”Itll be fine. I just sent Liam in to give them a hand. ” Alfred said as he poured the tea.

”Hell be back in a little while. ”

I felt weird. I felt something was wrong but I had to still try to impress this man.

”It Must be hard being out here on your own. You know, isolated. ” I tried to hide my uneasiness while also ignoring my predisposition that something was wrong.

”I don mind the isolation. ” Alfred handed me the tea.

”You don get scared? ” I ask him

”Of what in particular? ” Alfred indulged me.

”Um…I don know. Sometimes, I go out in the woods and see things. You know, strange things. ” I was just trying to make conversation, unknown that there were really scary things in the woods

”Hmm… ” was all he said. Like he was thinking of the best way to reply to me.

Suddenly, I heard movement from the kitchen door, thought it was Liam but it wasn .

It was a huge ”dog ”. I think it is a husky breed. It was so big, brown, and hairy with beautiful eyes. And it walked towards me slowly.

It looked so beautiful.

I couldn hide my affection towards it as I am a dog lover. I love all kinds of breeds, so I didn mind.

”What a gorgeous dog! Hes massive. ” I said moving closer to it.

Alfred seemed upset to see this but he was trying to act calm.

”Liam… ” He called out.

”Did Liam let him out? ” I asked. Liam had never told me anything about him owning a dog so I was surprised.

”Its okay. I don mind. ” I said as the ”Dog ” moved closer to me, climbing the table in front of me.

Alfred seemed scared for me. He walked slowly towards me calling out to Liam but I kept telling him not to worry.

I stretched my hand towards the dog to show him that I was good with dogs but he was still scared.

The dog sniffed my hands and looked back at Alfred like he was communicating something with him. Alfred walked behind the dog slowly like he wanted to capture it.

The dog looked around and back at my hand. Alfred grabbed it suddenly by its neck but it was too late.

The dog bit me with its sharp molars. Alfred grabbed it and tossed it to the side and it ran off.

”Did it break the skin? ” Alfred asked in fear.

”Um …No he just nipped me. ” I trembled.

”Let me see… ” Alfred took my hand to see if I was wounded. I was! The molars of the supposed dog left two deep wounds on my wrist.

”Its okay. No, its…okay. ” I said still trying to be calm.

”No, no, no, no… ” Alfred looked at my face like he saw terror or death.

I wanted to ask if the dog had rabies or something terrible because Alfreds reaction seemed over the top.

”Don be mad at him, it was just an accident… ” Suddenly I couldn complete the sentence. I felt drowsy. My head is spinning like the blade of a fan on low voltage. I couldn understand what was going on with me.

Was this the effect of the dog bite? Did the dog infect me with something?

I was freaking out but didn have enough energy to panic.

”Um… I think I need to…I think I need to sit down… ”

And I black out.

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