‘Lala, what if you hit his head with a brick and he dies? No matter how trashy he is, it is not going to be peaceful if the guards find out.’

My sister must have taken on the stigma of having a psycho sister.
Still, she’s a pushover, but I’ll be a much more useless burden.

Even if he isn’t dead, I would be reported as an assaulter for hurting someone.
No, he looks like a back-alley gangster, so he won’t report it.
How can a criminal report to someone working for the law?

His head turned with a percussion sound.


 I was slapped in the face by a thug standing in front.
I could taste blood as my body was jerked sidewards.


Lemon clenched her teeth and was at a loss.
Is she calling my name now?
I was thinking, it was the first time she used my name; she had always called me bitch, fox, unlucky girl etc.
Laughter escaped my mouth unknowingly.

“Look at you crying.”

“Brother, I guess this is a really crazy bitch.”

So, I guess I’m really crazy, laughing in such a perilous situation, stupid Layla.
No matter how he treats me, I have to get out of here.

The man who slapped me had a large scar on his cheek.
The scarred man grabbed my face and seemed to be saying something, but I couldn’t hear it clearly. 

I mustered up my courage and spit in his face, dazing him for a second, long enough to punch hard on the holding me and getting free.
I instantly turned around to bite his arm holding my wrist violently.
A scream broke out and his grip loosened.

“Let’s run away.”


I grabbed the dumbfounded Lemon’s hand and sprinted away.
However strong I am in fighting, I can’t win against two men,

There was a huge difference in physique.
The men tried to follow us, but halted seeing the guards pass nearby and swiftly fled.
Next to the guard was a middle-aged couple I recalled to have seen earlier.
Oh, the couple reported the suspicious fleeing men and the guards immediately began pursuit.

It’s strange to see thugs like that roaming the land of that fearsome war hero, Roxanne Emers.
The reason being the saying that security was great here, catching criminals to scammers like mice.

Thinking about it, it seems that the sisters met this way in the original story just to make contact with the rookies.
They dared to put my precious, lovely and pretty sister in danger for that trivial of a reason, that damned author…

Just then,

“How long do you plan to hold hands?!”

Lemon yanker her hand off of mine.

“You… why help me? You hate me!”

Why are you talking to me like I am a human now?

“Of course, I hate you.”

“Then why…!”

“These are totally different scenarios.
Do people need a reason to help others? “

Of course, if you’re in a difficult situation, shouldn’t you be able to help? Other than my parent’s culprit, I was willing to show kindness.
And honestly, ignoring someone and calling them garbage is not my nature…

I fiddled with my hand and looked up to find Lemon staring blankly at me.
What? It looks as if her soul had been sucked away.
Soon after, her tanned skin showed clear signs of bright red.

“…If it were me, would you have ignored me because you don’t like me?”

“What? will you ignore it? really? Garbage…”

“Shut up! Aren’t you really crazy?! How can you hit a person in the head with a brick there? Not just once, but so many…”

“It’s really upsetting that you behave that way even after I saved you! So what would you do in such situation? You would have been in trouble if I were a little late.
I admit that hitting their head was a bit of an overkill, but…”

“It’s just a matter of calling in the guards! Isn’t this the perfect solution?!”

I’m a murderer… I flinched, realizing the fact

“…it’s not like I wanted to…”

“… What is that reaction? … It makes me feel weird…”

What’s my reaction? She pouted and stared at me, biting her lips.
It looks the situation is finally calming down.
I smiled happily and headed back to the square.
Lemon mumbled something from behind.

“It was a little creepy, but…”


“…oh my…”

“What? I didn’t catch that.”

“… Don’t make me say it twice! Are you pretending not to hear me? Unlucky girl! You twist people around like a fox!”

I was embarrassed.
I really didn’t hear it! What the hell did you say to get so angry…

Soon we reached the square.
Where is Marie? We had been to the last place Lemon had been with Marie earlier, but she was nowhere to be seen.
So, I came here because strangely, there was a widespread saying in this world, to not move in case one is lost.

If it’s not here, I may have to ask the guards to find Marie.

Then a girl selling flowers near the clock tower approached.

“Maid sisters, are your names Lemon and Layla?”

“That’s right.”

She was a very cute girl with chubby cheeks.
Her shoulder-length red hair was so curly and full that they resembled a large red circle.
Without realizing it, I gently stroked her hair, she slapped my hand! Then quickly turned to the side and stared up at me sullenly.

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

“I’m… sorry…!”

Yeah, no matter how cute it is, it’s not polite to stroke one’s hair carelessly.
As I bowed and apologized, the child sighed.

That’s why adults…”

I look a bit old-fashioned… The child continued to arrange the flowers in the basket.

“An older sister named Marie wants you to sit here and wait until she comes.
She told me to ask you to not fight.
She told you two would surely fight and asked me to make a tincture for Lemon’s head.
Oh, would you like a flower?”

“Yes? Huh… It’s pretty, but I don’t need it.”

“I gave you the whole message and spoiled my earning by sitting here, don’t you think you should at least buy one? You’re really an older sister with no manners or sense.
If you don’t like it, think of it as the price for letting me touch my hair and buy it!”

Is it? I bought a flower, the yellow one was so pretty.
The child’s expression brightened as he fiddled with the coin I had given.

Money like money.
When I was young, whenever I saw the piles of money in my piggy bank, I would burst out laughing.

The child bid goodbye and disappeared.
Lemon slapped me in the back of the head, scolding me for being inconsiderate.
I, who was arguing for no good reason, screamed as my voice echoed through the square for a moment.

Lemon said she didn’t want to be with me anymore and planned to return to the mansion, but I speedily grabbed her skirt.

“What if you meet those thugs again?”

