After Cheng Qing’s sweet talk, Luo Xi’s heart was beating faster than usual, and she couldn’t help but feel a little flustered. 

To compose herself, Luo Xi excused herself and went for a short walk, letting the cool breeze calm her nerves.
When she returned, she had a bright smile on her face, and her mood had lifted considerably.

When everyone was gathered together, Cheng Qing instructed them to change into their fencing clothes.
Since the program was able to invite so many big stars, they were willing to buy a few sets of fencing uniforms as well. 

The three celebrities hurriedly changed into their fencing clothes, and their faces were filled with excitement as they joyfully twirled their swords around. 

Cheng Qing’s eyes softened at their enthusiasm, and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of warmth in her heart.
However, she knew they needed to focus on the task at hand, so she coughed to regain their attention. 

The students quickly stopped their playful movements, sitting down on the grass and gazing at Cheng Qing with eager anticipation.

Cheng Qing hadn’t expected everyone to be so compliant and raised a satisfied eyebrow, she developed a good impression of the other stars of the crew. 

Cheng Qing started to instruct her students on the importance of wearing proper fencing attire, “During practice, you must always wear this uniform to ensure your safety.
Fencing can be a dangerous sport, but don’t worry too much since this is only practice.”

As they put on their masks and equipment, the weight of the uniform was noticeable to everyone.

“Don’t be alarmed if the uniforms feel heavy, they are designed to protect you.
The clothing is made from durable cotton and nylon fabrics that can withstand the impact of a fencing blade.”

Liu Suoyu raised his hand, “But last time in the fencing gym, that npc injured Luo Xi.”

Cheng Qing’s expression shifted as memories of the past resurfaced, causing her to put on a forced smile, “Well, injuring someone like that takes a certain level of skill, don’t you think?” she replied, her tone tinged with a hint of sarcasm.

Liu Suoyu nodded his head.

As Cheng Qing continued to explain the rules of fencing, Luo Xi’s attention began to drift, and she found herself staring at the intricate design of her sword’s hilt instead.

Cheng Qing noticed that Luo Xi’s gaze had drifted away from her, with a sigh, Cheng Qing shook her head and stepped closer to Luo Xi, who was lost in thought. 

Without warning, Cheng Qing raised her shiny sword and held it in front of Luo Xi’s face to recapture her attention. 

Luo Xi was taken aback and felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment.
She looked up at Cheng Qing, who had a stern expression on her face, and could only offer a flattering smile in an attempt to make up for her mistake.

Cheng Qing lowered the sword in her hand, softening her expression as she said, “Listen carefully, I will only say these words once.” 

Luo Xi nodded and sat up straight with her gaze fixed on Cheng Qing’s face.

Cheng Qing’s lips curved into a slight smile and continued her explanation, “The sword measures 105 centimeters in total length, with an 88-centimeter blade,” she said, her tone measured and precise, “It also weighs 500 grams and the blade has a triangular cross-section.”

As Liu Suoyu and the others peered at the blade, they nodded in agreement with Cheng Qing’s explanation. 

Holding the sabre in her hand, Cheng Qing gently patted Liu Suoyu on the side of the arm before reminding her students, “Notice the curvature of the blade’s head, from the tip of the sword to the base of the head, it has a round shape.”

Liu Suoyu: “…”

“However, the difference between a sabre and other fencing weapons is that it can stab as well as cut.
From the waist up, except for the head, everything can be hit and all strikes are considered effective.
I think I also told you about this last time.”

Everyone nodded and Cheng Qing asked them to stand up, “Now, let me show you how to practice.” 

She demonstrated a couple of sword gestures, gathering amazement and applause from her students.
As a professional fencer, Cheng Qing’s effortless moves were enough to impress many people.

When Cheng Qing would fence, her natural warmth and friendliness were a stark contrast to the cool and confident demeanor she showed when fencing. 

Her athletic grace, honed by years of dedicated training, was evident in every precise movement as she effortlessly parried and thrust with her sword. 

Her piercing gaze, unwavering and intense, drew the attention of her students who watched her, however, she had failed to notice that her students were so captivated by her looking cool that they missed her instructions on how to draw the sword.

“Fencing requires high-speed motions, so there will naturally be inertia behind your movement.
It takes a lot of strength and skill to control the sword well, Luo Xi should have felt this when she played against Zhou Minli, right?”

Luo Xi remembered the incident and snapped out of her daze from watching Cheng Qing’s fencing, “NPCs are bullies, and Zhou Minli is a pro.
I hadn’t practiced enough back then, so I couldn’t control the sword well.
It was expected that she would win.”

Cheng Qing’s lips twitched when she heard them refer to Zhou Minli as an NPC.
Curious, she asked, “Why do you keep calling her that name?” 

Luo Xi was still irritated at Zhou Minli for bullying her and replied, “The director’s team only invited her to execute the script, so isn’t she just an NPC?”

Liu Suoyu also nodded his head in agreement.

“Then, am I also just an NPC?” Cheng Qing’s head drooped down slightly, and after a momentary silence, she managed a feeble smile and added, “Am I at least NPC number one?”

The three students were all stunned, but Luo Xi was especially anxious and quickly interjected, “No, you’re different!”

