I ran to Aunt Emily to catch my sister, knowing that I would be scolded if the head maid or butler caught me.

Why didn’t I think of the Count, but regret of past is useless.
I have to think about the present and future.

Once I catch up, I will tie her somewhere and lock her up until the party is over.
Gagging her with a handkerchief and rope on top ought to do the job.

Is it a bit harsh? Will it be okay? Can’t I explain the situation later?

Properly blocking sister’s meeting with the count is the priority.

Should I lock her door up with mop handle? Would a drawer block the front? I decided not to go out, as no one ever knew.
What if count suddenly wants to take a walk in the garden and come to a place full of nobles? Then what if he look at us?


No, no, no!

I waltzed down the stairs like crazy, and on the way from the second floor to the first, I stumbled and rolled over.

The world went dark when I was hit on the forehead with a sharp edge.
In the darkness, the light shone brightly and illuminated my field of vision.

When I woke up, several employees were looking down at me.
The beeping tinnitus and the buzzing sound mixed together gave me a headache.

“Did you roll down the stairs?”

“Someone get her to the infirmary!”

“It’s a small accident.
Guests don’t have to worry about it.”

A nobleman with champagne in one hand looked down at me, then nodded at the butler’s words and set off.

I have to see my sister quickly, but I can’t move.
It hurts, feels like I have been beaten to death.
Besides, it’s dizzy and hot. 

“Everyone, please be quiet! Can you not make a fuss on this fine day? Cossen will take you.”

The butler pointed to a man named Cossen with a serious face.
Cossen came up to me and supported me.

I clenched my teeth and tried to stand up away from the man.
It was difficult to stand properly due to the sharp pain that coursed through my entire leg.

I must have bumped my leg while rolling.
I pushed the chest of the man who reached out to me.

“… it’s okay.
I’m fine.”

“You fell down at a high speed, how can you get to the infirmary without support? Come on, come here and wait.”

“… No.
I just slipped a little.
I’m really fine.
None of it hurts.
I can go on your own.”

Although I said that, I had no intention of going to the infirmary.
She had to catch Aunt Emily.

I dug through the staff people and headed to the employee’s quarters.

It’s hard to walk.
I am feeling limp now.
Still, I kept walking.

I reached the dormitory.
I had a gut feeling that my aunt had already told my sister everything.

It’s already too late…too late.
If I had not been rolling stairs, could I have arrived on time and stopped aunt Emily?

My eyes were about to burst with tears, but I held it back and headed to the room.
She didn’t have to know.

Yes? Is that so?

When the door opened, no one was there.
Only traces of someone remained on the blanket.

Oh no.
I lost all my strength and sat down on the spot feeling like a puppet with broken threads.


No, Don’t Cry.
Are you okay? It’s not over yet.
Let’s not let him meet my sister at the very least.

I grabbed the doorknob and stood up.
Where did my sister go? Did she go with Emilia’s? Or maybe she’s scared and is hiding somewhere.

But I couldn’t figure out her location at all.

The heat made my head spin and it was difficult to walk, so I leaned slightly against the wall and stepped forward.

From the 1st floor to the 3rd, I searched each door of the dormitory, but couldn’t see my sister’s characteristics.
So I decided to head back to the main building of the mansion.

Using the shortcut in the garden, I was able to get to the main building quickly.
While I was digging through the bushes at random and heard a human voice while I was on my way to the destination.

“It is surprising that people came to visit this rare place.”

The man’s lively voice was mixed with unhidden sighs.

“So why is Count Nigor here?.”

I was just thinking of passing it on.
Even if a familiar voice wouldn’t say a familiar name.

My heart started beating like crazy.

Yes, I knew this voice very well.
This is his voice, a voice that I couldn’t forget even if I tried to.

At the same time, a whip rang in my head, and giggles and laughter were heard.

The blurry memories become clear and I remember a scene where a man with a whip tapped my cheek with one hand.

– Ah-I’m sorry.
How did the Count catch your eye? You and your sister are equally pitiful.

Cold sweat is dripping down my legs and my legs are shaking.
My eyes clouded over as my body fell to the floor.

A rustling sound was heard as the leaves were crushed.
When my vision was clear again, I was leaning forward and looking at the floor.

