The unfortunate thing about being a maid is that we have a lot of additional work to do when we are already done with our main work.

Yes, for example…

“Take this book to the library.”


Isley said that I should come to clean his room after lunch and also return the book he had brought to read.

Why did you bring so many books when you don’t even read them? How many books are there? One, two, three, four, five…

There were ten books in total and they were all terribly thick.
They were all encyclopedias! Also, isn’t this originally supposed to be done by the exclusive servant? I’m on cleaning duty – all I have to do is clean!

Ha, I can’t even resist because he’s my master.
As usual, even if I grumble that I don’t like it, I have no choice but to keep my mouth shut and do it, since I knew of his cruelty in the original story.

I glanced at Isley, who was lying on the bed and leisurely wiping a sword.
It’s two times as scary with a sword nearby.

You jerk, just wait till I change my job.
I had a strong urge to knock him off the bed, but of course, he’ll slice my throat if I did.

After I left the room and brought back a bag, I put all the books in there.

I don’t want to come back to this room, so I’m going to move all the books in one trip.

As I moaned at the weight, the exclusive servant who was standing still by the window looked at me with sad eyes.

Hey, if you’re going to sympathize, then help me instead, please.

Isley was still full of laughter.

“Good job~”

You jerk.
What if I was the noblewoman and you were the servant? I would annoy you so much that you would want to retire right away.

Just imagining that made me happy.
If I were noble, my sister would also be a noble, and I wouldn’t have to suffer bad things from those naughty bastards.

But how? I was already born as a commoner.
Oh, if only I had reincarnated into the only daughter of an emperor…

I went to the door, dragging the bag behind me.

At that moment, a whispering voice was heard.

“I’m bored.
Shall we go see the rabbit?”

This is the nickname that Isley calls my sister.
Whenever she was surprised, her eyes widened like a rabbit… Anyway, she was named for that reason.

Why would you go see my sister? This child! Don’t do that.

Without thinking, I raised my head and looked straight at Isley at that sentence.
Our eyes met.
Our eyes met so quickly that it felt as if Isley had been looking at me the whole time.

He entrusted the sword to the servant and lay down on his side like a relaxed lion.

“Shall I help you? I’ll think about it if you do ten push-ups.”

“…I’m okay.”

I really don’t want to spend time with you.

“Come on~ aren’t you rejecting me so fast? That’s not fun.”

It would be most helpful for Isley to quietly stay out of my sister’s life.

I pulled the bag with force until my face turned red.

Just as I finally got past the door, Isley got up from his bed and started following me.

Why are you following me? You’re making me uncomfortable- disappear!

“Uh, I may be mistaken, but… Why are you following me?”

“I want to see your suffering?”

He even had the nerve to ask if I can’t move around easily.

My body that was weighed down by the books trembled with pride.

Well, maybe this is better than going to see my sister.

If you’re going to follow me, then at least help… But he wouldn’t do that over his dead body.

He poked my shoulder.
He looked back and then poked my cheek.
I wanted to pat that smiling face of his with my fist.

On the way, we ran into Marie.
I wanted to ask for help, but when Isley threatened that something funny would happen to her if she did, she ran away.

Marie… Why did you leave me? No, I understand.
If I were you, I would have run away as soon as I saw Isley’s face.

Somehow, I felt like crying.

We soon arrived at the library.

This is the third time I have been to the library, but it is the first time I have visited it officially.
The first time was when I came to this mansion, and it was when I heard the explanation about the structure of the mansion as we passed by it.
The second time I mistakenly entered it from getting lost.

The bookshelves stretched high to the sky.
The library, which had more books than the mansion’s employees, was not a place that anyone could enter.
This is because it was full of expensive and rare books.

Unknowingly, I let out an exclamation of awe.
Of course, I’ve been to a library similar to this in my past life, but this was the first time I’d seen such a gorgeous and beautiful library.

Money is the best.
Oh, I want to be rich.
I smiled and looked around.

You mustn’t come in here.
Oh, Master, how are you?”

The librarian tried to kick me out, but when he saw Isley follow me, he backed away.
He looked down at me and tilted his head.

“What’s with the face? Is this your first time seeing a library?”

“Yes, this is my first time.
This is a real library, right? So pretty…”

Haha, I didn’t even know what I was talking about.
Calm down, me.

I closed my mouth and approached the librarian.
When I handed him the books in the bag, the librarian nodded and said that he would take them.

Is it time to go now? I felt a little sad.

It was then that Isley exhaled.

“Let’s play hide-and-seek.”


“Let’s play hide-and-seek in the library.
I’m bored~”

He really is a stupid human being. 

Isley put his arm around my neck and grinned.

I wanted to release that arm.
I really didn’t want to get involved with him, but how can a commoner reject the nobility?

“I’ll be it, so you go hide.”

And so, hide-and-seek started without my consent.
I took a deep breath and looked for a place to hide.
Let’s just hide and hope it’ll be over soon…

“If you get caught easily, I won’t leave you alone.”

A threatening voice mixed with laughter was heard.

Oh, god damn it.
Putting my sister to the side, you’re harassing me too! I felt like running away.

