Chapter 18

    Hearing this, Cao Yan frowned and hesitantly said, “What does Taifu mean by this?”

    Xie Taifu raised his voice fiercely: “Cao Yan, Mo said that now the Wei family has not yet been convicted, and even if the Wei family is convicted, it is also the fourth and third dukes’ family, as long as His Majesty has not stripped the Wei family of his title, then he is still the Zhenguo Hou Mansion, Er and other small communities from the Sipin Dali Temple.” Etiquette is the majesty of the Son of the emperor , don’t you even pay attention to the Son of Heaven?! ”

    Hearing these words, Cao Yan’s face changed dramatically.

    If Chu Yu and the others had said this, it would not have been painful for Cao Yan.
Because he knew that everyone was forced to do misfortunes against the Wei family, how would they dare to take the Wei family’s affairs to the Emperor?

    What temper does the emperor have now? He likes a courtier who can indulge, but when he hates a courtier, he will not listen to that courtier’s half good words.
The Gu family was also a big family back then, but they only gave a word to the King of Qin, but what has it come to?

    Cao Yan dares to make such a scene, is also sure that no one in the court dared to speak for the Wei family, but also sure of the emperor’s attitude towards the Wei family now.

    However, as the master of the Heavenly Son, Xie Taifu had always been deeply favored by the emperor, and if he wanted to make this head for the Wei family, Cao Yan would have to think about it.

    Don’t say that Xie Taifu can’t afford to provoke, even if he can, Xie Taifu has always won the heart of the emperor, he is willing to come forward.

    Cao Yan’s heart turned a thousand times, after a long time, he smiled and said: “Taifu is right, it is my recklessness.
I was concerned about the etiquette and law, and I misread the meaning of the etiquette and law for a moment, so I hope that Your Excellency and young lady will not take offense.”

    Saying that, Cao Yan put away the whip and bowed respectfully towards Chu Yu and said, “Mister Cao has made amends to the young lady and to the Wei family.”

    His face was full of smiles and his appearance was completely sincere.
Chu Yu was helped up by Jiang Chun, she didn’t look at Cao Yan, she went straight towards Taifu Xie and said, “Taifu, sit inside.”

    Xie Taifu looked at the coffins that were still outside and calmly said, “Let the Duke of Zhen Guo and others go home first.”

    Chu Yu nodded, raised her hand, and the housekeeper directed people to carry the coffins inside.
Cao Yan took a look at the scene, went up to say goodbye to Taifu Xie, and then led people away.

    When the coffins were put into the spiritual hall, the people left, and Chu Yu turned her head to look at Taifu Xie, she bowed slightly and raised her hand, “Taifu, please.”

    Taifu Xie nodded and followed Chu Yu into the Wei Mansion.

    Xie Jiu has been following behind Taifu Xie, holding the umbrella for Taifu Xie, when entering the courtyard, Taifu Xie slowly spoke: “When Xie Jiu came to my house to find me, I thought she was here to beg me to help her.”

    Hearing this, Xie Jiu’s hand trembled slightly, and she lowered her eyes to hide the panic in her heart.
Xie Taifu glanced at her lightly, and there was no reproach in her eyes, but he said: “She has always been good at planning for herself, and today I am quite surprised, but I don’t know what the Young Lady said to move this girl?” ”

    Chu Yu lifted her hand to set aside the tree branch in front of her for Tai Fu Xie, her voice was steady: “Everyone has a heart, the fifth young lady is also a person of nature, and she can see her heart through the clouds and fog, so I don’t need to say much.”

    As they spoke, the three of them arrived at the lobby.
After taking off her shoes and stepping onto the corridor, Chu Yu greeted Tai Fu Xie and took a seat, then said with Tai Fu Xie: “Tai Fu, wait a moment, I will come after a little freshening up.”

    At this moment Chu Yu’s body was full of mud and blood, but her attitude was too calm, and she actually let people ignore the awkward parts of her body.

    Xie Taifu nodded and raised his hand to signal Chu Yu to be casual.
After Chu Yu returned to the house to change into a plain dress, she returned back to the lobby, at this moment only Xie Tai Fu was left in the lobby, the rest of the people had been retreated by Xie Tai Fu, only Jiang Chun stood at the door, but also did not come in.

    Xie taifu was drinking tea, the autumn rain was contained, and the hot tea condensed into the air with a rising mist, covering Taifu Xie’s face.

    He looked nearly seventy years old, half a hundred sideburns, but because of proper maintenance, he was thin and slender, with extraordinary temperament, and did not feel old.

    Chu Yu kneeled down and sat opposite to Tai Fu Xie, and brought tea to him.
Xie Taifu looked at her and said lightly, “The young lady married into the Wei family, but it seems that she has never seen the son’s face?”

    When Chu Yu heard this, she knew that Tai Fu Xie was relieved.

    The reason she clashed with Cao Yan and made such a wretched gesture was to let Xie Jiu lead Xie Taifu to her.
And after Xie Jiu led Xie Taifu to come, her generous crying was only to stir up this person’s emotions and make this person can’t help but shoot. 

    In the previous life, Xie Taifu was the only person who stood out publicly on this matter of the Wei family.
He is the teacher of the Emperor , when Wei Zhong is the companion of the Emperor, he is also considered Wei Zhong’s teacher.
He is not quite similar to the Xie family character, if the Xie family are selfish and only care about self-preservation, then Xie Taifu is an outlier of the Xie family, even at this age, he also has a warm-blooded heart.

    The last generation of Xie Fu was too late to speak out, when Wei Yun had already been in prison for a while.
The place in the sky jail was full of people like Cao Yan, the Wei family had many enemies, and one more day in the sky jail was torture for Yun.