I sat down by the fountain.

Lemon also agreed and sat down next to me.
But aren’t we sitting too close?

“Sit away!” in anger I spouted, she elbowed me on the shoulder and walked away.

I stroked the place where I was hit and glared at her in rage.
She glared back fiercely but I didn’t respond, so she got a little red.

I bowed and decided to focus on watching the passing ants near my shoes.
Well, whether you respond or not, it’s the same.
It’s the first time I’ve been alone with Lemon, and we’re not particularly close.

In other words, poor Layla is now in a terrifying situation to be alone with someone she is awkward with.

How did we end up like this? Come to think of it, at first, I approached Lemon to get to know her.
But we didn’t become friends.
How can I make friends with someone who only stays with their own group and throws a fit when I approach her, saying that they don’t want to get involved with a frivolous kid?

Layla continued to recall her unlucky and arduous fate, but after she recalled her sister’s situation, it became evident why she was upset with Lemon.
It was then that our insignificant relationship deteriorated tremendously.

As I was fidgeting, Lemon spoke up at once.

“You… Are your cheeks okay?”


Yep, I got slapped in the cheek.
As I recalled it, I felt a tingling pain. 

Suddenly, the blood that had pooled in my mouth was expelled out on the floor.
At this moment, Lemon shouted once more. 

It is really annoying.

I am very sick.”

“Then why are you acting like it’s okay? Annoying as always….”

I didn’t act like I was fine… 

As I was feeling extremely resentful, Lemon jumped up and said that she was going for a while.
I tried to stop her but the opposite party grumbled and avoided, shouting that she would be back soon.
After a while, she returned with ointment.

Shee threw the ointment he was holding on my thigh.

“Hey, apply this carefu-.”

“… Are you crazy…?”

You mean Lemon bought the medicine for me? Must be crazy, were you hit in the head? Lemon grabbed the ointment again and frowned.

“If you don’t want it, I am going to return it!”

“No, no.
Free is great.”

I took the ointment from her hand.
I squeezed the casing and and applied it to on my cheeks.
It stinged every time my hands touched my face.
I will probably have bruises the next day.
My sister would be worried if she sees it….
What the hell is this with those thugs?

“It isn’t poisonous, is it?”

“You want to die? Just focus on applying it carefully!”

“I just remembered….
But were you worried about me?”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up! Who cares about you? Why would I be worried about you?”

“…I think you’re right to worry.
Don’t worry, I’m used to this.
As long as I don’t get hit hard enough to pass out or get kicked in the ass, that’s ok.”

Ever since she came to know how Isley threatened a servant to kick the butler’s ass, she lost the will to kick anyone.
Because the butler felt so much pain and had to deal with such humiliations, he wept hard and retired soon.

“Noisy… Don’t say that.
You suddenly made me remember something that annoyed me.”

“Yes? What?”

Lemon was right.

“Last time, Master Isley kicked my ass and left! Just saying, ‘Have you had enough to pay for what you did?’  What did I pay for!?”

“Wow, you were also beaten by Master Isley.
That representative of the Emers family is a madman!”


We looked at each other’s faces and smiled, then turned our heads away.
You have the same opinion as me….
I feel bad.
Let’s not do this, Lemon, we’re not friends.
OK? It’s not like we’re talking to each other, but we’re ripping our heads off and biting our arms.

As if in denial of my thoughts, my mouth was very friendly and asked a question I had been curious about for a long time.

“Do you like Master Osses?”

“What?! How do you know that? Did that bitch tell you?!”

Even if I don’t ask, its just evident at this point…”

Her face turns red and she turns into a shy girl near Osses, how can one fail to notice? I have seen Lemon spying with evident jealousy, on her sister and Osses.
If she hadn’t been mean to my sister, I would have tried to patch Osses and her in a relationship, and that too a lot earlier.
Although Lemon was unlucky, she didn’t want to be imprisoned, or she would have tried her chances. 

Lemon’s face, ears, and neck were all red.
Her face resembled an apple, not lemon.
She growled, covering her face with both her hands.

“If you tell anyone, I will kill you!”

It is an open truth even if I don’t say it.
As I snorted with that thought in my mind, Lemon kicked my leg.
I grabbed my leg in pain and whined slowly.

“If you promise not to insult my sister in the future, I will keep it a secret.
My sister and Master Osses have nothing to do with each other, so don’t be jealous of her, okay? She’s just telling me that he’s a fox! She’s saying she’ll be just as kind to the master as she is to other people! The master is the same as others…”

Well, Osses may have been selfish.

“You misunderstood that… Absolute garbage! It’s really bad!”

“… Okay, I got it! So, stop talking about Master Osses!”

While they were arguing, Marie appeared.

“Children, have you been waiting? “

There was a huge bag in her arms.

“I didn’t see you guys, and it doesn’t seem like you remember the errands, so I just bought them all.”

Hahaha… And her face was full of the sufferings of life with a sad smile on her face.
She looked as if she had been the group leader of the project when she didn’t want, and seemed tormented by the fact that the members of the group had run away with excuses.

Ah, I’m sorry, Marie… we are trash… 

Marie looked at my cheek and uttered strange words, astonished and worried.

“But the two of you seem to have become a little closer…?”

“Mary, I have a gun to the head… No, do you know that I was struck by magic?”

“Are your eyes bad?”

“Yes? They are alright good… I can see things from afar.”

Lemon pounded her chest as if she was going to die of frustration.
It looked peaceful, so I forgot for a moment that Count Nigor’s deputy was coming tomorrow.

E/N: Hey there! Ersted here, I will be trying to edit this book with dear Byoun.
Hope you like my work and I promise to improve as the chapters progress, Happy to be onboard!

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