When Luo Xi returned to the room, she pulled Cheng Qing’s hand away and said, “What are you doing! You should be more reserved and let me tell the director what happened!”

This type of joke was common among girls so Cheng Qing didn’t take it seriously and patted her on the head, “There are some things that don’t need to be said, when it’s aired, others will naturally know.”

Luo Xi pouted, “But I have a good reason for this matter, why can’t I say it?”

Cheng Qing had been exhausted all day since she hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep the night before.
After hearing Luo Xi’s words Cheng Qing reminded her. 

“Ye Lingyun was not unreasonable about this issue, in fact, you were more unreasonable in these past few episodes, but how was the effect of the broadcast? You’ve been scolded a lot haven’t you?

Cheng Qing smiled softly at her, but Luo Xi couldn’t argue with facts and turned her head to one side bitterly.

In the face of Luo Xi’s grief, Cheng Qing felt a pang in her heart and tried to comfort her, “Sometimes it is not always possible to gain support for a good cause, it is best to take a step back instead.”

Cheng Qing leaned forward and brought her hand up to push a stray hair out of Luo Xi’s face, “I’m going to take a shower first, you should relax a bit,” She then loosened her raven black hair and smoothed it back with her hands.

Luo Xi sat on the edge of the bed and waved her hands, “Go ahead.”

Hearing that Luo Xi’s tone didn’t sound angry Cheng Qing was surprised, “Aren’t you angry?”

Luo Xi narrowed her eyes, “You don’t want to wash?”

“Ah, I’ll wash I’ll wash!!” Cheng Qing dashed into the bathroom, fearing that Luo Xi would become angry again.

Luo Xi fell on the bed and stared at the ceiling after Cheng Qing entered the bathroom.
In fact, what she had said to her was true. 

Luo Xi was normally an overbearing person, but she wasn’t unreasonable; she may lose her temper frequently but there was a reason behind her actions.

However, with the deliberate program editing, the reason why she lost her temper would be intentionally subtracted or blurred out while they focused on the part where she complained.

Even if you are justified, the Internet will always scold you.

Luo Xi knew this but she couldn’t bother to complain, and over time, even the people in the program group found themselves difficult to get along with.

Suddenly, there was the sound of water splashing in the shower.
Luo Xi didn’t know why, but hearing the sound made her feel at ease, and after a few minutes, her eyelids gradually became heavy as she began nodding her head.

But before Luo Xi could sleep, she saw someone wrapped in a bath towel walking to her side. 

Luo Xi couldn’t acknowledge the person because her eyes were quickly glued shut as she peacefully fell asleep.
However, just as she was about to doze off, she noticed the person sitting on the side smiling at her.

Cheng Qing gazed at Luo Xi who was peacefully sleeping and her smile softened a bit.

She took the white shirt off the rack and changed into a pair of black shorts before walking to the bed and squatted down in front of Luo Xi.

Luo Xi’s sleeping behavior was different from when she was awake as her character became extremely well-behaved.

Just like a sleeping angel, people couldn’t help but take their eyes off it.

Cheng Qing stretched out her hand to tuck back a strand of Luo Xi’s hair behind her ear and softly whispered, “Sure enough, it’s different from what I saw in the book, everything is just for the heroine.”

Cheng Qing sighed and covered Luo Xi’s body with the quilt.

When she finished making sure that Luo Xi was comfortable, she went downstairs to get a cup of water.

Cheng Qing reached the last step of the stairs when she noticed director Kong Mingyan and several celebrities huddled around a screen intently watching a video.

She sauntered over curiously and asked, “What are you guys watching?”

A group of people made a startled noise while Kong Mingyan quickly turned off the computer with a snap of his wrist, “Oh! We were just watching what happened on the racetrack today…”

Cheng Qing didn’t doubt him and said, “Luo Xi has fallen asleep already so if there are any other tasks I can help her!”

The big stars were surprised and thought, ‘Where can an amateur assist a celebrity on their mission? What guts you must have when you need to scold someone who has a nasty temper!’

But Kong Mingyan didn’t think there was a problem with this at all and smiled, “It’s not busy so it should be fine.” He then waved his arms to the people crowded around the screen, “What are you all doing? Everyone go rest!”

Feng Qiuyi and the others looked at him suspiciously, had there ever been such a good thing to come out of his mouth?

Kong Mingyan knew he’d start losing hair from stress.
The group of people were actually watching the scene in the locker room instead of whatever happened on the racetrack.

If Cheng Qing saw what they were watching on the screen, they would be caught on the spot.
Even if Kong Mingyan was the director he could still get flustered!

Much to the director’s relief, Cheng Qing just nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll rest too.” She was already tired from the little sleep she had last night so she walked back upstairs while yawning.

As soon as Cheng Qing left, Kong Mingyan faced his assistant to say, “This is amazing! It had only been two days of live broadcast but the cp fans have already broken 100,000 members! I should put this video out again…”

The assistant was also speechless, at first she thought Cheng Qing was just flattering Luo Xi, but upon closer inspection, she felt that Luo Xi became very cooperative with Cheng Qing. 