    So Chu Yu deliberately showed weakness, wanted to provoke Xie Taifu, let him look at his own once-good student now home miserable…

In the tragic scene, coupled with the little conscience in Xie Taifu’s heart, as well as Xie Taifu’s understanding of the emperor, Xie Taifu was about to take action.

    Chu Yu’s mind turned quickly, so she smiled frankly: “I have seen one side, and my feelings are still quite good.” ”

    Taifu Xie snorted coldly, “Young Lady is calculating.” ”

    Chu Yu looked at Taifu Xie: “What does His Majesty mean in his heart, does Taifu not understand it?”

    Hearing these words, Tai Fu Xie was silent, and Chu Yu was sure, the emperor indeed, does not want to drive the Wei family to extinction.

    This is also true, if you want to kill the Wei family cleanly, in a previous life you would not have left a Wei Yun.

    But he didn’t want to kill, and he was angry at the Wei family on the surface.
Why was this ? What was it that the emperor did not dare to let others know that he actually intended to spare the Wei family?

    Chu Yu pondered seriously, but on her face was a look that she already knew fully, she bowed her head , poured tea for herself, and said confidently: “Your Majesty wants to find someone to take the blame , is there no half guilt in his heart?” Seventy thousand elite soldiers, seven good generals…”

    “You ……” Hearing this, Taifu Xie showed a shocked expression, however he quickly suppressed it again and said rather nervously, “What do you know?”

    “I don’t know anything.” Chu Yu Smiled shallowly, however, to this smile, Xie Taifu absolutely refused to believe, she really does know something.
Xie Taifu frowned and watched Chu Yu bring tea and hand it to him: “Taifu, do you like to gamble?”

    Xie Taifu did not take the tea, he stared at Chu Yu’s eyes.
Chu Yu’s gaze had always been like this, calm and collected, there was no half a wave of panic from the moment he met her, this woman who was obviously only the age of a girl had shown a kind of composure beyond her own age.

    Looking at Xie Taifu’s alert scrutiny, Chu Yu held the tea with both hands, placed it in front of Xie Taifu, and continued: “Today’s Wei family is a gamble in the court.
Nowadays most people put their chips on the other side, no one is willing to suppress the Wei family, but if someone suppresses the Wei family, that one person has all the gains.”

    “Taifu,” Chu Yu looked solemn: “If this can save the seventh son out of prison,my Wei family can promise Taifu that in the future, if anything happens, the Wei family can unconditionally give in at once.”

    Xie Taifu didn’t speak, and he seemed to be still thinking.Chu Yu continued: “If Taifu wins the bet, what you get is a sacred heart, an absolutely reliable ally of the Wei family.
And if Taifu loses, Taifu is the head of His Majesty’s division, and with His Majesty’s nature, he won’t do anything to you, will he?”

    Xie Tai Fu looked a little shaken, Chu Yu stared at him, the tone of her voice was quite eager: “Tai Fu, this big gamble is a sure win.”

    Hearing these words, Tai Fu Xie smiled.

    “Chu family’s eldest daughter,” he raised his eyes to look at her: “You don’t have any feelings with Wei Yun, why do you have to go to such an extent?”

    “For the sake of conscience.” Chu Yu spoke calmly, but her voice carried an irreversible firmness.

    “There are always people in this world who have to sacrifice, and those who sacrifice are heroes, I can’t be a hero, then I must at least protect these heroes and not degrade the bones.”

    “I have never blamed Xie Jiu or others,” her topic suddenly turned to others, Xie Tai Fu was quite surprised, Chu Yu sipped her tea and said blandly: “All ordinary people in this world are kind-hearted, but also seek benefits and avoid harm.
Xie Jiu, Yao Jue, Zhang Han, Wang Lan, their choices are not wrong, they are just ordinary people.”

    “But some people sacrificed and became heroes , and some became ordinary people, so naturally there has to be someone between ordinary people and heroes.
Follow the footsteps of the heroes who admire it as a belief, maintain it and preserve it.”

    “This path is very bitter.” Taifu Xie was a little sorry.
Chu Yu said carelessly, “But someone has to walk.”

    Someone has to sacrifice, someone has to pay.

    Being an ordinary person is not a sin, but those who give more should be respected.

    Xie Tai Fu quietly looked at Chu Yu, after a long time, he picked up the tea Chu Yu had brought him and took a sip.

    “Wait a moment, go to the ancestral hall and hold the spirit of the Wei family, kneel in front of the palace gate.
If Wei Yun does not come out, you continue to kneel.”

    Chu Yu nodded and seeing Tai Fu Xie slowly stand up, she frowned and said, “What else?”

    “The rest is for me.”

    Taifu Xie sighed and said with some regret, “Young lady, His Majesty is not as hard-hearted as you think.
Wei Zhong was young to accompany the students, and then accompanied the king, and then protected the family and the country, and protected the king for life, His Majesty ……”

    He did not finish, and finally just shook his head and hid all the words into this autumn rain.

    However, when the words came here, Chu Yu also understood what Tai Fu Xie meant.
She took a step back, bent down, made a deep bow, and sincerely said, “Chu Yu thanked Master Tai Fu for the Wei family.”

    Tai Fu Xie nodded and walked out.
After a few steps, he suddenly stopped and looked at Chu Yu.

    He looked quietly for a moment, nodded and said, “Although you are a woman, I am very relieved to have a young woman like you in Great Chu.”

    Chu Yu faintly froze as Tai Fu Xie turned around and walked into that storm.

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