994 Exchanging Condition

Seeing Chu Nan walk in behind Supremacy Ottoford, all the staff in the Tag Life Science Headquarters opened their mouths in surprise.

Especially when they saw the person on Chu Nan’s back, everyone was even more shocked.

Wasn’t this the guy who had been forcefully snatched from the research institute three days ago?

Look, this guy clearly had the experimental biological mark of the Tag Life Science Chamber of Commerce on one arm!

Facing everyone’s surprise, Chu Nan even smiled at them as if he did not feel that he was trapped in the enemy’s formation.

Supremacy Ottoford ignored the surrounding people and directly led Chu Nan to the headquarters’ hospital.
Chu Nan followed closely behind with Willan on his back.

The surrounding people looked at the special combination of these three people, but they did not dare to stop them.

Due to Zelar, many people in the headquarters of the Tag Life Science Chamber of Commerce were actually very familiar with Supremacy Ottoford and Supremacy Mal.
Coupled with the fact that Zelar had been lying on the bed and could not move these few days, the two Supremacies had always been in a bad mood.

At this moment, who dared to rashly provoke Supremacy Ottoford?

Supremacy Ottoford and Chu Nan were very fast.
Before long, they entered the hospital and arrived at Zelar’s exclusive ward.

“Ottoford, where are you running to…”

Hearing the voice, Supremacy Mal turned around and had just asked when she saw Chu Nan.
After being stunned, she immediately frowned, and dense anger and killing intent appeared on her face.
Without a word, she slapped out.


The terrifying palm force accompanied by the crazy spatial energy turned invisible before it collided with Chu Nan, but it was completely resolved by Supremacy Ottoford standing in front of him.

Supremacy Mal looked at Supremacy Ottoford in surprise.

“What are you doing? This kid clearly injured that b*stard, Zelar! Let me kill him!”

Supremacy Ottoford frowned and shook his head.
“If we kill him, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for Zelar to wake up.”

Supremacy Mal was stunned again before she reacted and stared at Chu Nan.

“Kid, it’s indeed you who did this to Zelar!”

Facing the terrifying aura emitted by Supremacy Mal, Chu Nan still maintained his smile.

“Senior, at the very least, I didn’t kill him, right?”

“You dare?!” Supremacy Mal was furious.
She took a step forward and slapped Chu Nan again.

However, this one was still stopped by Supremacy Ottoford.

“Don’t attack first.” Supremacy Ottoford instructed Supremacy Mal and turned to Chu Nan, “Alright, kid, you can help Zelar recover now.”

Chu Nan glanced at Zelar who was lying motionless on the bed with his eyes closed and shook his head.

“No, Senior, have you forgotten the conditions you agreed to?”

Supremacy Ottoford sneered and shouted at a trembling nurse in the corner of the ward, “Call that kid, Doffler, over.”

The nurse hurriedly nodded and rushed out.

As soon as she went out, Doffler had already rushed in with a group of people.
He had already received the news.

Doffler glanced at Chu Nan and looked at Supremacy Ottoford with a surprised expression.
Clearly, he did not understand why Chu Nan was here and heard from the report that it was Supremacy Ottoford who brought him in.

“Doffler, bring the guy on this kid’s back over and treat him before sending him over.” Supremacy Ottoford did not think about anything.
He pointed at Willan on Chu Nan’s back and ordered.

Doffler looked at Willan.
Although he could not recognize him, he quickly determined his identity from the symbol on Willan’s arm.
He recalled what had happened in the past few days and immediately guessed the situation.

“Supremacy, why must we do this? This kid is a very important experiment subject of our Chamber of Commerce.
If we lose him, I’m afraid it will cause a very serious loss to our Chamber of Commerce.

“Shut up!” Supremacy Ottoford interrupted him bluntly, “No matter how important he is, can he compare to Zelar?”

Doffler glanced at Willan again and then at Chu Nan.
After a moment of silence, he sighed and slowly nodded.

“Alright, we’ll do as you say.”

After saying that, he looked at Chu Nan deeply but did not say anything.
He waved his hand and summoned his two subordinates.

“Leave it to us.
Since you’ve already convinced Supremacy Ottoford, I don’t think you have to worry about anything,” Doffler said.

Chu Nan was indeed not worried.
He threw Willan to the two of them and clapped his hands with a very relaxed expression.

“Bring him over when he wakes up.”

After saying that, Chu Nan ignored them and walked to the bed before lowering his head to look at Zelar.

Although Supremacy Mal wished she could immediately slap this detestable kid to death when she saw Chu Nan, when she saw him lowering his head and seemingly observing Zelar’s situation, she could not help but become nervous.

In the past few days, regardless of whether it was her, Supremacy Ottoford, or the Tag Life Science Chamber of Commerce, they had thought of all ways to treat Zelar, but they had never been able to resolve the problem in his body, causing her to always be in a state of worry.

Ever since she became a Star-Grade Martial Artist, this was the first time she had experienced this state.

Now that this kid had finally been captured by her husband, if Zelar still could not be saved, she could not guarantee what she would do.

“Hey, kid, if Zelar doesn’t recover, I guarantee that you won’t die a good death!” Supremacy Mal threatened Chu Nan fiercely.

Chu Nan ignored her and stretched out a hand to press on Zelar’s chest before extending a trace of Internal Breath.

After using this trace of Internal Breath to circulate in Zelar’s body, Chu Nan could not help but chuckle.

Supremacy Ottoford raised his eyebrows, but Supremacy Mal was immediately furious.

“What are you laughing at?!”

“No, no, no.
Don’t misunderstand.
It’s nothing.
I guarantee that his situation hasn’t become worse.
I have all the confidence to make him recover.” Chu Nan waved his hand.

Hearing Chu Nan’s words, Supremacy Ottoford and Supremacy Mal’s expressions immediately eased.
Supremacy Mal even revealed a happy expression.

“Really? Zelar is really fine? Kid, I’m warning you, don’t lie to me!”

Chu Nan glanced at Supremacy Mal and sighed in his mind.

Although Star-Grade Martial Artists were called the strongest martial artists, they were still human in the end.
No matter how powerful they were, it was impossible for them to transcend emotions.

When he thought of this, Chu Nan shook his head.
He suddenly raised his hand and slapped Zelar’s chest.


Hearing this crisp sound, Supremacy Mal’s eyes widened.
Just as she was about to berate Chu Nan, she suddenly saw Zelar open his mouth and spit out a breath.
Then, his eyes widened and he sat up straight.

He was actually woken up by Chu Nan’s palm.


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