1011 Unable to Escape

Body rebirth?

Chu Nan carefully recalled the situation when he helped Supremacy Oville’s body be reborn and seriously recalled the last time Angie Prairie’s body was reforged.
A question arose in his mind.

“Speaking of which… I can be considered to have grasped the Flame of Life cultivation method.
Does that mean that I can also undergo body rebirth too?”

“I don’t know.” Angie Prairie shook her head bluntly, “Master said that she has been trying different things since she first grasped the Flame of Life cultivation method.
Her body rebirth is only a technology she unintentionally discovered after fighting other Star-Grade Martial Artists to death.
I don’t know if it’s equally effective on others.”

“Then how did you succeed?” Chu Nan was even more puzzled.

“Didn’t I reconstruct my body with your help just now? In the beginning, I didn’t think so, but later on, I suddenly thought of it.
Isn’t this situation similar to the physical rebirth Master mentioned? Since you thought of it, try me.
In any case, with you beside me to provide me with life force, the possibility of success is very high.”

“If you fail, you’re dead!” Chu Nan glared at Angie Prairie, “You actually dare to try such a thing without complete confidence.
Do you really want to die?”

“Didn’t I succeed?” Angie Prairie smiled indifferently.

Chu Nan could only roll his eyes helplessly.

She had long known that this girl was not afraid of anything.
Now that she had encountered such a good opportunity, it would be strange if she was willing to let it go.

However, it was fortunate that Chu Nan was beside her just now.
Once he discovered that Angie Prairie’s situation was bad, he would definitely react immediately.
He should not have let her die just like that.

“Heh, Chu Nan, do you want to learn? If you want to learn, I’ll teach you.” Angie Prairie continued, “If you can also master body rebirth, it won’t be easy for the two of us to die in the future.
It won’t be a problem for Star-Grade Martial Artists to pursue us.”

Chu Nan shook his head and did not comment.

Although the extremely special ability of body rebirth tempted him, now was not the time to learn this.

He thought for a moment and carefully sized up Angie Prairie.
After confirming that she had completely recovered, he pressed his hand on her shoulder and carefully opened the spatial wall again to bring her into the alternate space.

This time, Chu Nan did not put an energy shield on Angie Prairie.
Instead, he allowed her to be exposed to the violent spatial energy impact in the alternate space.

However, after hundreds of reforging, the strength of Angie Prairie’s body had indeed increased greatly like Chu Nan.
Now, she could completely endure the scouring and corrosion of the violent spatial energy.
Even if she stood in the alternate space without any defense, it was still not difficult.

Moreover, compared to the first time Chu Nan fell into the stargate, the current Angie Prairie was already a Heaven Control Martial Artist who had successfully condensed a star cloud.
Her use of the spatial energy around her was even easier.
It only took a moment for her to adapt to the situation in the alternate space.
Before long, she could barely control a small amount of violent spatial energy in the alternate space and fly freely.

After flying around, Angie Prairie returned to Chu Nan with an excited expression.

“Heh, Chu Nan, although Master has once brought me to fly in an alternate space in the past, this is the first time I’ve flown however I want inside.
This feels really great! If Master knew, she would definitely be shocked!”

“You’re thinking too much.” Chu Nan shook his head, “Supremacy Oville has seen me fly in the alternate space with her own eyes.
I’m afraid she’ll at most be surprised if you can do this, but she won’t be shocked.”

“Oh… right, you’ve already seen Master before.” Angie Prairie patted her head with a regretful expression, “What a pity.
I still wanted to pretend to have accidentally fallen into the stargate and scare her when I saw her.
I’m afraid I can’t do it now.”

“Save it.” Chu Nan knocked Angie Prairie’s head and pointed behind him, “Let’s leave this damned place first.”

Since Angie Prairie could already fly freely in the alternate space, Chu Nan could finally implement his next plan—pass through the alternate space and escape with her.

The reason why he could not do this previously was because Chu Nan could not maintain the energy shield for Angie Prairie under the corrosion of the violent spatial energy of the alternate space.
At most, he could only move her for a very short distance, so it was naturally impossible for him to escape through the alternate space.

However, now that Angie Prairie had the same ability as him, it was very easy to explain.

Of course, it was impossible to fly aimlessly in the alternate space like this, because there was no fixed location in the alternate space.
If he flew around rashly, who knew where he would fly to in the end?

Therefore, Chu Nan only planned to fly away from Planet Zidam and find the stargate near it to locate it before thinking of a way to truly leave this star system.

As long as they could leave the Sparian Federation or return to the Orion Arm, no matter how powerful the Tag Life Science Chamber of Commerce was, it was very difficult to do anything to the two of them.

All kinds of complicated data quickly flashed through Chu Nan’s mind.
After careful calculations, he quickly confirmed the distance and range he needed to move in the alternate space.
He turned around and gestured for Angie Prairie to follow and fly towards the location of the calculated stargate near Planet Zidam.

In the positive space universe, the straight line distance between the stargate and Planet Zidam was about six light-minutes.
Because this was the first time Chu Nan had flown in an alternate space with Angie Prairie, his speed was not fast.
It took three minutes before he finally arrived at the location of the stargate in the calculations.

Probably because he was still a distance away, Chu Nan could not sense the abnormal spatial energy fluctuation displayed by the stargate in the alternate space, so he could not confirm an accurate location.

If he wanted to obtain this precise coordinate, the only way was to return to the positive space universe and locate it through the real situation.

Chu Nan gestured for Angie Prairie to come over and pulled her hand.
The star cloud in his body circulated and he prepared to open the spatial wall and return to the positive space universe.

However, just as he was about to do this, he suddenly felt the violent spatial energy in the surrounding alternate space unexpectedly stop in an instant.

Originally, the spatial energy in the alternate space had always been in an extremely violent state and continuously ran amok.
However, at this moment, it was as if time had suddenly stopped.
From a violent and uneasy state, it immediately became completely still.
The change was so great that it was simply as if they had suddenly changed to another world.

Even Angie Prairie, who was not that familiar with the alternate space environment, sensed such an obvious change immediately.

Just as the two of them were surprised, a figure appeared out of thin air not far from them.

Supremacy Mal.

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