MermaidHuman Love

Chapter 3:Attack

p>What a lucky man I am to have one of the prettiest women has my girlfriend

Mommy would be happy now

General POV

The people of Oceania regretted electing Ursula as their queen. When Rosie was queen, every mer-creature lived in peace and harmony

At any slight mistake, Ursula would command Rib , the biggest Octopus to eat the offender or she tormented them with the royal staff

Life in Oceania became a living hell

Soon Queen Ursula had a baby mermaid , who she always called the fairest of all

She named her daughter , Barekee

All of Oceania pretended to be happy with their queen, no one dared say or do otherwise because of the fear of being eaten by Rib

General POV

Josh had gone to work early that day ,so Rosie had to go on the yacht alone

She sailed for some minutes until she heard someone call her name

Hidee POV

I didn expect Rosie to be alone today,where did her lover go to?

He should be with her now

I didn know how Ursula found out that Rosie was still alive

Probably she just found out that that body didn belong to Rosie

She has sent Rib to search for Rosie everywhere ,including the surface

I really need to warn her

If Rib doesn then she would have to forget about Rosie

”Rosie ”

Rosie looked around as she searched for who had called her name

”Who are you? ”

She asked still searching for the person that called her

”Hey, down here ”

Rosie looked down and gasped

” Please don freak out ”

”What are you? ”

”I am a mermaid ”

”How do you know me ? ”

”Long story but listen to me ,you have to leave this place , your life is in danger ” I said looking back , I could already hear Ribs sound

” Why? How? ” Rosie yelled

”I don have time to explain , just leave right now ”

I said and dived in the water,I had done my part as her friend

Her forgotten friend

It was up to her to take my advice

Rosies POV

What was that? Was I dreaming ?

A mermaid

A real life mermaid

I don believe it ,maybe it is just a joke

Joshs POV

I got back home and Rosie was no where to be found

”Rosie ”

I called out severally

She probably went to see the ocean,probably with the yacht

I have always been telling her not to go with the yacht alone

General POV

Rib arrived at the surface ,people were terrified including Rosie ,who had managed to get almost at the sea shore

Josh arrived there and saw the whole scene

Rosie was still trying to escape

Josh rushed to save her

Rosie POV

I woke up and I found myself in the hospital

”Josh? ” I said tapping Josh who had fallen asleep beside me

”Are you ok? ” He asked touching my face passionately

I nodded

The doctor soon came in

”How is she ,doc? ”

”She is fine,she just need have lot of rest. She needs so much rest in this condition ”

” What condition ,doc? ”

” Don you know? ”

”Know what? ”

” She is two months pregnant ”

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