“Ughhh…” Cheng Qing grunted and rubbed her brow as she sat up.

She was given two glasses of wine last night when they were welcoming the instructors into the variety show.
Cheng Qing didn’t drink well and was feeling dizzy, so she went back upstairs to sleep for the rest of the night.

Even though there was only one bed, Cheng Qing and Luo Xi each had one of their own pillows and blankets.
It wasn’t much different from splitting a bed in half.
Cheng Qing was drowsy for a little while before she laid back into her pillow and dozed off once again.

Her sleep quality was not particularly bad, she was able to sleep until dawn as long as she didn’t stay up late, however, Cheng Qing didn’t expect Luo Xi to be a ‘physical’ sleeper as she would constantly be jolted awake by Luo Xi’s powerful kicks.

Cheng Qing turned to face Luo Xi after massaging her wronged stomach. 

Luo Xi herself was sound asleep and had no idea that she had just kicked Cheng Qing’s stomach.
Cheng Qing tousled her hair while smiling at Luo Xi’s chaotic sleeping position.

“So, the first conflict with Ye Lingyun was because of this?”

Cheng Qing was now talking to herself, thinking that she was helpless while observing Luo Xi’s innocent sleeping face.
Cheng Qing could barely make out her undulating belly beneath her slightly opened pajamas.

Cheng Qing lightly shook her head and pulled the quilt over her body as she went back to sleep but in the evening, Luo Xi had kicked her twice.
This irritated Cheng Qing so much that she ultimately decided to cover Luo Xi’s entire body in a quilt and hug her to sleep. 

The following day, when the sun started to show its first streaks of light, Luo Xi opened her eyes with a feeling of restraint.
She noticed Cheng Qing’s face that was centimeters from hers still fast asleep.
Cheng Qing’s sleeping appearance seemed exceptionally cold, like a feeling of being thousands of miles away.

But her eyelashes were so long they cast shadows under her eyes and along with her flawless jade-like skin she looked like a cold beauty.

Luo Xi’s gaze fell on her lips.
The most important thing was that this mouth, if you wanted it to be sweet, you must never have expectations. 

Thinking of what Cheng Qing said yesterday, Luo Xi couldn’t help but smile.
Luo Xi, who would never laugh before others couldn’t help but bloom in the morning light.
It wasn’t until Luo Xi reached out to poke Cheng Qing in the cheek that she realized…

“一??? Why am I tied up like this!!!”

It was in such a roar that Cheng Qing opened her eyes in a daze… She was surprised for a moment before she saw Luo Xi’s face flushed with rage.
Cheng Qing warmly smiled in response sweeping away her previous cold appearance when she slept.

“Morning Luo Xi!” Her voice was refreshing as the summer breeze, causing Luo Xi’s face to soften as Cheng Qing smiled and greeted her good morning.

“Morning” Luo Xi mumbled, holding back the urge to smile at Cheng Qing.


When Cheng Qing arrived downstairs with very noticeable eye bags, Ye Lingyun gave her a sympathetic look as she noticed her arrival.

Cheng Qing thought to herself, ‘I barely received 5 hours of sleep the night before so I probably don’t look well at all’.
Since she hadn’t anticipated being the target of sympathy from the protagonist, her mood at the time was complicated.

Seeing her come down, Kong Mingyan asked the cameraman to turn the camera around to face her.
This left Cheng Qing no choice but to smile and act cheerful like she wasn’t just kicked to death in her sleep.

By this time, the majority of people had already eaten their breakfast.
The stars who took part in the program had little to no cooking experience so they could only drink milk each morning.

Cheng Qing looked at her watch; it was only 7 a.m.
so there was still plenty of time to cook a hearty meal. 

“Which of you haven’t eaten yet?” Cheng Qing started to roll up her sleeves, “I’ll go make breakfast.”

Ye Lingyun licked her lips and asked dryly, “You know how to cook?”

Cheng Qing opened the refrigerator to check the ingredients inside, “Let’s see… I can make you pancakes, millet porridge, or fried dumplings.
If necessary, I can also prepare you some leek boxes and order fruit after supper.”

There weren’t many materials in the refrigerator due to the banquet having used up practically everything in the past few days.
There was, however, a lot of flour, eggs, sugar, and dry ingredients while the freezer contained a pile of frozen products.

Cheng Qing turned to face Ye Lingyun, “Do you want some?”

Ye Lingyun swallowed her saliva as she remembered the weak milk she drank for breakfast and was a little hesitant.

“My manager won’t let me eat a lot…”

Cheng Qing slightly tilted her head, “So you’ll eat?”

Ye Lingyun’s stomach growled in response, “…I’ll eat.”

A few minutes passed and Luo Xi finally came down the stairs yawning.
She saw the hearty breakfast that had just been placed on the table.
Judging from the quantity, it could easily provide 10 servings.

Luo Xi was stunned as she observed Cheng Qing emerge from the kitchen, speechless.

“Wow, you’re dressed so beautifully~! Come and sit, it’s time for breakfast.” 

Luo Xi blushed, “…You didn’t need to say the previous sentence.” 

“Alright, alright, alright~” Cheng Qing cheekily walked to the table.

Luo Xi accompanied Cheng Qing to the table and marveled at the tasty-looking food almost believing that the meal had been prepared for her.

The live broadcast room was soon opened, and the netizens who were suddenly kicked out yesterday were frantically swiping while commenting on their screens.

【 Wow, as soon as I came in, I saw the couple making breakfast.

【 And it looks so delicious… I’m hungry.

