Mating A Human

04 | Augustus

y yelled at me. I looked into l eyes. My lips parted, trying to utter a word. I want to cry any moment from now. I didn know she would be mad for helping them.

”I-I was just trying to help, ” I stuttered.

”But that was Dwight, Riss! Im sure he won stop until he retaliates! ”

”Lucy, stop! She doesn know anything! ” Jadon rebuked. Lucy slowly came to her sense. She calmed down before she talked again.

”Im sorry. Im… just worried. Im sorry, Riss, ” Lucy apologized and hugged me.

”Lets talk when we
e home. The sun is about to set, ” Jadon stated. We both got in the car and drove back home.

A FEW MINUTES LATER, Jadon stopped the car in front of the building where I lived now. I sighed before getting out of the car. Lucy did the same.

”Riss, don forget to lock the windows and door after you hear the bell, and don leave during the night, ” Lucy reminded.

”Why? ” I asked. ”Whats behind the bell anyway? ”

”A few days ago, many people went missing every night. The Sheriff asked everyone to stay home after sunset until they resolved the case. Its dangerous now to go outside, ” she replied. ”I could not tell you yesterday because it was your first day here. I don want to scare you. ”

I swallowed before slowly nodding. ”I understand. ”

Lucy hugged me, and I bid them farewell. Lucy smiled and waved her hand when she got inside the car. Jadon just gave me a nod and a tiny smile before restarting the engine. Dwight left a hand mark on his neck. Jadon might have been killed by that guy if I hadn attacked him.

I watched them go until the car vanished from my view.

I held my chest for a couple of seconds later. My heart was pounding restlessly. Ive been thinking about that mans face since we left the basketball court. I seemed to want to remain there and continue staring at his frigid lilac eyes as he stared at me. It makes me want to get closer to him. I think hes three to four years older than me.

Augustus. That was his name.

I shrugged and walked toward our apartment. I could smell Sarahs mouth-watering cooking as soon as I walked in. I observed her prepare dinner from the kitchen.

”Hows Bran? ” I asked. She blankly looked at me before turning her gaze to what she was cooking.

”Hes sleeping. ”

I just nodded instead of responding. Im not sure how to get along with her. Does she even know how to smile?

I went to my room to see Bran. I sighed in relief when I saw him sleeping soundly in his crib. I approached him with a smile on my face. I caressed his cheek before sitting on the floor to watch him sleep.

He is all I have now. I will do everything to protect him from any harm.

I glanced at the door to my room as soon as I heard Sarah walking toward me.

”I prepared your dinner. Ill leave now. If you need anything, call me and stay at home. Don go outside when it gets dark. Do you understand? ”

Again, their warnings caused me to feel uneasy. Whats wrong with this town? Why do people go missing one after another?

It took me seconds before nodding. ”Yes. ”

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