Mating A Human

02 | Domnhar Town

r eyebrows furrowed before shaking her head.

”You look normal. ”

I smiled unconsciously. ”T-Thanks. ”

She laughed again, ”So friends? ”

”Friends. ”

Before I could shake her hand, we heard the weird sounds of the bell outside. She hurried to the windows and closed them.

”What are you doing? ” I asked her but she just glanced at me.

”Whats with that bell? ” I questioned again, bewildered. She grabbed Bran and led me into a room when she finally closed all windows and the door.

”Come here. I think this will be your room, ” she said as she placed Bran on the crib. I took a look around, the room almost looked like my old room. Everything is turquoise, which is my favorite color. Its a little smaller than my old room, but this is way better than sleeping on the side of the street. I have no right to complain just because we were financially stable before and living in an exclusive subdivision.

My father was working in a laboratory or something similar. Im not sure what he did for a living, but he always wore a lab coat, so I assumed he was a doctor when I was a kid. That, however, was not the case. I had already visited all of the hospitals and clinics in the nearest towns, but no one seemed to recognize him. It remains a mystery to me until now.

Bran and I are only half-siblings. My biological mother died before I could have any memories of her. Dad met Mom, Brans mother when I was six years old. She was kind to me and treated me as if I were her own. She was the best person I could ever have in my life. She always made me feel like I wasn alone and that she loved me.

I went back to reality when I was pushed into the bed. I heard Lucy giggle before she turned off the light and covered us with a blanket, leaving only our heads exposed. Only the light shade provides light all around.

”Do you really want to hear whats behind the story of that bell? ” She exhilaratingly asked. I nodded out of curiosity.

”That bell rings whenever the night falls, ” she whispered, adding some pressure inside the room.

”Why? ” I asked in return.

”No one knows why. It all started 200 years ago. The elders just instruct the people to lock every window and door when the sunset ends. It became part of the traditions and laws of this town. But do you know what creeps me the most? ”

I swallowed and carefully listen to her.

”Every single person who tried to solve the mystery behind this tradition and broke the law is nowhere to be found now. ”

My memories of that night resurfaced for some reason. I am filled with dread every time I recall those events. I could feel their presence or just my imagination at times. I couldn even feel safe every time the sunset ended.

For some reason, Id like to delve deeper into this conversation. I want to know the truth and prove that what happened that night was not a figment of my imagination and that there are other unknown creatures living on this planet besides humans.

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