Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of the girl fighting the Blazing Flame Bird below continuously sounded.
Chu Nan lowered his head and discovered that the girl had the upper hand.
He ignored her and continued to sit cross-legged in midair to focus on adjusting his Internal Breath and studying the cultivation method.

By helping the girl adjust her Internal Breath cultivation method, Chu Nan had a deeper understanding of the cultivation method she cultivated again.

It was not without reason that he judged this cultivation method to be very likely an S-rank cultivation method.

The circulation of this cultivation method in his meridians was far more complicated than any Internal Breath cultivation method he had come into contact with before.
Even a similarly special cultivation method like the Nine Revolutions Technique could not be compared to it before Chu Nan modified it.

As for the seventh level cultivation method… Su Xuansheng did not leave behind a clear cultivation method, so it was not easy to compare.

Of course, if it was only complicated, it did not mean that the cultivation method was powerful.

Among the hundreds of Internal Breath cultivation methods that Chu Nan had come into contact with previously, there were also complicated circulations of Internal Breath.
However, because many parts were meaningless in his opinion and would even have the opposite effect, not to mention increasing its power, it would only decrease its power and be evaluated as a low-level E-rank or even F-rank cultivation method.

As for this cultivation method, although Chu Nan only knew the situation of the circulation of the young girl’s Internal Breath and could not be considered to have a complete understanding of the entire cultivation method, he discovered that the mobilization of his Internal Breath and the increase in the use of his meridians had reached an abnormally shocking level.

Even with his powerful data ability and precise control of his Internal Breath, it was very difficult to find any problems with this cultivation method.

Previously, he had only made slight adjustments to the girl’s meridians and various parts of her body according to the foundation of this cultivation method.

This adjustment only helped the girl circulate her Internal Breath more slowly and smoothly in her meridians when circulating this cultivation method.
This way, the corrosion and destruction of her meridians and body would be much smaller and could relieve her current situation.

However, this was still only a temporary solution.

If he wanted to completely change the danger brought about by her cultivation method, unless Chu Nan could obtain the complete cultivation method from the girl and let her study it for a period of time, he could combine the cultivation method with the specific situation of her body to give a complete improvement plan.

However, it was impossible for any martial artist to hand the special cultivation method they cultivated to a stranger, especially an Internal Breath cultivation method that was very likely to be an S-rank.
Therefore, Chu Nan could only do this for the time being.

However, to Chu Nan, the information he had on this cultivation method was enough.

With a thought, an Internal Breath flowed out of his dantian and quickly circulated according to the trajectory of this cultivation method.
Chu Nan immediately felt that this Internal Breath had become filled with the taste of devouring and annihilating everything.
Then, it flowed into his palm and he slapped out.

A large area of space in front of him seemed to have been instantly swallowed.
A piece of the entire space was missing.
The spatial energy in it seemed to have completely frozen and completely lost any fluctuations.

“This cultivation method is indeed powerful.”

With a thought, Chu Nan slapped out again.
This time, he used the mutated Goddess’ Song cultivation method.

Not only did the spatial energy in the space in front of him completely stop this time, but it was also transformed by the Goddess’ Song cultivation method.
In an instant, the entire space seemed to have been completely dug out.

The spatial energy in the surrounding space felt the loss of this space and immediately surged toward it crazily.

Chu Nan felt the spatial energy in the surrounding space instantly become abnormally violent as if he had returned to an alternate space.

The space in front of him that was missing spatial energy was extremely similar to the situation near the exit of the stargate in the alternate space.

Chu Nan was shocked.

He only had a thought and casually tested it.
He did not expect it to cause such a terrifying effect.

Feeling that the space around him had already become abnormally unstable and that all the spatial energy had become violent, Chu Nan hurriedly removed the transformation of spatial energy by the mutated Goddess’ Song cultivation method and returned it to normal.

Then, he felt the entire space shrink and expand.
The spatial energy that surged wildly into that space became even more violent and chaotic.

If not for the fact that Chu Nan’s body had experienced countless tempering in the alternate space and was already extremely used to this situation, he might have been directly destroyed by the violent spatial energy!

When the spatial energy in the surrounding space finally calmed down, Chu Nan could not help but wipe the cold sweat that did not exist on his forehead.

“Damn, if I’m not careful and die to the cultivation method I created, it’ll really be a huge joke.”

After calming down, Chu Nan thought for a moment and his eyes lit up.

When these two completely different cultivation methods were combined, the effect was actually so shocking, causing a large area of space to instantly enter a chaotic state.

To others, this might be a very dangerous action, but to Chu Nan, it could be used as an abnormally powerful cultivation method.

His body was tough enough and could completely endure the corrosion of the violent spatial energy.
The other martial artists could not resist.

Perhaps even Heaven Control experts could not endure it.
After all, Heaven Control experts could not pass through the stargate with their bodies.

Apart from that, when he used the two cultivation methods at the same time, Chu Nan felt that he had a new understanding of the fusion of Internal Breath and spatial energy.

Coupled with the situation of using these two cultivation methods, his mobilization and control of spatial energy became even more proficient.

Moreover, the characteristics of this cultivation method were simply perfectly compatible with the mutated Goddess’ Song cultivation method.
When Internal Breath flowed out, it simply had the aura of devouring everything.

“Ha, if I can obtain the complete cultivation method from her, my strength will definitely increase greatly again.”

Chu Nan lowered his head to look below and discovered that the girl had clearly gained the upper hand.
The Blazing Flame Bird was retreating step by step.

With Chu Nan’s help, the girl’s Internal Breath was adjusted and her body clearly strengthened.
The battle with the Blazing Flame Bird had clearly reversed from being at a disadvantage previously.
Moreover, the time she lasted far exceeded the previous few times.


“It should be about time.” Chu Nan silently calculated the time.

According to her calculations of the situation in the girl’s body, the girl’s full-strength battle time was still limited.
Now, it had almost been exhausted.

In a while, her body should be unable to endure the impact of her Internal Breath again and enter an abnormal state.

Seeing that the girl still did not retreat, Chu Nan shook his head.
Just as he was about to go down and prepare to receive her, he suddenly felt something amiss and raised his head to look at the sky.

A hole suddenly appeared in the atmosphere above his head.
A figure suddenly penetrated the atmosphere and fell quickly.

Chu Nan’s eyes immediately constricted.

From the trajectory of this figure’s descent, he had clearly flown down from outside the atmosphere, which was space!

Heaven Control expert!

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