Mayari The Mythical Tribrid

Chapter 3 : The Alpha\'s Son, Bathala

The Mandaya pack was a tribe known for their strength and wits. They were brave. Strong-minded. Warriors. They were the most dominant in the South continent. Feared by their overhwelming strength, they lived above others. But being on a pedestal was a double-edge sword that kept the Mandaya pack from moving forward.

They were convinced that so long as their lineage continued, so shall their title as the strongest pack. Hence, they became heartless. With a corrupted belief, the Mandaya pack considered everyone their enemy, including their own.

After the Tribrids execution, the Mandaya pack continued to live the way they did before the incident. They maintained their standing and reputation, by using the horrible judgement they bestowned upon the Siagu family as an example that no creature can ever surpass them. The Alpha, Alon, and his wolves on that era disseminated their legacy.

But as time went by, even after they refused it, change eventually came penetrating their fixed and oversimplified credence.

Seasons changed. Alons generation had ended. The story of the Tribrid that once lived became a folklore that passed down from time to time to scare the children.

And in such a way, Mayari had failed to be reincarnated in time to avenge herself and her family just like she promised. The horde of wolves she abhorred died of old age. The time fulfilled its purpose. But Hecate never turned her back to any of her witches plea.

Two thousand years later, a high ranked married couple was blessed with a child on their seventh year. A girl whose eyes were blue. Hair as gorgeous as that of a Princess. Skin as white as the snow in the winter. The girl was named Hanan.

The word spreaded about the young girl from the Urduja family. A miracle baby who suddenly sprouted inside the infertile wolfs womb. Rumor had it that she was Marikits blessing. Not knowing she was a promised life from a distant past.

It was Hecates gift to Mayari.

After hearing her plea, Hecate accepted Mayaris bargain. But she was not willing to be a tool for a Tribrids revenge. Thus, she reincarnated Mayari at a time where the wolves she hated were long gone. And to make sure she will not back out from their contract, Hecate also reincarnated her parents, as a leverage.

But it was not only for her entertainment, but to also provoke Marikit, who deeply loved the wolves she created.

Now, Mayari, who was reincarnated as Hanan. Had a mission to fulfill in exchanging of her granted wish to be reborn. To slaughter the Mandaya pack, whether or not they were part of Mayaris hatred. It was her purpose on her new life. But thatll be after she regained her memory.

Years later, Hanan lived as the only daughter of the Urduja family. But though she shared the same blood as her present lifes mother and father, her identity remained the same. A tribrid.

Hanan turned out to be a fine lady. With her up turned eyes, button nose, and downturned lips, suitors from other high-ranked family will lined up to give her their letters and offerings. She would often receive presents and invitation from different clan. She was renowned. More so after she joined the Warriors Assembly and earned the other nobles recognition and appreciation.

She became the Mandayas warrior. A woman who had the qualities some female wolves would die to have. Her second life became perfect…. but not for long.

”Hanan, if you accept the Alphas invitation, you will have to live in the Palace starting the effective date. ” Mayumis eyes reflected toned-down agitation while looking at her daughter, Hanan. ”Youll be away from us. ”

It had been two years since Hanan joined the Packs Warriors Assembly, one of the five groups that was established a year after the new Alpha was crowned as the new King of the Kingdom. It was a group responsible for every direct combat, war, and expedition of the Kingdom of the Southern Vale. For most of the nobles, it was a group far from their level. But that didn seem to be the case for Hanan.

”Mama, the Governor General is the highest position. If I am to accept the Alphas proffer, I would come closer to what I wanted to be. ” Hanans eyes gleamed with hope. ”This an opportunity that comes one in a million years, even for us, Nobles. ”

Two days ago, Hanan was summoned by the Council. The Alphas trusted advicers, who were known to be the ones approving every wolves application to their chosen group. They were the second most important figures in the Kingdom. To her surprise, she was given an offer.

”What is it that you want to achieve, Hanan? ” Mayumi asked, fearing her daughters life in the path she wanted to pave. ”You said you wanted to be a warrior, so I allowed you to join the Warriors Assembly. What more are you aiming for? ”


Though, Hanan was already a high-ranked wolf, she wanted a position in the Government that could help her attain power, not just in strength, but also in authority. She knew it was what she wanted, even before she joined the Warriors Assembly. Her heart ached for it.

