No wonder this voice sounded familiar.

The person who made this sound was actually the young man who had collided with Xiu at noon!

At this moment, the young woman who had been sent flying by Xiu was standing beside him, looking around in boredom.

When Chu Nan’s gaze swept over, the young woman happened to look over curiously.
Clearly, she wanted to see who these new people were, but she did not expect Chu Nan to walk out of the car and was immediately stunned.

“Oh no.”

Just as Chu Nan shouted in his mind, the young woman indeed pointed at him and screamed.

“It’s actually you!”

The young man who was talking to someone beside him frowned and stopped his conversation.
He turned around and was clearly stunned when he saw Chu Nan.

Dorwell and Dong Fang, who were talking, were also stunned and looked at the two of them in confusion.
They saw that their gazes were focused on Chu Nan and looked at him in confusion.

After glaring at Chu Nan, the young woman rolled her eyes and walked straight towards him.
She stretched out a finger and pointed at his nose before shouting, “Brat, I thought you were some important figure, but I didn’t expect you to be only a follower.
You actually dare to be arrogant in front of me just now? Now that we’re here, let’s see if you still dare to be arrogant!”

Chu Nan frowned with a headache.

This young woman clearly came from an extraordinary background, but her upbringing was really not good.

Earlier, she had been pulled away by that young man.
He had probably seen that the two bodyguards could not do anything to Chu Nan and Xiu and was afraid of suffering a loss, so he chose to temporarily retreat.

He did not expect that they would actually collide again.
At this moment, the young man narrowed his eyes and looked at Chu Nan with a leisurely smile.
Clearly, he was fearless.

What Chu Nan had a headache about was not encountering these two troublesome fellows, but whether encountering them would affect the serious matter that Dong Fang wanted to do.

After thinking for a moment, he could only lower his head slightly and say to the young woman, “I sincerely apologize for what happened just now.
I just said that if you’re dissatisfied, you can let me propose compensation.
As long as I…”

“Who cares about your compensation?!” The young woman interrupted Chu Nan with a sharp voice, “There’s only one possibility if you want me to spare you.
Kneel down now and apologize properly! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Chu Nan smiled and raised his head to look into the young woman’s eyes.

This guy clearly did not plan to settle the matter peacefully and wanted to rely on who knew where to find trouble with Chu Nan.
No matter how humble he was, it was meaningless.

Dong Fang and Dorwell reacted at this moment.
Dong Fang frowned and did not interrupt.
Instead, he looked at Dorwell beside him.

Dorwell also frowned.
He paused for a moment and walked to the young woman, but he bowed first.

“Honorable Miss Teresa, may I ask what misunderstanding you have with Mr.
Chu Nan?”

“Misunderstanding? Did he just…”

The young woman called Teresa sneered and exaggerated what had happened at noon.

In her description, Chu Nan had simply become a villain who relied on his martial strength to bully a weak woman like her.
If she had not reacted quickly, he might have even done something worse than a beast…

Hearing her distort the truth, Chu Nan could only look at the sky speechlessly.

From Dorwell’s attitude towards this Miss Teresa, it could be seen that this guy and that young man probably had an extraordinary relationship with these guys here.
It was definitely not something he and Dong Fang could compare to.

Clearly, it was impossible for Dorwell and these people here to consider this from his point of view, let alone support him.

Therefore, the moment he saw Dorwell bow to Teresa, Chu Nan was already mentally prepared to escape with Dong Fang.

Although he felt very apologetic for destroying Dong Fang’s matter because of his own matter, it was much better than being humiliated here.

At that moment, Chu Nan had already memorized all the surrounding terrain and environment.
His brain, which was equivalent to an A.I., quickly circulated and formulated a detailed escape route.

However, after Dorwell seriously listened to Teresa’s long description of black and white, he did not directly give a disadvantageous order to Chu Nan as Chu Nan had expected.
Instead, he thought seriously for a moment and smiled apologetically at her, “Honorable Miss Teresa, I believe this is only a misunderstanding.
Since this Mr.
Chu Nan has already apologized to you, can you forgive him? He and this gentleman are our important guests this time.
I hope you can consider it.”

Dong Fang smiled, but Chu Nan and Teresa were stunned.

“You want me to forgive him?” Teresa pointed at Chu Nan and shouted, “Impossible! Unless he kneels down and apologizes to me now, it’s impossible for me to forgive him!”

Dorwell frowned and turned to look at Chu Nan.

Chu Nan, you…”

“Impossible!” The person who planned to kill Dorwell was not Chu Nan, but Dong Fang.
He still maintained his smile, but his gaze when looking at Teresa revealed a dangerous glint, “Mr.
Dorwell, the greatest taboo for our Earth Federation is to kneel to others.
This is different from some of the rules of your United States of Melaita.
If you insist on making Chu Nan kneel, I think we can only postpone this negotiation today.”

Dorwell’s expression immediately changed.

Although they had the absolute initiative in this negotiation today, through these few days of contact and understanding, they also knew more about the fleet led by Dong Fang from the Earth Federation.
They already knew quite a bit about the Seres Security Company behind them without needing to investigate.
They knew that this was a very powerful company and could even partially represent the will of the Earth Federation.

If the negotiation completely collapsed because of this, it would definitely not be good for their plan.

Compared to the benefits of the cooperation proposed by Dong Fang previously, they had already easily let go of the losses they had suffered during the battle.
How could they give up here because of an insignificant problem?

After these thoughts instantly flashed through his mind, Dorwell took a deep breath.
He did not look at Dong Fang, Chu Nan, or Teresa.
Instead, he looked at the young man in the distance who was smiling and putting on a show.

“Baron Sasarian, can you persuade Miss Teresa?”

“Baron?” When he heard this title, Dong Fang’s eyelids twitched.
He looked at the young man in the distance and his gaze instantly became serious.

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