Chapter 153 Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm

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“I’ve found out.” Mu Luo adjusted the virtual screen of his personal terminal and faced Chu Nan, “The middle-aged man is called Xue Changhao.
On the surface, he’s the president of Changhe Technology Company, but his secret identity is the current family head of the Luo family.
The young man is his only son, Xue Zhengming.”

Chu Nan seriously looked at the information displayed on the virtual screen.
He pondered for a moment and said, “With the Xue family’s martial arts inheritance, it shouldn’t be because they fancy the Wind God’s Forest Crossing Leg Technique.
In that case, it’s just Xue Zhengming who wants to provoke us?”

“From the current situation, that’s indeed the case.” Mu Luo nodded and replied, “However, before we obtain enough information, I suggest that we still stay vigilant against them.”

“Yes, I will.”

Chu Nan tilted his head and looked at Chu Xiaoxi who had fallen asleep on him.
He smiled.

After this girl finally obtained the photo and autograph of those famous stars at the banquet, she had been in an extremely excited state.
In the end, not long after she got into the car, she directly fell asleep.
It seemed that she was too excited just now.

Chu Nan turned to look at Mu Luo and suddenly had a thought.

“Uncle Mu Luo, do you know anything about the Luo family’s inherited martial technique?”

Mu Luo glanced at Chu Nan and hesitated for a moment before nodding, “I understand a little.”

“Then you should have seen the palm technique Xue Zhengming used just now, right? Do you know what palm technique that is?”

“The most famous family inheritance of the Luo family is an A-rank external martial technique called the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm.
What Xue Zhengming used just now was that palm technique.”

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“A-rank martial technique? No wonder it’s so powerful.” Chu Nan recalled his short battle with Xue Zhengming and sighed.

It was obvious that Xue Zhengming’s attainments in this Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm were far from high, but he was already able to unleash such a powerful force.

If he was truly proficient, he would probably be able to become a good expert as long as his Internal Breath was passable with this palm technique.

This was the difference between a martial artist who had a complete family inheritance and a martial artist who did not.

“I can still understand why Xue Zhengming came to provoke me because he might be unwilling to accept that the federation’s media’s evaluation of me was too high, so he wanted to defeat me to prove himself.
However, why is Xue Changhao so hostile to me?” Chu Nan had a puzzled expression.

“Two months ago, the Luo family publicized a B-rank martial technique on the Milky Way Network—the Soaring Cloud Movement Technique.
They said that it was to respond to the new ‘Foundation Martial Skill Promotion Act’ by the federation council,” Mu Luo replied in a muffled voice.

“Publicized a B-rank martial technique?” Chu Nan was immediately shocked.

Ever since the “Foundation Martial Skill Promotion Act” obtained the approval of the entire federation and was vigorously pushed forward, almost all the martial arts families in the federation more or less expressed their agreement.

For example, the Luo family and the Feng family on West Cloud Planet had jointly opened the Fengluo Dao Arena and publicly recruited students to impart their family’s martial techniques.
This was a very common plan.

Apart from this, many martial arts families might have been afraid of trouble and chose to directly take out a portion of their family’s martial techniques to show their support for this bill.

However, the martial techniques taken out by these martial arts families were mostly low-level martial techniques.
Very few martial arts families would contribute the truly powerful martial techniques they had selflessly, because doing this was simply digging their own corners.

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However, now, this Xue family actually took out a B-rank martial technique to publicize on the Milky Way Network.
It was really too surprising

“But why is Xue Changhao so hostile to me?” However, Chu Nan was still a little puzzled, “As the master of the Xue family, he’s willing to publicize a B-rank martial technique.
Could it be that he can blame me? He can’t be like those media outlets and really think that I caused the push of the ‘Foundation Martial Skill Promotion Act’, right?”

Mu Luo shook his head, indicating that he did not understand.

Chu Nan thought for a moment and could not understand the reason.
He could only temporarily give up on thinking about this.

He tilted his head to look at Chu Xiaoxi who was still sleeping soundly, then turned to look at Mu Luo who still had a deadpan face.
His mind stirred and he asked, “Uncle Mu Luo, you’re a third-stage Void Break Martial Artist, right?”

Mu Luo nodded lightly.

“Then… have you grasped an especially exquisite external martial technique?” Mu Luo turned to look at Chu Nan with a questioning gaze.

“What I mean is… do you have an external martial technique that’s especially exquisite like the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm? You saw it just now.
Xue Zhengming relied on the Flowing Cloud Indefinite Palm to easily defeat me.
If I encounter an enemy who has similar exquisite martial techniques as him, I might not be able to deal with him.”

“You went easy on him just now,” Mu Luo said blankly.

There was no change in his tone, but it made Chu Nan feel awkward.

“About that… I just wanted to test it, but I failed.
Ha… Haha…”

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Mu Luo looked at Chu Nan expressionlessly for a moment.
When he could no longer laugh, he shook his head.

“No, the martial techniques I know are all for work.
Exquisite moves are not suitable for


“For work?” Chu Nan was stunned before he recalled Mu Luo’s bodyguard identity and understood.

Indeed, in terms of protecting people, it was obvious that the simpler and more direct the better.
An overly exquisite move meant that it would stall for time and was not suitable to end the battle quickly.

“Why are you asking this?” Mu Luo asked.

“I obtained a little understanding in my battle with Xue Zhengming just now.
Now, I really want to find an opponent with exquisite moves to verify these thoughts, so I want to ask if you know any exquisite external martial techniques and then find you to spar.”

Mu Luo shook his head slowly.

“Firstly, I won’t.
Secondly, you’re too weak.
Thirdly, I only accepted the mission to protect you and your family.
I won’t spar with you.” Hearing this answer, Chu Nan’s expression became even more awkward.

“Hmm… I know.
I was thinking too much.
Uncle Mu Luo, just pretend that you didn’t hear what I said.
I’ll think about it myself.”

Mu Luo was silent and expressionless.

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Chu Nan glanced at him and did not dare to speak again.
The atmosphere in the carriage immediately fell silent.

At this moment, this special private floating shuttle belonging to the Seres Security Company was driving at high speed in the suburbs of Sigma City to Chu Nan’s family’s farm.
Apart from a large piece of farmland, it was almost empty.

Looking through the window, there was thick darkness everywhere.
Only weak lights could be seen from afar.

Driving in such a wilderness, it was easy to feel silence.

Now that Chu Xiaoxi was already asleep, Chu Nan did not speak, and neither did Mu Luo.
The interior of the carriage was so silent that only the uneven breathing of Chu Xiaoxi could be heard, causing it to appear calm and strange.

Chu Nan wanted to speak again a few times, but when he saw Mu Luo’s expression, he swallowed his words.

After a while, Mu Luo suddenly opened his mouth.

“There’s a Drifting Cloud Martial Arts Hall in Sigma City.
Xue Zhengming often appears there.”

Chu Nan was stunned before he was overjoyed.

“Thank you, Uncle Mu…”

Halfway through his sentence, Chu Nan suddenly saw a white figure rushing over from the right like a bolt of lightning from the corner of his eye.
In the blink of an eye, it had already collided with the shuttle at high speed.


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