Chu Jin’s liver hurt, and she slammed her sleeve and went to the carriage.
Xie Yun frowned: “Why are you doing this to your sister?”

    Chu Jin then realized that she had lost her temper, she opened her mouth, but could not explain anything.

    Chu Yu watched the Chu family’s carriage go far away, she let someone prepare the carriage, and went directly to the heavenly prison.

    The Chu family had a considerable position in the military, and Xie Yun could see Wei Yun, which was also because of the face of Chu Jianchang.
Just as Chu Yu could see Wei Yun, in addition to sending a large amount of money around, Chu Jianchang was also a reason.

    When Chu Yu entered the prison, Wei Yun was lying down to rest, because of Chu Yu’s care, he did not suffer too much, but his body still had bruises, he heard people come in, he opened his eyes and saw Chu Yu, he was slightly stunned, and hurriedly pulled his shirt, trying to cover the bruises, he had only raised his hand, and he heard Chu Yu coldly say: “Do not cover it, you can not cover it.

    Wei Yun stiffened his hands, but straightened his clothes to look as calm as possible.
He sat up and said with a smile, “Why is my sister-in-law here?”

    “Tell me clearly, what is this?”

    Chu Yu took out the letter of release, her eyes pressed with anger: “This thing, who told you to sign it, who told you to write it?

    Wei Yun saw the letter and was slightly stunned.

    He put his hands on his knees, gripped his shirt, and said with difficulty, “Sister-in-law’s mother came to beg ……”

    “That’s not what I’m asking for!”

    Chu Yu was so angry that her chest was heaving up and down, holding the release letter, pointing at Wei Yun and saying angrily, “Now if I hadn’t withheld this release letter from her, I would have nothing to do with the Wei family anymore do you know that?!”

    Hearing these words, Wei’s heart trembled, he clenched his fist, twisted his head with difficulty and said hoarsely: “Now there is nothing to do with the Wei family …… isn’t it also a good thing.”

    “Wei Yun!” Chu Yu raised her voice: “I’m out running around day and night, are your eyes blind?! To leave the Wei House I would have left long ago, I wouldn’t have waited until now!”

    Wei Yun didn’t say anything, but Chu Yu stepped forward, her voice was angry: “You signed this thing so rashly.
I do not want to go, with this thing, my family can force me to go.
What if they force me to marry someone else? You signed this thing without thinking about me?

    “I signed it because I thought about you.”

    I know you are a good girl, you always look like you are very powerful and mature, but in the end, you are only fifteen years old.
I am the man of the Wei family, I can’t leave, I can’t run away, I have to carry these things, but you don’t have to.
You are still in good years, and my big brother even met you only once, you do not have to die so consumed in the Wei family.
Now you go back, if something happens to the Wei family, you can also live a good life.
If the Wei family is not in trouble, I will also remember you now with this kindness, always take care of you.
Although I gave you this letter of release on behalf of my big brother, you will always be my sister-in-law.”

    After speaking, Wei Yun finally calmed down.
He turned his head, his eyes fell on Chu Yu, and said earnestly: “The first time I saw you, I was able to get to know you, and, in this life, I will respect you as my elder sister-in-law, In the future, if I don’t die, I will let the Wei Mansion rise again.
If you remarry, my Wei House will support you; if you have nowhere to go, I will also welcome you back respectfully, always be my Wei House’s young lady, and my Wei House’s first lady.”

    These words Wei Yun said seriously, Chu Yu under her gaze, was slightly stunned.

    He now has a tender face, yet from that look, Chu Yu knew that he was not joking.

    The king of the north, Wei Yun, was known to have a vengeful temper.

    He is now thinking clearly, to give her a good life plan.

    Chu Yu felt funny and helpless for a moment, her gaze fell on Wei Yun’s body, and the reason why she was still standing here was probably because of that look.

    She had seen this look in the eyes of Wei Jun, and in the Wei Family when she was riding a horse in her wedding dress  to catch up with the Wei family

   Chu Yu tightened her lips, and Wei Yun couldn’t help but smile when he saw the young girl suppressing her anger, thinking that he had finally seen a bit of a young woman’s temperament from this person.

    He could not help but speak softly: “Don’t be angry, if I did something wrong, you can just talk to me.”

    “I just want to be good for you.”

    There was a sigh in his voice: “But I don’t know what I should do, what can I do.
I don’t know what to do, can you teach me?”

    When Wei Yun spoke like this, how could Chu Yu be angry again? But she was indeed annoyed with Wei Yun’s behavior of signing this letter of release without even asking her, so she could only say with a straight face, “I accept you signed this letter of release, and I’ll take it out myself if I want to leave in the future.

    “I married your brother, and married into the Wei family, this is my own decision.
I have no regrets, and I’m a little glad that I married over and did not let this family full of bones be trampled to mud.
Chu Yu looked at him seriously, and Wei Yun’s heart  trembled slightly as she said, “I came here by my own choice, and I’m leaving by my own choice.
You are not going to sign the release letter unless I say so.”

    “You can’t, no one can, except myself!”

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