G’day mates, this is going to be the first novel I’m translating and I’m pretty new to this so be prepared for some not-so-great translating.
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I’m also going to start from chapter 1 so that it won’t be confusing for my two small brain cells.
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Cheng Qing followed a group of people to a villa.
The villa was surrounded by tall mountains with a sparkling lake in front that blew fresh scented air, the scenery was breathtaking.
It was a wonderful place to live.

She looked up at the magnificent villa in front of her and couldn’t help but wonder, is that streamer Luo Xi here?

Cheng Qing had been in this world for three months and was still getting accustomed to it.
Even so, she missed her relatives from her original world.

Despite her reminiscence, she had to accept reality; after determining that she would be unable to return to her world, she began to adapt to her life here.

This world is a book, a novel called “Don’t Tease Me Again!” It was very well-liked by her colleagues that they eventually persuaded Cheng Qing to read it after showing it to her.
She finished reading more than half of the first section before giving up.
She couldn’t tell if the author was too young or their three points of view were weak.

This was due to the novel’s entire plot being centered on the male and female protagonists’ sweetness.
One of the female supporting characters, Luo Xi, suffered greatly as a result of being used as a tool to promote the male and female protagonists’ relationship. 

Luo Xi did nothing wrong but was written to become a gloomy girl who was disliked by others.
She eventually loses her job and becomes disabled, with no one to support her.

Cheng Qing had little sympathy for the male and female protagonists because she was constantly remorseful for Luo Xi’s awful situation.

At this point, the field manager in charge turned around and announced, “We’ve arrived.
I hope you can teach well because we want the program’s impact and ratings to be high.
Later, we’ll be able to discuss how to do so in private.”

The field manager who drove them to the villa was a man in his 30s with sparse hair, most likely from staying up late.

As Cheng Qing and the guests beside her climbed out of the car, three people arrived with the field manager, all of whom were ordinary people with no high status. 

The variety program, “Best Partner”, was Cheng Qing’s next program.
It is a show that featured several well-known young women and men as well as three other online celebrities. 

Every day, three hours of online live broadcasts would take place.
The program had also been recording for three months, except for sleeping.

It was edited once a week and broadcast twice a week while being recorded.

Three episodes had already aired with “Best Partner” being named this year’s most popular variety show. 

After all, it spent a substantial amount of money and attracted all of the most popular streamers, the show had also been greatly anticipated by many people even before it was released.
Plus, the ratings were extremely high.

As the field manager led the group of guests to the villa he turned to face the three teachers and opened his mouth to ask, “By the way, you’re not fans of the guests, are you?”

The three of them shook their heads. 

It was more difficult to include fans in the show because they could disrupt the flow of the program. 

“Alright then, come and open the door.”

Since Cheng Qing had a pleasant demeanor, the others allowed her to knock on the door.
Cheng Qing thanked him before knocking and waiting at the doorway.

Cheng Qing’s appearance was filled with gentleness, her exquisite facial features and almond-shaped eyes seemed to exude a tender perception at all times.

She was dressed in a white hoodie and black shorts today feeling a little sore as she stood by for the door to open.
Along with the anger from when she first read the novel, she quickly became impatient while waiting.

Since Cheng Qing arrived in this world, she couldn’t help but wonder how Luo Xi could become a person despised by everyone in the entertainment industry to the point of becoming an outcast.

This conclusion, she believes, is not worth a stunning young lady like Luo Xi.

Cheng Qing first noticed Luo Xi’s beauty when she watched her on the variety show.
According to the book, Luo Xi, to a greater extent, was way more attractive than everyone else.

She had long naturally curly hair and jade-like facial features.
Except for her inability to work well with everyone, Luo Xi was not a bad person.

Cheng Qing sighed because she knew how miserable Luo Xi’s life would become.
If she didn’t do something, she would continue to feel uneasy.
This led her to sign a contract with the variety show as a teacher that would appear for a few episodes.

After much deliberation, the door was finally opened from the inside. 