Since the current situation with the rise of the cp could not be stopped, it propelled Cheng Qing into the entertainment circle with one foot.

“The chemistry between the two is really good.
Their combination is already the favorite of the entertainment industry.”

Kong Mingyan laughed, “I’m afraid this will be a huge CP group, but I’m looking forward to it.”


When Luo Xi woke up from her sleep she saw that Cheng Qing was still sleeping.
Luo Xi stared at her beautiful lips and porcelain-like skin but noticed that Cheng Qing’s sleeping look and her appearance when awake were very different. 

When Cheng Qing was asleep, her demeanor became so distant that Luo Xi felt as if she would leave at any time.

Luo Xi scooted closer to her face, looked at her soft eyelashes, and muttered with amazement, “They’re so long! It seems longer than mine?”

She brought her hand up and delicately stroked Cheng Qing’s eyelashes with great fascination.

However, Luo Xi saw Cheng Qing’s eyelids tremble and quickly withdrew her hand as if she hadn’t done anything.

Cheng Qing felt a faint tremor on her face and woke up with teary eyes.
She tried to yawn, but a tear streamed down her cheeks instead.

Thinking it to be a little odd she wiped the tear off her face, sat up, and saw Luo Xi who was staring at her.

“You’re awake?” Cheng Qing had been sleeping deeply and just woke up so her voice was seductively hoarse.

Luo Xi looked calm as if she didn’t just play with Cheng Qing’s eyelashes and said, “Ah, It’s time to wake up.”

Cheng Qing shifted her gaze out the window and saw the setting sun dye the room red.
It was indeed getting late.

Before going downstairs for dinner, the two cleaned up a little.
Since Luo Xi had gotten hurt from the fencing match, Kong Mingyan considered her injury and ordered food to be delivered from outside. 

After the delicious meal, the winners and rewards were announced in the living room.

Among the three people who followed Zhang Lingling, Ye Lingyun managed to make a decent cake, and as a result, Zhang Lingling’s group and Ye Lingyun got a reward of 3,000 yuan.

In Zhou Yong’s group, Lin Zichen drove far beyond the goal of the task and won first place, so it was also recognized and received a reward of 3,000 yuan.

As for Cheng Qing’s group, the directors could only say, “You were supposed to hit the enemy but you didn’t even touch them, so no one has completed the mission…”

Liu Suoyu chuckled, “Why don’t you try it then.”

Before he met the opponent he thought it would be a simple task, but after experiencing it for himself he realized, ‘How the hell was it possible to come across this?’

It’s no wonder that in the match between Luo Xi and Zhou Minli yesterday if Cheng Qing hadn’t been there to quell the hot water, Luo Xi would never have won.

(TN: Hot water means trouble or a problem)

After experiencing the speed of a sabre player, Liu Suoyu just wanted to say that the water released by Cheng Qing was the size of the Pacific Ocean!

Kong Mingyan coughed, “That’s not the point.
Since none of you have achieved your goal, I’ll give the 3,000 yuan to your teacher instead.”

The living room was quiet for a moment, Cheng Qing was slightly surprised as she looked at the director.

So you’ll get paid whether you succeed or not? Then what’s the point of trying?

Kong Mingyan stiffly smiled, “Tomorrow! I want everyone to go shopping since the vegetables and fruits have all been eaten.”

Holding the three thousand yuan in her hand, Cheng Qing realized that the money would be given away no matter what the outcome was.

The program just hadn’t expected that there would be a problem with the fencing opponent so the money would be given to her instead.

In fact, the novel mentioned that three amateurs joined, but neither the audience in the novel nor the readers have much interest in amateurs.

The three amateurs were regarded as invisible as they appeared suddenly and left suddenly.

When the announcements were all finished, Cheng Qing led Luo Xi upstairs to their room, “Shall we go buy something delicious to eat tomorrow?” 

Whoever owns the money is the boss! Luo Xi lowered her head and asked, “Qingqing is there anything you want to buy?”

Cheng Qing continued to walk and casually said, “We can buy some fruit! I don’t think there are many in the living room.”

Luo Xi nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes, we should buy that!”

But after a moment of walking Cheng Qing suddenly stopped.
Luo Xi wasn’t paying attention and bumped into her back with an ‘ouch’.

Luo Xi rubbed her nose to calm the discomfort and asked, “Why’d you suddenly stop moving?”

Cheng Qing turned to face her and hooked the corners of her lips, “What do you want Luo Xi?”

Luo Xi was surprised, “What?”

Cheng Qing looked at Luo Xi with eyes that seemed to shine with a gleam, “I said, what do you want me to buy for you tomorrow?”

Luo Xi was short of breath and immediately grabbed a strand of her hair showing it to Cheng Qing pitifully.

“Look at my hair, it’s been a long time since I did any maintenance.
The manager is really too ruthless, signing this contract is like selling yourself.
If I don’t give money, I won’t give money.
If my hair is not maintained, it will be frizzy, frizzy!!!”

Cheng Qing glanced at her hair and giggled, “It looks fine to me.” As she spoke, she softly held Luo Xi’s hair, it looked fluffy but it felt very smooth in her hands.