I supported myself with my hands to get up again.

“Damn it….”

However, I couldn’t stand properly, my legs didn’t have any strength.

“Did you hear the rustling?”

“Isn’t that the wind blowing?”

“Well… That’s strange.
Aren’t even the little mice hiding?”

The man I was talking to came over.

If I stay here, he might see me.

What happens if I get caught? Are they going to take me there again? I hated it. 

I’d rather die than go back there.

I took a deep breath and quickly dug into the bushes and hid myself.
The man who came up looked around and scratched his head in confusion.

The man returned to where he was and I dug myself up the bushes, just enough to see ahead and observe them.

Soon, to my right and not too far away, the two men started talking again.

“What are you going to do, Count, can you make such a mistake on this fine day? This could be an opportunity to expand this business… I sometimes doubt if that the Count has a brain in his head.”

“Don’t say that.
The Count is a noble who has a great blood line, and it is not for you to judge lightly.
Furthermore… Wasn’t it an accident? Who would have known that woman would suddenly attack him.”

“Hahaha! It’s even funnier hearing it with from your mouth… ! You, the Count’s favorite aide.
I’m telling you to be more careful in the future.
Or you might be eaten by him.”

The moment I heard that particular sentence, I had no choice but to bow my head and shut my mouth to scream internally.

Because they both knew each other very well.
The white deer brooches on their clothes glistened in the sunlight.
They are the people of Count Nigor.

The man with the exposed shirt was Oberon, a thug working in the underworld and one of the count’s favorite servants.

His right eye, covered with an eye patch, was the area I attacked with the sword.
My hands trembled as the feelings of that moment returned.

When I think of what he did to me, even though I can’t quite remember it, it felt like suffocating.

The other man was his aide, Alexander.
The man who helped me and my sister get out of the mansion.

Why did I have to meet them now? I would have been able to find out his purpose here by secretly following them if my sister had quietly stayed in her room.

No, how could I have been secretly following him? Hearing Oberon’s voice and his appearance made my body shiver.

Then… Alexander’s eyes met mine.
The moment was brief, and Alexander turned his head again to continue his conversation, probably wondering if I was mistaken for eye contact.

Still, I can never know for sure; I quickly got out of the bush and crouched down.

Alexander instructed Oberon.
Oberon said he would go to the mansion while expressing his dissatisfaction, and he disappeared.

And the remaining, Alexander, came to the bush where I hid.

I closed my eyes, and laughed quietly at myself.

Oh, he heard me.

Alexander exhaled in a whisper.


The bush in front of me shook violently with a rustling sound.

I didn’t even think to run away, and watched his gloved hands slash through the bushes.
He did not fear about Oberon knowing as he was now gone.

The bushes were completely split open, revealing me.

His calm expression crumbled down and changed to an indescribable one.
He looked angry, sad, and exhausted.

“You are right.”

Alexander took a deep breath and said:

“… First of all, you can rest assured because Oberon is gone.”

He wiped his face with both hands and spoke again.

“Why are you here…? Is Yuria here too? I told you to run away from this empire.
So, didn’t I prepare enough money to leave this country to live in peace? She said she would run away, then why….”

“… Alexander, she did what?”

I can’t understand what he’s saying at all.

Did I tell him I will run away? He said he even prepared the money?

He did help escape the mansion, but never did that.
I squeezed my forehead and tried to recall, but couldn’t.

I ran out of the mansion and after a few days of moaning, I developed partial amnesia.

I lost almost all of my memories from my previous life and partially lost my memories of the past, but it didn’t interfere with my life.
So I didn’t even try to remember it.

But I didn’t know it would give me another shit in this way.
The first thing I hate was that the masters in this mansion were crazy obsessive men.

“… I don’t know that.
I don’t remember…”

“After you ran away from the mansion, I went to the Count with money secretly.
It was the home of a woman named Emily in the Duchy of Emers.
I called you, but you didn’t come out, and Yuria appeared instead.
She said you can’t come out because you are very sick.
So I gave her the money and told her to run away to another country.
Wasn’t it delivered by Yuria?”


This had nothing to do with amnesia.
It was just the part that sister Yuria didn’t tell me.

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