Kansas instinctively felt danger.

Although he did not understand the reason, with his many years of experience, he acutely sensed that Chu Nan’s current state had completely recovered, causing him to no longer have the confidence to easily crush the other party like before.

However, he could not even retreat.

That mysterious Star-Grade Martial Artist had already made it very clear that he wanted him to fight Chu Nan well.
Only by winning could he have hope of surviving with the entire fleet.

Therefore, he could not retreat.

Of course, he only felt danger and still did not think that he would lose.

However, now, compared to before, this was the first time he truly treated Chu Nan as an equal opponent.

Seeing Chu Nan’s figure move and slap over at an extremely fast speed, Kansas focused his mind and threw a punch back.

Previously, he could easily suppress Chu Nan with this method, but now, he discovered that it was not useful.

Previously, he could suppress it because his Internal Breath was far thicker than Chu Nan’s and the spatial energy he could mobilize far exceeded his.
As long as Chu Nan dared to fight him head-on, he would only be at a disadvantage.
Most of the time, he did not even dare to fight him head-on and could only dodge bitterly and rely on his outstanding external martial technique to endure.

Now that the difference in Internal Breath had been smoothed out, Chu Nan’s advantage in external martial techniques was obvious.

In just a moment, Kansas actually felt that he could not endure it.
In the blink of an eye, he was slapped twice by Chu Nan and kicked three times.
He could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood and his internal organs were severely injured.

In front of Chu Nan, Kansas was surprised to discover that his years of combat experience were useless.

No matter what tricks he tried to use or deliberately set up a trap to lure him, Chu Nan could determine it immediately and react in the most appropriate way.
In the end, he was the one at a disadvantage.

After fighting for a while, Kansas was struck in the chest by Chu Nan’s palm and spat out another mouthful of blood.
He knew that he could not resist if this continued.
He could not care less and took a deep breath.
The Internal Breath in his body circulated and suddenly erupted.
In an instant, another sea of blood floated out of his body, and his entire body emitted a blood-red light as if he was a bloody person.

Chu Nan immediately felt an extremely terrifying aura coming from Kansas’ body, causing his body to involuntarily tremble.
The palm he had already thrown out had a small deviation and landed on the sea of blood that surged over like a tide.
He felt an abnormally powerful force pass through the sea of blood and actually sent him flying.

He was actually unable to completely resolve this force with the layered offset method he had just comprehended.
It instantly invaded his heart, causing a few of his main meridians to be heavily injured.
He could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Under the sky, Angie Prairie could see it clearly and could not help but cry out.

“Not good, that guy is going crazy! Master, quickly attack.
Chu Nan is in danger!”

Supremacy Oville frowned and focused on the situation in the sky, but she was not too worried.

With her powerful strength as a Star-Grade Martial Artist, she could forcefully interfere in the battle at any time and save Chu Nan.
Naturally, she did not have to worry like Angie Prairie.

She only wanted to see what Chu Nan planned to do.

Although Chu Nan’s previous response was a little strange in her opinion and even felt unbelievable, the effect was very good.

What she admired the most was that the overall strategy Chu Nan adopted was very outstanding.
He first used different methods to continuously exhaust his opponent’s Internal Breath and finally pulled the two sides to a similar level.
Then, he could unleash his strongest advantage one after another—the use of external martial techniques.

Facing an enemy whose strength clearly far exceeded his, such a strategy was a little risky, but it was the most effective and most likely strategy to defeat the strong.

It was impossible to rely on unexpected moves to win.

The strength of an expert was that when their strength far exceeded yours, they would not give you a chance to win by surprise.

If Chu Nan wanted to do that from the beginning, he would only be counterattacked by his opponent who was still in good condition.

Therefore, Chu Nan’s previous response was very good.
Now, it was time to see what he should do when faced with his opponent’s fiercest counterattack.

“It’s fine.
That guy is only using a special cultivation method to stimulate himself and forcefully recover.
He can’t last long in this state.
As long as Chu Nan persists for a period of time, he will die.” Supremacy Oville casually comforted Angie Prairie.

“But how can Chu Nan persist? That guy seems to be stronger than when they first fought.” Angie Prairie still could not completely let go of her worry.

“About that… you have to believe Chu Nan.
This kid was able to come up with so many strange things to deal with just now, so he should be able to now…”

Before Supremacy Oville could finish speaking, she saw Chu Nan receive another punch from Kansas in the sky.
After spitting out another mouthful of blood, he glanced at Kansas and his entire body erupted with a dazzling white light.

Supremacy Oville was shocked and her frown deepened.

Could it be that this kid planned to go all out at this moment and fight the other party?

This was the stupidest choice!

In the next moment, the first worry on her face instantly turned into surprise.

Just as everyone thought that Chu Nan was going to fight the other party with his full strength, he turned around and flew into the distant sky.
In just a moment, he transformed into a white light and disappeared into the distant sky.

This guy had actually used his full strength… to escape!

The Rand Clansmen beside Supremacy Oville who were also concerned about the battle in the sky looked at the distant sky in a daze, not knowing how to react for a moment.

Even Supremacy Oville revealed a stunned expression.
She did not expect Chu Nan to choose to escape!

After thinking for a moment, she could not help but laugh loudly.

“Very good! Very good! This kid is indeed smart.
I really like him more and more!”

Angie Prairie did not look surprised at all.
When she saw Chu Nan running away without looking back, she was only stunned for a moment before laughing.

“Yes, that’s right.
If you can’t defeat him, run.
Why do you have to foolishly risk your life? Don’t you think so, Master?”

“Yes, yes, very right, very right.
Angie Prairie, you have to learn from Chu Nan in the future.
You must be like him and not choose to fight head-on when you can’t win.
Just escape.
Look, that guy in the sky must be stupid now.
Haha, I’m dying of laughter.”

Angie Prairie and the surrounding Rand Clansmen looked up at the sky and could not help but laugh.

In the sky, Kansas’ aura flourished, and the surrounding sea of blood spread.
At a glance, it gave people an extremely sinister and terrifying feeling.

However, Chu Nan had already fled far away.
No matter how terrifying he was, who could he show?

Kansas looked at the sky where Chu Nan had disappeared and knew that it was impossible for him to catch up.
His heart was immediately filled with a sense of defeat from being completely played.

He had used a secret technique to stimulate himself and forcefully recover to his complete state, but Chu Nan had already escaped.
He could not maintain this state for long.

After the effect of the secret technique ended, his condition would only be worse than before.

At that time, when Chu Nan returned, how should he deal with him?

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