Luo Xi was a child of a wealthy family so she always valued her appearance.
Her long hair has always been taken care of carefully and in the morning when Cheng Qing went downstairs to make breakfast, she would do her hair upstairs.

Cheng Qing suddenly thought about the dozens of hair care products on Luo Xi’s vanity, what about the products all over your table? There were so many bottles and jars on her desk that Cheng Qing would feel a headache just from looking at them.

Even though Luo Xi said that her hair was frizzy, Cheng Qing could only feel that her hair was soft and comfortable when touched.

Seeing Cheng Qing touch her hair so carefully Luo Xi blushed a bright red.

Obviously, she couldn’t feel a thing, but it was as if Cheng Qing was touching her skin.

Luo Xi pulled her hair back from Cheng Qing’s hand, looked at her, and emphasized, “We are roommates.” 

Cheng Qing did not waver but leaned forward and lightly booped Luo Xi’s nose with a smile, “I’m your teacher and I have three students, so we have to be fair and just.”

Luo Xi slightly creased her soft eyebrows and felt irritated for some reason after she heard Cheng Qing say this.

She quickly sped away to the room herself while angrily stomping along the way.

Cheng Qing slightly smiled as she stared at the angry Luo Xi walking away.
Instead of being offended, she thought that Luo Xi looked like an upset kitten.

Later during the night, Luo Xi decided to pull Cheng Qing’s quilt away leaving her to fend off the cold without a blanket.

Cheng Qing was not offended and allowed her to cause trouble since she knew Luo Xi would soon fall asleep and turn back into a well-behaved kitten.

Cheng Qing waited until Luo Xi’s breathing became consistent and gently rolled Luo Xi up in the quilt as she hugged her to sleep, otherwise, she would suffer from insomnia again tonight.

The next day, Cheng Qing woke up to Luo Xi’s shocked cry from being wrapped in a prison of blankets, at this point, Cheng Qing was almost used to the same morning routine.


When buying things, you can not just buy whatever you want, there must be a budget.

The live broadcast room was opened again, however, the difference between today and the past was like night and day.

There was a large number of viewers flooding in the moment the broadcast started.

Kong Mingyan could tell at a glance that this was the cp fans of the legendary [Promise Eternal] cp super talk.

Last night, he just couldn’t help himself with the eye-catching scene and had fun editing it, this was probably why everyone was very active today.

Kong Mingyan simply asked the live broadcast to switch to Cheng Qing’s team more.

At this time, after eating the breakfast prepared by Ye Lingyun, a group of people took the task list in their hands and prepared to set off in the nanny cars.

But unlike before, the location of the venue was reserved in advance.
The program team had taken care of the problems and made preparations without causing any disturbance.

All of today’s actions would be done by the people who held the 3,000 yuan which they would choose by themselves.

In the end, you just needed to buy the things on the task list!

When Cheng Qing sat in the car, she started looking at the items on the list given to her.
Her task was relatively challenging since she needed to buy seafood and pork.
The price of pork wouldn’t be too much, but the seafood in this place was very expensive.

It was also a bit stressful to buy all these products for only 3,000 yuan!

Luo Xi licked her dry lips feeling fortunate in her heart.
It was a good thing she didn’t do her hair, otherwise, there might not be much money left.

Cheng Qing read the paper list and tilted her head to ask the assistant director in front of her, “Is there any punishment for not buying all of the items?”

The assistant director was the same person as yesterday and after listening to Cheng Qing’s words she shook her head, “No, there is no such thing?”

The assistant director also smiled at Cheng Qing thinking that this teacher was very polite.

But before the assistant director could say what was on her mind, she heard Cheng Qing ask the three students with a bright smile, “Alright then, who wants to get a haircut?”

Assistant director: “……”

Luo Xi: “(?≧?≦)?”

Lin Shandie: “(?≧?≦)?” 

Liu Suoyu: “(?≧?≦)?” 

The three celebrities who worked in the entertainment industry and paid great attention to their appearance all raised their hands obediently.

Me, me, me, look at me!!!

Cheng Qing chuckled heartily and said, “Then let’s all go!”

The three celebrities cheered like children as they looked at Cheng Qing happily, “Thank you teacher!!!”

Cheng Qing laughed and looked at her watch, “Time is running out though so we have to hurry.”

Luo Xi: “Okay~!”

Lin Shandie: “Okay~!”

Liu Suoyu: “Okay~!”

Luo Xi didn’t expect that she would be able to treat her hair again and became very excited.
It was until she remembered their conversation of how her hair had not been treated in a long time.

Did Qingqing do this for me?

Luo Xi turned her head to look at Cheng Qing and found that she was also looking at her.

Her eyes became crescents as she showed a brilliant smile.

Cheng Qing thought it was cute and felt very relieved at the same time.
The corner of her lips curled with satisfaction as she winked at Luo Xi.

Luo Xi was elated, maybe this is what Cheng Qing meant by being fair and just, regardless she felt very happy.

For Qingqing, I must be the most special one!!!

Luo Xi clenched her fist as she was wildly convinced by the idea.

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