1550 Test Paused


The red light erupted wildly like magma.
In the end, Prince Norman spat out a mouthful of blood, but he was instantly swallowed and evaporated by the red light.
His body flew back as if he had suffered a heavy blow.

After flying for more than 30 meters, he rolled more than ten times on the ground and barely stopped.

A figure landed from the sky and stood in front of him.

“Your Highness, do you think my Blazing Flame Heaven Scorching Fist Technique is alright?” Chu Nan lowered his head and smiled at Prince Norman with a relaxed and happy expression without any difficulty.

“This kid is indeed a monster…”

Prince Norman muttered in his mind and took a deep breath.
His Internal Breath circulated and he barely suppressed the injuries in his body before standing up.

He stared at Chu Nan for a while before nodding reluctantly.

“Although I’m very unwilling to admit it, it’s obvious that you’ve already fully grasped the Blazing Flame Heaven Scorching Fist Technique.
You… passed my test.”

Chu Nan immediately smiled brightly.

“Thank you for your affirmation.”

Prince Norman shook his head and sighed.
He did not say anything to Chu Nan anymore.
He tapped his feet and flew out of the drill ground.

The Declan royal family who were still watching the battle around the large drill ground watched as Prince Norman left the arena.
All of them did not look too surprised, as if they had long expected this outcome.

This was already the 67th test Chu Nan had accepted.

In these 67 tests, no matter what cultivation method the royal family of Declan used to test Chu Nan, regardless of whether it was an external martial technique or an Internal Breath cultivation method, it was still that strange and special cultivation method that had fused with various cultivation methods and was not easy to determine.
Chu Nan could successfully master it and make the opponent in charge of testing him unable to say no.
He had to admit that he had passed the test.

If it was said that most of these Declan royal families came with the intention of laughing at Chu Nan in the beginning, after personally witnessing these 67 tests, everyone did not underestimate him at all.

Everyone could not help but feel that it was very likely that Chu Nan would really break through these hundred tests and prove the nonsense he had said when he was undergoing the trial.

Everyone could not help but think to themselves that perhaps… this genius kid had really grasped the Exterminating Heart Technique just by fighting other descendants of the royal family?

This thought which was extremely ridiculous in everyone’s opinion began to gradually become reality after witnessing Chu Nan’s shocking performance.

Chu Nan raised his head and glanced at the Declan royal family around the large drill ground.
He gently exhaled and sat down cross-legged without any hesitation before starting to adjust his breathing with all his might.

According to the rules that President Anduin had personally told him, he had 15 minutes of rest after every test.
He could use these 15 minutes to replenish the Internal Breath he would consume and check the injuries he had obtained in battle.m

Under normal circumstances, 15 minutes was naturally far from enough.

Although this was only a test and not a life-and-death battle, in theory, it was obvious that in the previous 67 tests, almost every member of the Declan royal family who was in charge of the test was more or less hostile to Chu Nan.
Originally, the tests that were only limited would always be turned into intense battles or even life-and-death battles by them.

In such a high-intensity battle, it was impossible to not exhaust his Internal Breath at all, and it was basically impossible to not be injured at all.

Therefore, this rule was deliberately making things difficult for Chu Nan.
The goal was clearly to make him unable to hold on and be forced to admit defeat.

However, Chu Nan relied on his special understanding of the Nine Revolutions Cultivation Technique to perfectly fuse his Internal Breath with the spatial energy of the outside world.
The speed at which he recovered his Internal Breath was extremely shocking.
Moreover, with the enhancement of the Flame of Life cultivation method and the Goddess’ Song cultivation method, the injuries obtained in battle would not affect him at all.

This way, even if he had actually fought 67 consecutive battles, his current state was still extremely good, no different from people who had almost never fought.

Of course, it was also good to be able to use these fifteen minutes to recover.
Even if it was not to recover his Internal Breath and repair his injuries, it was also good to calm his mind and not let his nerves be in a tense combat state.

Although Chu Nan’s brain was already as powerful as an A.I., it was not a true A.I.
after all.
There would be times when he was exhausted—moreover, even an A.I.
needed to be regularly repaired.

As soon as Chu Nan sat down, he immediately lowered his head and entered a completely meditative state.
His goal was not to recover his Internal Breath but to completely relax his mind.

Another benefit of a powerful brain like an A.I.
was that when he wanted to relax his brain, he could also do it to the limit.
He could temporarily throw everything to the back of his mind and obtain the most effective recovery and relaxation.
After the previous 67 tests, Chu Nan would do this every time.
Therefore, he could maintain a stable and efficient mental state until now, allowing him to better deal with the tests and learn and master those various cultivation methods.

However, this time, just as Chu Nan entered this state, he suddenly heard an extremely loud voice mixed with age above his head.

“It’s already late.
Today’s test ends here.
Chu Nan, rest here for the night.
The test will continue at sunrise tomorrow.”

Hearing the voice, Chu Nan adjusted his mind and raised his head to look at the sky.
He saw that the spaceship that represented the will of the Elder Council was still floating in midair, but the huge virtual screen that released the real-time image of the large drill ground below had been retracted.

The person who had spoken just now was naturally President Anduin.
His statement was clearly to announce that the test had really come to a temporary end.

Only then did Chu Nan discover that after 67 consecutive tests, the surroundings of the large drill ground had long been enveloped by the night.
Stars flickered above his head and the night was dense.
It was already night.

No wonder President Anduin said that it was already late.
It was really too late.

However, Chu Nan had never heard President Anduin mention stopping the test at night, so he had always been mentally prepared to fight a hundred consecutive rounds.
He did not expect it to suddenly stop, causing him to be a little at a loss.

President Anduin’s voice sounded.
The surrounding Declan royal family looked at each other and retreated.

Most of these guys who were watching the commotion brought their families’ own floating shuttles.
It was easy to come and go.

If there was really no other way, they were also experts at the lowest Void Break Realm.
They could fly far away alone and did not have to worry about the distance on a planet.
Soon, they scattered.

Just as Chu Nan was about to retract his gaze and ignore what those Declan royal families were doing, he seized the time to rest and digest the cultivation methods he had learned in the test today, he suddenly discovered two figures flying over from the distant sky.

Looking carefully, they were Princess Romanti and Princess Viennelle.


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