Even as a kid, she was deeply interested with the structure of their Government. She was enticed with their civilization. Like an empty cup that she used to be, she wanted to be filled. Only she wanted to choose what essence to consumed.

Eventually, Hanan came of age. She grew, and acquired the capacity to understand more about the world she lived in. Her gorgeous hair grew longer. Her arms and limbs stretched. But Hanans interest for a placement did not waver. Rather, it became intense. Specific.

”Mama, Ill visit once in a while. ” Hanan discreetly avoided her mothers eyes, not answering her question. ”Ill contact you. We will still communicate. ”

”Hanan… ”

Mayumi sighed, tilting her head. Her heart had always pound for her daughters happiness, but what she wanted to happen was a different story.

Hanan had always been a determined girl. She knew what she wanted, and she will always prove herself worthy for it. It was how Hanan won her, and his husband, Lakandulas heart. It was how Hanan got them to said yes in her decision to join the Warriors Assembly. Now, she was on it again.

But how could she possibly refuse that pair of blue eyes that gave them hope when they have thought the Godess, Marikit had turned her back on them?

Mayumi, as one who did not really have the heart to fail her only daughter, slowly nodded accepting an utter defeat. She closed her eyes, before she pulled Hanan to a hug. It was a headache that her daughter had to be a hard headed smart girl who knew what she was doing. But though unwilling, Mayumi felt happy for supporting Hanan to her ambition.

”I will not fail you, Mama. ”

The same day, Hanan packed her things, and shared her one last meal with her parents, before she departed. The unforeseen occurrence in Hanans life proliferated even before its announcement. Her name spreaded across the Kingdom. That Hanan Urduja, the miracle child, who became a high-ranked in Warrior Assembly on her first year, was elected as the fourth Governor General of the Southern Vale.

The news received a lot of criticism. Hearsay and biased opinions engulfed every nook and cranny of the Kingdom.. But even then, the Alpha and the Council showed no remorse.

”I have set the schedule for your inauguration, Hanan. ” One of the Council, Sultan, spoke with precision and formality.

There were three of them. Sultan. Sumakwel, and Marikudo. The backbone of the Mandaya pack. The Kings advicer. The founder of the five groups that existed to maintain the peace, and status of the Kingdom.

They stood above the Governor General. Which was why Hanan had always wanted to meet them in person. The power they hold. Their standing. Their ability to provide for the better choices for the Kingdom. Hanan could not contain her admiration as she looked back to Sultan.

”Its my honor, Council. ” Hanan curled her right hand to a fist, before she put it in above her left side of her chest as a salutation. She bowed down her head a little, to further expressed her reverance. ”Would that be all? ”

”Why did you join the Warriors Assembly? ”

Hanans brows creased. It was another voice.

Hanan stood straight, before she put down her hand. She looked at Marikudo, beside Sultan, who was thoroughly skimming her with evident curiosity and dubiety. It was a straight forward question Hanan did not see coming.

Though, it wasn bad considering she wanted to interest them.

”I wanted power. ” A blunt answer for a blunt question. Hanan did not fear Marikudos reaction.

Rather, she wanted to know how he would take it.

Hanans answer was the most common, among her generation. Whilst there were still some who truly care about the country and its peace, the number of wolves who covet for power were extreme. But so as long as it would benefit the Kingdom, the Council turned a blind eye to something they deemed irrelevant.

Until they heard of Hanan.

”Where would you use the power for? You
e already a high ranked wolf. ” Marikudo threw another simple question. ”Or is there still something you want to achieve through a high position in this Government? ”

Hanan was a mysterious girl.

For the three Council, she was a double-edge sword. Hanan was exceptionally smart. She was strong. Her abilities and strength were nothing close to all the wolves that had joined before. She was beyond ordinary, that it was threatening.

Thus, after she was promoted to a high ranked Warrior in the Warrior Assembly, the Council watched her closely. They reserved her, to make sure she would not fall for the wrong path. Until the fourth General died from the last expedition.

One had to stepped up. And Hanans time had come. She was the perfect candidate, not to mention, they could keenly observe her if she were to stay in the Palace. It became a unanimous decision.

”I clearly– ”

Hanans words got hanged mid air when the door creaked. Her lips pursed, before she looked over her shoulder to see who it was that suddenly came in without permission.

”Forgive me for my sudden intrusion, Council. But my father asked me to summon you. ”

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