Cheng Qing tilted her head to look at her, her black hair glistening in the light as her gentle eyes became serious, “How am I different then?”

Luo Xi choked, “Because, because…” she became too anxious and her head short-circuited, she didn’t know how to answer.

Cheng Qing looked at her with a soft smile but the darkness in her eyes could not be hidden as she waited for Luo Xi’s answer.

Cheng Qing noticed Luo Xi’s anxiety and inability to express herself and let out a sigh. 

She gently tapped Luo Xi’s head with the tip of her sword and said, “I’m just kidding,” Cheng Qing smiled and continued, “We’ve spent the last few days together, and I believe I hold a special place in your hearts, right Luo Xi?”

Luo Xi hurriedly nodded her head and Liu Suoyu twitched the corners of his mouth to change the subject, “…Teacher, do you still teach swordsmanship?”

Cheng Qing grinned and said, “Teaching is supposed to involve a lot of physical training, but you are just making gestures among yourselves, so you don’t need to do swordsmanship exercises yet.”

The students were taken aback for a moment and didn’t understand why they didn’t do the swordsmanship exercises?

Cheng Qing saw their puzzled expressions and explained, “Fencing consumes a lot of physical strength, that’s why you have to do various training from an early age.
Many people are good at fencing but if they don’t have enough stamina to finish a match, they lose.
The three of you…will probably be very tired when we finish.” They’re all beginners so they wouldn’t have this concern.

Liu Suoyu’s mouth twitched as he remained unconvinced, “But as a man, I should have more physical strength.”

Cheng Qing paused to think for a moment and said, “Mm…alright then, I’ll practice with you while Luo Xi and Lin Shadie will practice together.”

Liu Suoyu’s face turned pale as he thought about practicing with Cheng Qing.
He couldn’t help but want to slap himself for even thinking about practicing with her.
How could he possibly keep up with her level of skill? The thought of it was enough to send shivers down his spine.

Luo Xi perked up and eagerly raised her hand when she heard the practice arrangement, “Teacher, please practice with me!” she exclaimed, hoping to be with Cheng Qing instead.

Cheng Qing looked at her suspiciously but Luo Xi was not ashamed to say, “My skills are poor so I need good guidance.”

Liu Suoyu: “…”

Lin Shandie also raised her hand and said, “…My skills are also pretty bad.”

Luo Xi heard this and turned her head to look at Lin Shandie, her eyes appearing to say: Are you a rival in love? Draw your sword! 

But Cheng Qing didn’t seem to mind and said, “That’s fine too.
First, I’ll teach you how to draw a sword, so make sure you pay close attention.”

With a smile, Luo Xi eagerly jumped towards Cheng Qing, her enthusiasm visible as she readied her sword.
She couldn’t wait to show off the skills she had learned during her match with Zhou Minli. 

Cheng Qing carefully watched as Luo Xi assumed her stance and began to draw her sword, but it quickly turned into a stunned silence. 

Shaking her head, Cheng Qing stepped forward and took Luo Xi’s hand, gently guiding her, “Luo Xi, this isn’t quite right,” she said softly, “Let me help you.”

Cheng Qing’s calloused palms were a result of her years of fencing practice, a stark contrast to Luo Xi’s weak, boneless hand with fingers like onion roots.[1]

When Cheng Qing took Luo Xi’s hand, she couldn’t help but feel a tickling sensation that made her giggle.
Cheng Qing glanced at her, thinking that Luo Xi was having fun, and slightly smiled.

Cheng Qing grasped her hands firmly, taking control of the sword and holding it steady, “If you don’t stabilize yourself,” she explained, “the sword tip will swing.” 

She leaned closer to Luo Xi and placed a hand on her torso to help steady her stance.
“When your stance is firm, you need to aim at your opponent, like this,” Cheng Qing continued, demonstrating the proper form.

When Cheng Qing spoke into Luo Xi’s ear, her voice was soothing and gentle, lacking any hint of aggression or impatience. 

It was as if a gentle spring breeze was flowing through Luo Xi’s ears, putting her at ease. 

As Cheng Qing continued to speak, Luo Xi became so relaxed that she found herself getting lost in the sound of her voice and forgot to pay attention to the instructions being given.

“You got it?” Cheng Qing asked.

Luo Xi nodded her head vigorously, “Mhm!”

“Alright, let’s try again,” Cheng Qing said as she released Luo Xi’s hand, giving her a chance to put into practice what she had just been taught. 

However, despite Cheng Qing’s clear instructions, Luo Xi was so captivated by the soothing sound of her voice that she had failed to comprehend the lesson. 

As she attempted to carry out the instructions, her stance resembled that of a newborn giraffe taking its first steps.[2]

Cheng Qing sighed and thought to herself, ‘I said all of that in vain just now, didn’t I?’

Luo Xi looked at Cheng Qing, her curly hair swaying in the breeze, and gave her a cute and flattering smile, “Teacher, hard work can make up for weakness!”

Cheng Qing couldn’t help but sigh as she gazed at Luo Xi with deep fondness, a small smile playing at the corners of her lips.

[1] What onion roots look like:

[2] What Luo Xi looks like rn:

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