“It’s actually this kid?” Sun Xiangren was stunned.

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Seeing his reaction, Semondi felt strange.

“What? You know this student called Chu Nan?”

Unlike Sun Xiangren, who was mainly responsible for the students’ work, as the dean of the Martial Arts Branch, Semondi might only know the most outstanding students in the Martial Arts Branch.
He also knew that this batch of new students had Feng Mingxi and Angie Prairie, who were directly related to Star-Grade Martial Artists, and he also knew about Rudy Karl, who had obtained the first place in the entrance examination.
However, he really did not know much about Chu Nan.

“What? Have you never heard of Chu Nan’s name?” To everyone’s surprise, the person who answered this question was not Sun Xiangren, but Star Cloud Academy’s Dean Lin Mingdao.

This time, everyone was a little surprised.

Semondi asked Lin Mingdao in surprise, “Dean, do you know this kid?”

Lin Mingdao smiled and shook his head, “I can’t say that I know him, but I’ve heard of him.
Semondi, the main reason why your Martial Arts Branch pushed this reform is to respond to the latest policy of the federation.
However, you actually don’t know the most important person in this policy.
This really surprised me.”

Semondi heard a trace of meaning in Lin Mingdao’s words and could not help but frown slightly.

Chu Nan? Chu Nan? Chu Nan…

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Was this student very famous? He was so famous that even the dean knew about him, and he was so famous that he was called the key figure in pushing the new policy of the federation?

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“Cough… that… Dean, Dean Semondi went to the Declan Empire to investigate half a year ago and happened to miss the period when Chu Nan became famous.” Sun Xiangren coughed lightly and explained for him.

“Oh?” Lin Mingdao glanced at Semondi and nodded, “Hmm, that’s understandable.
However, as the dean of the Martial Arts Branch, it’s a little unreasonable that you don’t pay enough attention to such important information.”

Semondi’s heart tightened.

Dean Lin had always been known for being gentle to others.
To be able to make him say such a reprimand so bluntly, it proved that he was really very dissatisfied.

“Yes, Dean.
This is my problem.
When I return, I’ll definitely read up on the relevant information about this student called Chu Nan.
Since he was able to propose improvements to the martial techniques in the database less than a week after school started, it’s enough to prove that his talent is very outstanding.
It seems that he’s very worthy of our branch’s focused nurturing.”

Clearly, Dean Lin thought very highly of Chu Nan and even specially mentioned him.

Coupled with the fact that this student called Chu Nan was indeed talented, it could not be considered flattery for him to focus on nurturing him.

However, Dean Lin’s reaction was beyond his expectations again.

Hearing his words, a trace of pity appeared on Dean Lin’s face.
He sighed and slowly shook his head.

“No… as for this student… it’s best to observe more.
There’s no need to especially nurture him.
Moreover, your Martial Arts Branch has a unified system reform now.
There’s no need to deliberately choose a few students to nurture like before and do everything according to the rules.
You should know that if a system wants to last long, the rules have to be firmly adhered to at all times.”

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Semondi was extremely puzzled.

What did the dean mean?

He clearly pretended to think very highly of Chu Nan, so why did he specially emphasize that there was no need to nurture him?

What was going on with this student called Chu Nan?

Semondi glanced at Sun Xiangren beside him and knew that this was not a good time to ask.
He could only put this name in his mind and nod at Lin Mingdao, “Dean, you’re right.
Our Martial Arts Branch has just carried out this reform and it’s time to implement it seriously.
We can’t be biased at this time.
That’s equivalent to no reform and returning to the old path.”

Lin Mingdao chuckled and waved his hand.

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“We’ll discuss this in the future.
Since you’ve seen Chu Nan’s application, from the rules of the system, is his application a success?”

Semondi turned to look at Sun Xiangren and gestured at him with his eyes.

Sun Xiangren immediately nodded and said, “No problem.
He has already made very useful improvements and adjustments to the March God-Killing Palm on this application.
He even added a portion of his own moves to supplement it.
The March God-Killing Palm in the database was originally only the lowest F-rank martial technique, but after his improvements, I think it’s enough to become a qualified E-rank martial technique.
According to the rules of the evaluation, he should obtain points as a reward.”

After Sun Xiangren expressed his opinion, Semondi nodded and said, “Yes, Chu Nan’s understanding of the March God-Killing Palm is clearly extremely profound.
He also has a very unique understanding of the corresponding modifications and has already reached the standard for the evaluation.
However, we can only give basic reference opinions now.
The specific evaluation will still be handed to the academy’s special evaluation team to give the final result.
Dean, what do you think?”

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Lin Mingdao smiled, knowing that Semondi was responding to his words about “working according to the rules”.

“This is the job of your Martial Arts Branch.
You can decide it yourself.”

“Yes.” Semondi nodded and turned to Corovina, who had been stunned for a long time, “Transfer this application to the evaluation team according to the process.”

“Ah? Oh, okay.” Corovina was stunned for a moment before realizing.
She did not turn her personal terminal screen around and directly performed the procedures in front of the leaders.

Because it was the first time such an application had appeared, Corovina was still slightly flustered before settling it.

In front of so many leaders, she could not help but break out in cold sweat.

Fortunately, this was not too complicated.
It did not take long for her to settle the operation.
She forwarded the application and gently exhaled.

“I’ve already forwarded it.
Dean, do you still…”

Just as Corovina was about to ask what other instructions the dean had, the virtual screen suddenly picked out another application notification.

This was because the virtual screen was facing the leaders.
They also saw it immediately.

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Seeing that Corovina was a little stunned, Semondi frowned slightly and berated softly, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and deal with it.”

“Oh…” Corovina hurriedly replied and opened the application.

Seeing that Corovina was working with her head lowered, Semondi ignored her and turned to Lin Mingdao with an inviting gesture.

“Dean, let’s go to the next place?”

After arriving here, Semondi had lost some face in front of Lin Mingdao and could not wait to leave.

“Yes, that’s good.
Don’t disturb her normal work.” Lin Mingdao nodded.

The group was about to leave when they suddenly heard Corovina exclaim again.

Semondi frowned, feeling very dissatisfied.

What was this Corovina doing? She was so shocked.
Did she not feel embarrassed enough just now?

Everyone turned to look at Corovina and saw her pointing at the virtual screen in surprise.

“What’s going on?” Semondi asked in a low voice.

“Dean… Dean, it’s… it’s Chu Nan’s application again…”

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