Chapter 9

    Chu Yu stole the key without moving, and Liang did not notice.

    At night, Chu Yu stole the account books, then slipped into the warehouse and counted the accounts one by one.
During the day, she followed Liang and kept an eye on her.

    Liang is alarmed by her stare, but indeed did not do any small action.

    The Wei House is a large family, Chu Yu checked the accounts slowly, she was not in a hurry, she checked the place where the mistake was made , and when she was idle , she wrote a letter to Wei Yun.

    The youngest of them all, Wei Yun , is in an idle position on the front lines, almost like running errands for Wei Jun.
So he has a lot of time every day, the reply is fast and he talks a lot.

    Wei Jun would occasionally write to her, but he seemed to be an extremely shy person, and he couldn’t say anything, nothing more than cold weather, don’t eat cold, get up early, sleep early, and eat regularly.

    When Wei Jun wrote this sentence, Wei Yun added a note after it.

    The days are cold – sister-in-law can buy more beautiful clothes, wear whatever you want to wear, all on the account of big brother, do not be afraid to spend money.

    Don’t eat cold – sister-in-law don’t eat too cold, the doctor said it’s easy to get a stomachache, big brother has bought all the delicious snacks in White City and will bring them to you when he comes back.

    Get up early and go to bed early – sister-in-law should sleep well, big brother misses you so much that he can’t sleep, he is afraid that you also miss him too much.

    Regular diet – forget it, sister-in-law i can not make it up, you know that big brother misses you very much.

    Chu Yu: “……”

    She has absolutely no idea how to face this chatterbox brother-in-law, reading the letter from the border, she only felt funny.
She read it for a few more days and it became a habit.
As soon as she saw Wei Qiu come in with the letter, she couldn’t help but laugh first.

    When Chu Yu checked the accounts, the Chu family also sent someone to Kunyang and found Gu Chusheng.

    Gu Chusheng had just settled down in Kunyang and was organizing the manpower in Kunyang.

    He had been to this place in his previous life and was comfortable with it, but there were just too many things to do, even if he was familiar with it, it was hard to do it all at once.

    When the Chu family sent someone over, he looked up from his paperwork and reacted only after a long time.

    His first thought was – Chu Yu is here!

    According to the original time, Chu Yu should have caught up with him halfway, but even though he deliberately slowed down his speed, he did not see Chu Yu chasing him over.
He was anxious in his heart, but the surface is not obvious, he has always been able to wait, he knew Chu Yu must come back.

    If Chu Yu does not come …… he can not do anything now..

    He came back too late, when he came back, his father had died, and he was about to leave Huajing, it was too late to deploy anything.
He wants to marry Chu Yu, but also can only rely on Chu Yu’s deep affection for him.

    It was at this time that he had to face the fact that Chu Yu was indeed married to him.

    She Abandoned the glory and wealth, and married him a weak scholar with nothing.

    At first, it was not without moving.

    At least when he married her, he was sincere and wanted to repay this feeling.

    But when everyone said how good she was to him and how he didn’t deserve her, arrogance and anger blinded him.
When he was on his way to the top, he was confronted by the woman who had been so kind to her, and he felt that she was an eyesore to see.
She seemed to be the mark of the most embarrassing moment in his life, always reminding him of Gu Chusheng, who was once a wretched teenager.

    When she died, he went through the years, saw the glory and wealth, walked through the world’s prosperity, experienced betrayal, experienced despair, he suddenly found that only the light of his youth, was the purest, and the brightest.

    He remembered the Chu Yu back then, his heart trembled a little, he restrained himself, stood up, and said to his attendant: “Let the Chu family wait a moment, I will change my clothes and come.”

    With that, he went to the compartment, purposely changed into his most decent clothes, put on the jade crown, confirmed his grooming in front of the mirror, and then took a deep breath before going to the lobby.

    He desperately thought about how Chu Yu had come, how the marriage between Chu Yu and the Wei family would be handled, how Chu Yu ……

    He thought a lot and when he arrived at the lobby and saw only one Chu family attendant, he couldn’t help but freeze.

    The other party came forward and saluted respectfully, “Lord Gu.”

    Gu Chusheng nodded, pushed the doubts in his heart and returned the salute, “Uncle Shan, long time no see.”

    Chu Shan was a vassal of the Chu family, and Gu Chusheng also knew that he was quite valued in the Chu family, even though he was not of high rank, he still treated Chu Shan quite respectfully.

    As Gu Chusheng spoke, he welcomed Chu Shan to his seat, and then said, “I don’t know why Uncle Shan has come today, does Uncle Chu have any orders?”

    “It’s not a big deal,” Chu Shan smiled brightly, “The general just ordered two things this time, the first one is that he knows Lord Gu’s situation today and asked me to bring something over.”

    Chu Shan said, bringing up a box.

    Gu Chusheng took the box with both hands, and after opening it, it was filled with gold yuan treasures and several letters.

    “There are several generals in Kunyang who are quite familiar with the general, inside this are letters in the general’s own handwriting, Lord Gu can take them to pay his respects, it’s always good to have more people to take care of you when you go out.”

    Chu Shan did not mention the gold inside, is to take into account the face of Gu Chusheng, if Gu Chusheng is really a teenager, he may not be able to wake up to this kindness, he has always been high-minded and arrogant ,and he could not fully appreciate the kindness of others without a trace.

    However, he has now gone through so many years of polishing, he knows Chu Shan’s thoughtfulness, he is now indeed short of money, and did not resist, he took a deep breath and said: “Thank you Uncle Chu, also thank you Uncle Shan.”