Cheng Qing had assumed that Ye Lingyun, the heroine, would open the door because of her good temperament but Cheng Qing was shocked by the person standing inside. 

It was Luo Xi.

Luo Xi had an irritated look on her face as if she was impatient.
Cheng Qing concluded that real-life beauty truly surpasses that of photographs.

She smiled and looked at Luo Xi with both eyes and said, “Nice to meet you, I’m Cheng Qing.” 

Luo Xi froze for a moment before nodding.

Cheng Qing didn’t mind her cold demeanor, she simply curled her almond-shaped eyes which seemed to exude a gentle warmth.
When Cheng Qing laughed it always gave people a warm and pleasant feeling.

Luo Xi thought Cheng Qing looked good when she smiled and her complexion slightly improved.

Soon after, the field manager led the newcomers into the hall where the male and female stars were already sitting.

The celebrities in the variety show were Qi Shenghui who just won the ratings this year, Feng Qiuyi a member of the top boy band, Ye Lingyun the heroine of this year’s popular online drama, Zhao Baibing the most popular actress, Lin Shandie a member of the women’s team who debuted in this year’s draft, and Luo Xi a top female streamer who has been trending for two years. 

There were also three online celebrity guests, all of whom appeared in the first issue. 

The living room had become crowded with all nine people sitting in one place.

Everyone turned to look at Cheng Qing and the group of people who had just arrived.
Because of the sudden attention, the two other teachers next to Cheng Qing became nervous.

Director Kong Mingyan smiled as he clapped his hands and said, “These three will appear in a few episodes as temporary guests, they all have different occupations and will be the teachers who will instruct you.
To earn points you must learn skills from them.”

Kong Mingyan turned his head to face Cheng Qing and the others, “Go ahead, introduce yourself!” 

Even though the teachers were amateurs, they were all hand-picked for the show.
The women were stunning and the men were handsome enough to be compared to the celebrities.

Cheng Qing and the other two people around her began to introduce themselves, 

“Hi everyone, my name is Cheng Qing.” 

“Good day, my name is Zhang Lingzhen.”

“Hello, my name is Zhou Yong.”

Except for their names, the introduction was straightforward.

Kong Mingyan cheekily smiled as he said, “I didn’t ask them to introduce their jobs because I want the nine of you to choose your teacher without knowing their occupation.
Set incorrectly and choose rashly~”

“Ah~” Several people whined, “Why is this happening? At least give us some hints?”

Kong Mingyan paused for a moment, then smiled again, “A hint, ah? Okay, you’ll play a small wrestling game with your instructors, and if you win, you will be able to ask for a hint about their career.”

“Ah~” a group of people wailed once more. 

Only then did Kong Mingyan turn to face the three newcomers before asking, “Can you guys participate?”

Cheng Qing and Zhou Yong nodded at the question but Zhang Lingzhen slowly closed her eyes and reluctantly said, “…I can.”

The game’s rules were straightforward, just push your opponent out of the circle.
The person who pushes the opposing person out first wins.

“I’ll go first,” Zhang Lingzhen conceded. 

Because of Zhang Lingzhen’s initial attitude toward the game, she was quickly overwhelmed and eliminated by the other male opponent, the star team jumped up and down happily cheering. 

Cheng Qing sat across from Zhang Lingzhen as she returned, watching as no one interacted with Luo Xi much.

Cheng Qing began to consider the plot and remembered that this was the point at which Luo Xi began to be disliked.

The representative of the star team asked their first question, “Is your career common?”

“Mine is very common,” Zhang Lingzhen bowed her head.

Zhou Yong paused for a moment, “It’s somewhat common?”

“Mine is not very common,” Cheng Qing smiled.

Zhou Yong went up in the second round with the opposing side also sending out a male.
But similar to Zhou Yong’s confidence at the start, it took almost no effort to beat the opponent.

The star team bowed their heads in defeat in an instant.
The qualification for the second question was no longer present.

Finally, it was Cheng Qing’s turn; because she was the only chance left, the opposing side gathered in a small huddle.

