aking such careless statements. But the first tall dude remained quiet.

”Look, I saw the job posting, I grabbed it and ran up here. ” I said.

”…excuse me. Dude I wanted to show you this thing over here… ” the shorter guy came up with an excuse to take the other friend away, leaving just me and the tall hairy dude alone.

”As for Dr. Garcia, Im pretty sure I can get up to speed on whatever he does. ” I said to the last guy standing.

He didn say a word.

”He does this. ” He took a book named The Origin of Anthropomorphic Religions from his bag and handed it to me.

I slowly took the book and glanced through it. ”Look about the whole parent thing. Its not a sob story, I don want you to think that it is. ” I could see this one was weirdly quiet like something had stolen his tongue or he pitied me.

The guy remained quiet at my comment and waited for me to go through the book. I turned the last page of the book to see the author of the book and it was the face of the guy standing right before me.

The hairy faced guy, tall, unintentionally handsome with blue eyes, and his masculinity could be seen from a mile away.

How in hell!

”Oh Im really sorry, I thought you were a student… ” I was shocked because no one will imagine Dr. Garcia to be a young, handsome man who looked like he spends most of his days looking fit.

”Yea, I get that a lot. ” He let out a cute smile.

I could picture his abs from his simple T-shirt, while his huge arms can choke me all day, I wouldn mind that.

Rather, I would expect Dr. Garcia to be a middle aged man, completely suited up with some geeky looking glasses and moonwalking hairline. But this right here is hot!

I was literally feeling hot from within and I didn even realize that was a real thing.

How was he able to teach students without them drooling all over the place?

What could a hot guy like this be doing in the anthropology department?

I bet the female students will be all over him in class acting like they don understand what he is teaching. Well, I don know about others but, Ill definitely do that.

”Um…Im a little tied up with my cousin at the moment. Can you come back tomorrow? ” he said.

”Yea… yeah sure. ” I snapped back to reality.

”And what do I call you? ” His low husky made something down there come alive.

”Jade. ” I said trying to lead with the sexiest voice I could dig out.

He smiled and I slowly watched him walk away to meet his friends but could still feel the heat from talking to him.

No, Im here for a job and nothing more. No sleeping with professors!

I said putting myself in order. Sheesh though!

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