【 This is the first time I’ve seen them have a Chinese breakfast after watching so many episodes, right? 】

【 Indeed, isn’t it because the western style was simpler? 】

【 Hahahaha, they’ve only eaten milk, bread, fried chicken, and steamed dumplings for a month they’re probably almost at their limit! 】

【 Indeed, a group of handicapped parties.

【 You’ve got big guts to say that about my idol! 】

There was a lot of ridicule in the comments while their idols soon gathered for breakfast.
The director’s crew did nothing during the meal so everyone cheerfully ate until their tummies were round.
The words of Yi Lingyun’s manager were long forgotten.

Each of the idols had participated in many variety shows, but this was the first time that they survived the whole process by themselves.
Before signing the contract, they didn’t expect to cook their food so they could only eat a simple and bland meal during the first 2 months. 

The group of celebrities who had finally eaten a delicious breakfast were moved to tears.

After they finished eating, the nine idols along with the teachers gathered in the living room waiting for the directors to release their new task. 

Seeing that there was still some time before 10 o’clock, Feng Qiuyi couldn’t help but praise Cheng Qing.

“I didn’t know that you could make such delicious food! You’re so busy with work but your cooking is really tasty!”

Cheng Qing looked puzzled, “Is there any required relationship between work and cooking?” 

 “I just thought that you’d be busy every day and that you’d have no time for cooking.” Feng Qiuyi scratched his head.

“Quite the contrary, I’m free every day.” Cheng Qing shook her head.

Feng Qiuyu showed a shocked expression and asked why.
Cheng Qing sighed, “It’s because I don’t have any students.”

“Then you must be…”

Cheng Qing simply nodded, “Yes, I’m poor.”

Everyone: “…” You said that so directly!

Li Mingyao who was sitting beside Cheng Qing grinned brightly, “You are so skilled, do you mind cooking three meals a day for us?”

Cheng Qing simply smiled and turned to look at him, this was the first time she observed Li Mingyao seriously.
As the hero of this novel, Li Mingyao was naturally radiant.

From the first day he appeared in front of the camera, there was a group of his fans on the bullet screen.[1] Of course, as the heroine, Ye Lingyun also easily received his favor.

Since Li Mingyao was created as a charismatic leader, the author wrote him to be a person who doesn’t carry out any arduous labor, therefore Li Mingyao knew nothing about cooking.

Before Cheng Qing came, Ye Lingyun had to cook breakfast all by herself.
She took on a fresh and lovely persona in front of the camera.
She would go to bed early and wake up early, she had good living habits and some hands-on ability.

As the saying goes, the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.
So, Ye Lingyun had worked hard in learning all the simple and fast western breakfasts to cook for her fellow idols.

It’s just that Ye Lingyun did not expect for Cheng Qing to participate in the show.

Li Mingyao began to have a headache when he knew that there were two months left to record.
He was not short of money but eats bread and fried chicken every day.
If he continues this cycle, he wouldn’t be too far from vomiting.

Everyone was curious about Cheng Qing’s answer, and they all turned their heads to look at her.

Cheng Qing thought for a second and said, “Yes, I do mind.”

Li Mingyao: “…”

Everyone: “…”

【 Hahahaha, Cheng Qing is such an idiot! 】

【 That’s right! No one has ever refused so directly.

【 So our father Li, what should we do? 】

【 This is the time to gain favor! Did Cheng Qing not consider it? Hahaha 】

【 Where is the talking star halo??? Hahaha】

After a moment of awkward silence had passed, Li Mingyao said, “Never mind then.”

Cheng Qing smiled and nodded, but didn’t respond.

Kong Mingyan clucked his tongue, “Even if I sit among this group of young bosses, I wouldn’t be so comfortable.” The assistant couldn’t help but say, “Agreed! Look at Zhou Yong and Zhang Lingzhen, they have been shrinking all morning in the corner, there is practically no sense of existence.” Kong Mingyan smiled, “That’s why I’m very optimistic about Cheng Qing.” 

And thus the breakfast antic had come to an end. 

In her previous life, Cheng Qing was the top fencer in her world.
During the finals, there were far more people watching her than there were in the variety show.
She had seen and met numerous individuals who were much more respected than someone like Li Mingyao.

Naturally, Cheng Qing wouldn’t do a little low-down under his wire.
There were 12 people here but she cooks for all of them? Why not call her their babysitter instead of teacher!

Cheng Qing gave him a blank look before turning to look at Luo Xi who was staring at her with pity.

Luo Xi was cuter in person than she was described in the book because her expressions were so honest.
It wasn’t hard to figure out what she was thinking. 

Cheng Qing narrowed her eyes and smiled at Luo Xi, “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

“It’s nothing.” Luo Xi quickly turned her head away.

【 My princess is arrogant again.

【 Cut! to put it nicely, it’s called tsundere, to put it badly, it’s rude.

【 That is, how did Cheng Qing offend her? 】

【 You don’t understand, this is full of love! Hold high the banner of my commitment to CP!!! 】

【 cp dog go away!!! 】

Cheng Qing smiled, thinking that Luo Xi’s reaction just now was cute, then she asked her, “Luo Xi, do you want to eat my cooking?”

Luo Xi just stared at her, wanting to say what nonsense she was talking about in front of the camera! But she ended up saying, “How is that possible!” I’m not like that.

Cheng Qing leaned against the sofa in an appealing manner, propped her chin with one hand, and said, “If you ask me, I’d do it.”

Luo Xi: “…”

Li Mingyao: “…” I’m right next to you, do you think I’m dead?

There were 12 people present and including the director’s group, they all went silent as everyone turned their heads to look at Cheng Qing. 

As for the comment section, everybody went crazy.

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