Few months later

General POV

Rosies belly was beginning to grow bigger, She would always stare at herself in the mirror

She really loved her looks now

She also had weird cravings

Like;Peanut butter and banana, prickles and salt etc

Josh always made sure he got home early to his beautiful pregnant girlfriend

Claudias POV

I really need to visit my son, I do not know what that trash did to my son

Oh My God

Vivian still does not know about her being pregnant

Oh well

I will still have to visit Josh even if it takes me pretending to like that young lady

I got to Joshs house, his car was not in the garage

Probably he was at work

The only way to gain back my son is to pretend to like that trash of a girl

I decided to knock

Rosies POV

I was going through some movies on youtube when I heard a knock at the door

”Who is there? ”

”It is me ”

I immediately recognised the voice

Joshs mom

What is she doing here?

Josh is not here to defend me

”I am coming ”

I quickly opened and greeted

”Hey ”

” Hey sweetie ”

Sweetie ?

I stood there for some minutes to think



”Won you tell me to come in? ”

”Oh,my bad. I am sorry , come in ”

” Your baby bump is really growing so big ”

” Yeah ”

” With the way it is,I think you are having a girl , have had a sex scan? ”

” No,I want the sex of the baby to be a surprise ”

” Oh , that is good ”

She came in and I offered her water

She sat on the couch

” Come here dear, lets talk ”

”What is your name , darling? ”



” My name is Rosie ”

We talked for hours and I told her how Josh and Andrew found me

She was actually fun to be with

She also helped me prepare lunch for Josh

Joshs POV

Rosie would be so happy to see this flower,her love for roses is out of this world

I could hear distinct talking inside the house

Who could she be talking to?

I finally knocked and then they paused

”Who is there? ”

”Babe, I am home ”

Claudias POV

”He is here. Hurry,open the door ”

Rosie stood up to open the door

She opened the door

”Hey baby ” Rosie said and gave him a hug

”Hey ,I am exhausted ” He said unbuttoning his shirt

”Mom is here ” Rosie said excited

”My mom? ”

Josh asked as he walked in to see me

” Hey mom, what are you doing here? ”

”Can I not come to see my baby anymore ? ”

I said raising his face by his chin

” You are embarrassing me, mom ”

He said glancing at Rosie who was just chuckling

”Well, son ,Rosie and I made you lunch ”

”You two made lunch …for me? ”

Rosie and I both nodded simultaneously

” Wow ”

Josh rushed to the dinning room

We actually made his favourite ,roasted chicken and fries

He was so happy

General POV

Later that day , Joshs mom,Claudia convinced them to come stay in their family house

She used Rosie as an excuse ,she said she wanted to take care of the mother of her grandchild

Josh did not agree with that but after all Rosie and his mothers persuasion ,he finally agreed

If only he knew his mom was up to no good

Rosie POV

I was so happy

I was finally accepted by his mom,if I was already accepted by her than Joshs dad will love me too

I can not wait for Josh to reunite with his parents

”Rosie? ”

”Yes ”

”Are you sure you want us to live in my family house? ”

” Yes ,why not? ”

I asked sitting at the edge of the bed

”Probably,my mom talked you into it and you will be far away from the ocean,are you ok with that? ”

” Yes,I will as long as I am with you ,I have nothing to fear ”

” Look,I am not saying my mom is a bad person but I really think we should stay here for our peace of mind ”

He said moving closer to me

” It is fine ”

” I don want you two getting a misunderstanding ,it is better for her to show you and our child her love from afar because… ”

” Shh,it is fine .She is nice to me and she wouldn want to hurt her grandchild ”

General POV

They moved into their family house,Claudia was so happy while Joshs dad walked out on them immediately Rosie greeted him

He didn like her,he wouldn let a nobody into his home

However she ignored him ,hoping that he would finally accept her as a family

”This house is so big,Josh ”

”Hmm ”

Claudias POV

I was so glad my plans were working

”I am going to make your life a living hell,Rosie ”

I said to myself and laughed wickedly

General POV

Day after day, Claudia began to show Rosie her real colour but she never told Josh

She did no want to be the reason for their fights

So, she continued to endure

Whenever Josh was home , she would pretend as if all was well while his mom would pretend to be the most loving person in the world

If only Josh knew

Most times, he would find her crying in their bedroom and she would lie to him that it was pregnancy hormones

Vivian made matter worse

She would always come to bully Rosie and tell awful things

Rosie POV

I didn care if I suffered as long as I was with Josh

Nanny Green and I were kinda close

She was the one that understand my pain

I felt like I had a mother when I was with her

I was going through some pictures on her phone when I saw a picture of a mermaid

”What is this? ”

”Oh ,this? ”

She said tilting the phone so she could see better

”That is a mermaid,my daughter, Joy saved it on my phone ”

”I think I have seen one ”

” You have? You must be joking They are not real. They are just made up for kids to believe ”

” I don think so, I saw one the day I found out I was pregnant,she even talked to me ”

Nanny Green bursted into laughter

” That is ridiculous, probably pregnancy hormones ”

I ignored her a transferred the picture of the mermaid to my phone

Later that day, I showed Josh when he came back from and he told me that it was just a myth

I stared at the picture all day,the name of the mermaid was Bella

Nice name

”I will name my baby girl,Belle ”

I thought all night about mermaids

Was I dreaming when that mermaid talked to me?

Are mermaids real?

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