    … –>>

The second thing is the matter of your marriage contract with my lady.”

    Hearing these words, Gu Chusheng’s heart lifted up.

He guessed that when Chu Shan came to say this, it was probably related to Chu Yu.
Chu Yu did not come after him this time, there might have been some variables in the middle, however, she was always a persistent person, what she wanted to do, she would definitely do it.

    Now Chu Shan came over and also mentioned the marriage contract, could it be that Chu Yu talked to Chu Jianchang into letting her marry me?

    He put the box on the table, suppressing the excitement in his heart, and looked up at Chu Shan: “The matter of the marriage contract, how does Uncle Chu intend to do?”

    “You don’t need to be nervous,” seeing Gu Chusheng’s appearance, Chu Shan guessed that he thought that the Chu family had come to break the contract, and hurriedly said, “The Chu family is not a treacherous villain, the general just asked me to ask, now that the eldest young lady has married, and the second young lady’s age has also come, when do you plan to come to propose marriage? “

    Hearing these words, Gu Chusheng’s brain “buzzed”, the whole person was confused.

    He looked at Chu Shan dumbly, unable to say anything.

    What did he say?

    Missy got married?

    Which Missy got married? Who else is the Chu family’s Missy besides Chu Yu?

    It can’t be Chu Yu.

    She was going to marry him, she had trekked thousands of miles in her last life, how could she marry someone else in this life?

    He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, Chu Shan looked at his appearance and said with a smile, “Is Lord Gu so dumb with joy?”

    Hearing this, Gu Chusheng finally slowly came back to his senses, he felt a dryness in his throat, but still held on to his smile and said with difficulty, “The Missy you are talking about, is it Ayu?”

    “That’s natural,” Chu Shan sipped his tea, his eyes showing a satisfied look: “Miss married in the Wei House, she returned a while ago and she seems to be doing well, The Wei family style is elegant, Miss will not have to worry about this life.”

    Gu Chusheng clenched his fist under the sleeves, and Chu Shan looked up surprised, seeing him lower his eyes, and in a tone that was calm enough to make people feel a cold tone, slowly said: “a lifetime is so long, you can’t always rely on others.”

    Even less it shouldn’t be that short-lived Wei Jun of the Wei family.

    Thinking of Wei Jun’s name, Gu Chusheng felt as if a sharp blade had pierced into his heart.

     At that time, Chu Yu was going to marry Wei Jun.
For many years his name has always been put together with Wei Jun, how many people have been pity? If Wei Jun is still alive, Chu Yu will marry him.

    At that time he felt angry when he heard the name, in the eyes of everyone, he was no better than Wei Jun, perhaps in Chu Yu’s heart, he was also no better than Wei Jun.

    It’s just that when Wei Jun is dead, she has no way back.

    He used to be glad that Wei Jun died, he had once hated Wei Jun’s  death in his last life, and when he heard this name again in this life, he suddenly found that, compared to his last life, in this life, his dislike for Wei Jun was deeper.

    Chu Yu married him.

    In this life, Chu Yu married him!

    He looked up and stared at Chu Shan, he wanted to ask what exactly they had done to Chu Yu.

    Such a gaze was so rude that the attendant next to him couldn’t help but call out to him, “Gongzi.”

    Chu Shan frowned, he felt a little uneasy, so he said directly, “Does Lord Gu have something to say?”

    Gu Chusheng was nudged awake by Chu Shan’s words, now that Chu Yu’s marriage to Wei Jun was a foregone conclusion, he could not offend the Chu family again.
So he took a deep breath and pushed the box back.

    “The marriage with the second young lady, I have thought about it for a long time, and I think I should say it clearly after all.
The second young lady has a golden branch, am afraid that Gu Chusheng’s current status is not suitable.”

    “You do not have to worry about that, the general said ……”

“Furthermore,” Gu Chusheng interrupted Chu Shan, his eyes firm: “Chusheng already has someone he admires, and the second young lady is afraid that she will have her own thoughts, for marriage matters, she still needs to find someone she loves, Chusheng thought that the general would not force it.”

    Hearing these words, Chu Shan fell silent.
He knew the tossing of Chu Yu before getting married, and now looking at the attitude of Gu Chusheng and Chu Jin, he sighed and looked up at Gu Chusheng.

Gu,” he said with a helpless tone: “You tell me the truth, the person you admire, is it my Miss.”

    Gu Chusheng froze, and after a moment, he slowly smiled away.

    He didn’t push back, nor was he annoyed, he nodded heavily: “Yes.”

    Chu Shan sighed, seemingly troubled: “You are like this …… Eldest Miss …… she has already married someone ah.”

    “She is married,” Gu Chusheng’s face said with a smile on his face, his eyebrows curved: “then what’s the problem with me liking her?”

    I don’t want to say that Wei Jun was originally short-lived, even if Wei Jun lived a long time, even if he took care of Gu Chusheng’s people, even if he tore everyone bloody, he must snatch her back!

    Thinking of this, Gu Chusheng’s heart is finally not so painful.

    Wei Jun is on the battlefield.

    He hooked the corners of his mouth, his eyes were full of coldness.

    Even if he does not do anything, Wei Jun and the Wei family are destined to die on the battlefield.

    As an important minister in the dynasty, he knows exactly what happened on the battlefield.
It was a past event that even the emperor did not dare to face.
Even the emperor put down his jade crown and apologized to Wei Yun.

    No one can save the Wei family.

    Even the reborn him, can not save.

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