929 Testing Ability

Chu Nan quietly watched as Rowe and Ankelu flew through the atmosphere and arrived in front of him.

When the two of them stopped, a smile appeared on Chu Nan’s face and he waved at them.


Under the normal state of not deliberately urging the high circulation of the star cloud, Chu Nan’s voice accurately entered the ears of Rowe and Ankelu through the vibration of spatial energy.

Rowe and Ankelu frowned and first looked at Chu Nan in confusion before looking at the two remaining spaceships in the synchronous orbit not far behind him in concern.
They discovered that the two spaceships were still intact and did not seem to be problematic.

This made the two of them even more puzzled.

They had just received an alarm from their subordinates at the same time and said that they had discovered Chu Nan suddenly appearing beside the spaceship.
The two of them immediately flew up in surprise and joy.

They originally thought that they would see Chu Nan wantonly destroying the spaceship, but they did not expect that Chu Nan would greet them like an old friend.

What was going on?

Rowe and Ankelu looked at each other.
Ankelu asked first, “Hey, kid, what do you want to do? Did you specially come to die?”

Chu Nan smiled and did not have the intention to continue chatting with the two of them.
Instead, his figure flashed and without a word, he threw a punch at Ankelu.

After being stunned for a moment, he was furious.

“Kid, you’re courting death!”

Ankelu was originally extremely angry at Chu Nan and his killing intent was dense.
Now that he saw that Chu Nan actually dared to appear and even attacked him recklessly, he could not be bothered to think carefully.
The star cloud in his dantian circulated and a circle of light rose behind him.
The spatial energy in the circle quickly condensed and in an instant, countless arrows condensed from spatial energy shot towards him.

This time, he attacked with all his might from the beginning, unleashing his most lethal arrow rain to the limit.

Chu Nan only glanced at it and did not need to use his powerful data ability to accurately calculate.
He knew that it was impossible for him to completely dodge such a dense rain of arrows.

Of course, he did not plan to dodge.

Seeing the arrow rain attack, Chu Nan’s fist lit up with white light.
A large amount of spatial energy condensed and stretched out, hitting the arrow at the front.


A huge sound passed through the spatial energy vibration and the vibration of Chu Nan’s body to his eardrums, causing him to feel as if a thunderclap had sounded in his ears, causing his entire brain and body to buzz.

Chu Nan glanced at his fist and discovered that it had finally recovered and was already mangled because of the explosion of the arrow.
Clearly, he could not completely block the terrifying lethality contained in the arrow rain with his original strength.

He was not surprised.
He took a deep breath and the Internal Breath in his dantian flowed out.
It quickly circulated in the meridians in his body and completed the first cycle of the Nine Revolutions Technique.
Then, he used his strengthened Internal Breath to urge the star cloud.
He immediately felt that the spatial energy he could affect through the star cloud had clearly increased compared to before.

His Internal Breath circulated and the star cloud circulated.

After completing these actions, Chu Nan had already condensed spatial energy that was even stronger than before and threw another punch at the other arrow.


The arrow exploded, but Chu Nan was still shaken by the terrifying recoil energy until his entire body shook violently.
His ears rumbled, but it was clearly much better than the previous strike.

However, he still could not completely block this strike.
This head-on collision made the injuries on his right fist even more serious.

At the same time, because he could not completely dodge the attack, Chu Nan’s body was still struck by several arrows that penetrated his front and back.
Some of the arrows even exploded, blasting out a few extremely terrifying wounds on his body.

“Hmph, this kid only has this strength in the end.
I must kill him this time!”

Rowe sneered in his mind and flew behind Chu Nan.
His Internal Breath circulated wildly and the star cloud also circulated wildly, absorbing the spatial energy in the large space around him.
With a wave of his hand, waves of frost spread in the starry sky.

This time, he deliberately increased his perception and detection of the surrounding starry sky to prevent Chu Nan from inexplicably slipping away again.

However, just as he used his cultivation method and was about to attack Chu Nan with all his might, he saw him punch another arrow.
Then, he borrowed the powerful recoil of the explosion to fly at high speed into the starry sky behind him and immediately left the starry sky affected by the Rowe Frost.

“Heh, two of you, see you next time.”

Rowe and Ankelu were shocked.
Just as they could shout that something was wrong, they heard Chu Nan’s voice through the vibration of spatial energy.

Then, they saw Chu Nan wave at them and his figure suddenly disappeared into the starry sky.

Looking at the empty starry sky in front of them, Rowe and Ankelu were stunned.

This kid… ran away just like that?

He really ran away?

Ankelu did not give up and flew to the place where Chu Nan had disappeared.
Countless arrows shot in all directions from the circle of light behind him, but how could they cause any reaction?

Seeing Ankelu’s actions, Rowe’s expression darkened.

What was this kid doing here?

Chu Nan jumped out of the alternate space and appeared in the air above the island.
Then, he fell and smashed a huge pit in the soil in the center of the island.
Only then did he get up and slowly move into the cave to sit cross-legged.

Although the battle with Rowe and Ankelu had only lasted for a very short period of time, the two of them had extremely strong killing intent towards him.
It could be said that they had used their full strength from the beginning, causing it to not be easy for Chu Nan to deal with them.

Moreover, in such a short period of time, Chu Nan’s body had already been severely damaged.
Not only was his right fist mangled, but there were also terrifying wounds all over his body.

Of course, this was nothing to Chu Nan.
He sat on the ground and immediately circulated the Flame of Life and the Goddess’ Song cultivation method.

This time, because his injuries were not as serious as the previous time, it only took less than five minutes to completely recover.

Chu Nan still did not notice that during this process, a trace of green aura that represented life force flowed into the ground.

After confirming that his body was completely normal, Chu Nan composed himself and directly urged his Internal Breath to circulate.
Then, he entered his dantian and urged the star cloud to circulate.

If it was in the past that he was completely forced to urge the star cloud to fight those two people head-on in order to delay Rowe and Ankelu, then he was deliberately doing this now.

Through the previous battle, Chu Nan realized that the Nine Revolutions Star Cloud was a plan that had practical possibilities, so he was naturally unwilling to let it go easily.

Therefore, he deliberately found Rowe and Ankelu to fight not only to make the two of them unable to live in peace but more importantly, to test his ability.

Through the short battle earlier, Chu Nan did a simple test.
He circulated his Internal Breath and completed the First Revolution Star Cloud.

Reality proved that this did not increase his strength much, so he was still unable to block Ankelu’s full-strength attack.

However, this provided him with precious data support, allowing him to complete this action better.

After trying a few more times, Chu Nan gradually had more understanding and comprehension of the state of his Internal Breath circulation and First Revolution Star Cloud.
He jumped up and rushed out of the cave.
He flew into the night sky again and penetrated the atmosphere.

A moment later, Chu Nan appeared beside the two remaining spaceships and waved at Rowe and Ankelu who had yet to leave and were shocked to see him.

“Heh, the two of you, I’m here again.”


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