Cheng Qing’s face had a gentle expression that seemed to express, ‘No matter what, I’ll laugh’ without having to say anything.

They began to believe that Cheng Qing would be simple to deal with.
Feng Qiuyi decided and proudly said, “I’ll go!” 

But just as he was about to stand up Luo Xi grabbed him and refuted, “The female guest in the first scene was up against a male, but this time the female guest is up against another male?”

“Then you go!” Feng Qiuyi frowned.

“I’ll go when I want to go.”

This caused a brief moment of silence before Luo Xi walked up to the circle.

She had appeared in a costume drama and learned a few martial arts moves so she should be fine.
Today, Luo Xi wore a lace shirt and a black gauze skirt with star-shaped sequins shining brightly.

Cheng Qing was surprised when she saw that it was Luo Xi who stepped into the circle.

Luo Xi had never been involved in this part of the plot! Cheng Qing stopped smiling when she developed a headache from thinking too hard about the storyline.

Luo Xi’s face turned cold when she noticed that Cheng Qing stopped smiling. 

After Kong Mingyan started the match, Luo Xi took advantage of absentminded Cheng Qing and rushed to her position.
Luo Xi stretched out her hand to push Cheng Qing’s shoulder.

She immediately saw this coming and instinctively dodged to the side but Luo Xi couldn’t control the speed of her push and was about to jump out of the circle.

Cheng Qing quickly realized this so she stretched her arm and wrapped it around Luo Xi’s waist, gently pulling her back inside.

Cheng Qing looked down at the hand around Luo Xi’s waist in amazement, her waist was so thin and soft!

Luo Xi covered the spot where Cheng Qing had touched and looked at her puzzledly. 

Cheng Qing could only smile amiably, “I’m sorry, it was a reflex-“

“No, It’s alright.” Luo Xi cut her off.

After she finished speaking Luo Xi made another grabbing gesture and rushed over. 

Cheng Qing couldn’t help but chuckle as she avoided her, “Be careful of falling again~”

“I won’t!” Luo Xi’s face blushed.

Her face had extremely fair skin so the blushing on her face was especially noticeable, her cheeks appeared to be powdered with a slight flush making her look very attractive.
After Luo Xi regained her stance, she dashed to launch her attack.

This time, Cheng Qing couldn’t hide from her attempts and had to dodge each one but Luo Xi couldn’t catch Cheng Qing no matter what.

The two circled a few times with Luo Xi becoming irritated after every failed attempt to catch Cheng Qing.
She began to feel even more anxious as the end of her eyes slightly flushed. 

For a brief moment, Cheng Qing was stunned.
Luo Xi took advantage of her diverted attention and moved forward.

Cheng Qing quickly recovered her composure and took a step back.
In doing so her feet lightly bumped into a solid object prompting Cheng Qing to turn her head.
As she looked back she was able to glimpse at a coffee table behind her. 

Luo Xi would definitely collide with the table if she avoided this silly girl.

Cheng Qing sighed, “Oh well~ I came here to make her happy.”

As a result, Luo Xi ‘successfully’ pushed Cheng Qing onto the coffee table, the impact causing her back to hit the table’s edge.

Cheng Qing stifled a grunt as she endured the pain. 

However, when pushing Cheng Qing down, Luo Xi could not keep her balance and leaped forward.
Cheng Qing noticed that Luo Xi hadn’t stopped her momentum and reached out to catch her.
It wasn’t until Luo Xi fell into Cheng Qing’s arms that she realized how soft Luo Xi was. 

The two hugged each other as the room fell deathly silent.

Only Luo Xi lifted her head from Cheng Qing’s embrace and blushed, “Did I win?”

The cold and arrogant demeanor that Luo Xi had displayed from the start vanished at this point. 

Cheng Qing smiled down at her thinking that the fall was worth it, giggling, she said, “Yes, I lost.”

The sunshine came in through the windows that day casting a soft halo around the two of them.

But unbeknownst to either of them, this moment was being broadcasted live.

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