Isley leaned against the wall and began to count.
He said he’ll count to a hundred.

I frowned and looked around the room.
Then, I trudged through the place where many more books were.

Sunlight came in through the window, illuminating the surroundings.
As I moved away from Isley, I could no longer hear him counting.

The library was so quiet that it felt strange.

It’s a strange feeling as if you’ve entered another world.
Well, I was from a different world in my previous life, but this was on a different level.

As I was walking, I found a familiar face.
It was a face that shouldn’t be here.
To my surprise, my sister and Arthur, the duchy’s third master, were hugging each other.

The sunlight coming in from the other side felt like a halo.
A subtle air flowed between the two facing each other, like a scene from a romance novel.

Ugh, what is this…?!

Without realizing it, I screamed and dashed between the two of them.
Don’t! Don’t make any romance scenarios! At this point, you’re just a jerk pretending to be the male lead in your own romance novel, you bastard!

With my whole body, I lifted the hands of the two people who had been entangled together and I fell to the floor.
I rolled and banged my forehead against the wall and fell backward.
My skirt rose up in a semicircle before fluttering down with me.

I could feel some things strangely poking at my back.
I realized it was because there were books all over the floor and I fell on top of some.

The ceiling was all I could see.
I could also see the bookshelf and then the face of my sister looking down at me.

She covered her mouth in surprise.

“Lala? Are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere?”

I looked up at my sister without saying a word.
I had too many things to ask.

Why were you hugging each other? How far did you go? Did he capture your heart?

I couldn’t quite remember when the three masters fell in love with my sister in the story, nor when they first realized their feelings.

Arthur, who was sitting next to me, sighed and brushed away the parts on his body where I had touched.

His eyebrows were deeply furrowed to the point the ends were about to touch each other.

He frowned and looked down at me with an uncomfortable face.

His platinum blonde hair, which was close to silver, was reflected in the light, dazzling my eyes.

Red eyes filled with contempt.
That look in those eyes as if he was about to kill.

Suddenly, cold sweat began to flow down my back.
He probably felt dirty from me running into him.

But this guy who will ruin my sister’s life in the future is trying to film a romance scene with her, so of course I had no choice but to rush in! Let’s apologize first.

“I tripped and fell.
I’m sorry…”

“What are you…? Since when did the library become a gathering place for trivial things? Whose permission did you get to enter here?”

Look at him talking.
The nagging is no joke.
As for permission… Uh, where did I get it exactly?

The librarian tried to kick me out, and Isley suggested we played hide-and-seek, so I guess I got it unwittingly?

But before I could say anything, I heard a burst of cheerful laughter.

“Found you.
How stupidly fast was that?”

On the right, Isley appeared with his hand on the bookshelf.
His eyes scanned the three of us in turn.

“She came in with my permission.
We decided to play hide-and-seek in the library together.”

“Ha- in the library- hide-and-seek? You’re not a child.
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“Yeah, I’m not even embarrassed.”

Out of the blue, the two began fighting.
Thinking this was an opportunity, my sister ran up to me and lifted me up.

I hugged her tightly.
Why are you so skinny? My sister was already skinny, but she felt even thinner after coming to the mansion.
It has to be because of those bastards.

“By the way, why are all of you here? Did you have a party without me?”

“Get lost.”

Arthur spoke coldly.
Arthur didn’t like Isley, who was frivolous and didn’t act like an aristocrat.
Arthur, on the other hand, was very aristocratic, but he was very rude and acted like a jerk.

Arthur hated Isley, Isley liked to tease Arthur, and I just hated them both.

Go away.
Get lost, both of you.
Get out of my sister’s life.

Isley ignored him and approached Yuria.

I hugged my sister’s waist harder.
My sister opened her eyes round for a moment and looked down at me.

She looked so much like a rabbit, and I almost understood Isley’s words when he called my sister that way.

“Hello, Rabbit.
What are you doing here?”

“Hello, Master.
I came to find a book at the request of Master Osses.”

“Ah, brother? I don’t know what kind of fun he finds in reading.”

Isley shook his head.

Isley looked at her sister’s face and glanced at me, clinging to her waist.

Are you jealous of me who can do this naturally? Just because my sister likes me, they act a bit softer to me, but that’s even scarier.
This was the best way to keep in check.

“You- how ignorant.
You don’t even know the joy of books.”

Isley shrugged as Arthur snapped.

“I don’t really want to know.
Playing with a sword is fun enough.”

I glanced at my sister and dragged her out.
We have to get out of here.

My sister murmured, “I have to bring the book…’ 

You can find that later! With two obsessive men in the same room, it’s twice as dangerous.

But just then, Isley grabbed the back of my neck and didn’t let go.
The playful red eyes of his swept the floor.

“Why are books all over the floor?”

Isley made Arthur angry by asking if he had even built houses out of books and if this was the pleasure he had been talking about.

I was curious about that too.

Earlier, I didn’t notice because I was so shocked that my sister and Arthur were hugging each other, but there were books all over the floor.
The bookshelf next to them was almost missing most of the books in the fifth row.

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