Chapter 143 Loot

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When the first ray of golden sunlight appeared in the open space in front of the warehouse door, Chu Nan slowly opened his eyes.

He narrowed his eyes and sized up the bright sunlight outside the warehouse.
He took a deep breath and felt the clear morning air blowing in from the door.
He also smelled the thick and bloody aura that could not be hidden.

Chu Nan turned his head slightly and looked at the corpse in the other corner of the warehouse opposite him.
He felt like he had been reborn.

The last punch last night had already completely exceeded his limit.
He did not even leave any room for retreat.
If it did not work, what awaited him and Chu Xiaoxi was definitely the merciless torture of the transformed man.
His outcome would definitely be extremely miserable.

Fortunately, not only was that punch successfully effective, it was also extremely effective.
It actually blasted half of the transformed man’s body away.
He was completely dead and could not pose any threat anymore.
Only then did he successfully protect his and Chu Xiaoxi’s lives.

When he thought of his sister, Chu Nan retracted his gaze and lowered his head to see that Chu Xiaoxi was curled up into a ball beside him and sleeping soundly.

Seeing that her face had finally calmed down, Chu Nan was extremely happy.

No matter how much she liked to argue with him usually, she was still his sister.

Protecting her was his responsibility as an older brother.

Fortunately, he succeeded.


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Chu Xiaoxi, who was on the ground, suddenly shivered slightly and muttered.

“Save me… save me… I’m afraid… Brother…”

She was actually talking in her sleep.

Chu Nan sighed in his mind.

It seemed that the experience last night had already left a deep psychological trauma in her heart, causing her to start having nightmares.

“I hope she’ll get better in the future.”

Chu Nan stretched out his hand and gently touched Chu Xiaoxi’s face before lifting her hair.

Perhaps because she felt Chu Nan’s touch, Chu Xiaoxi’s trembling body gradually calmed down.
She stopped talking in her sleep and fell asleep again.

“If Mom and Dad saw you like this, I don’t know how pained they would be.” Chu Nan shook his head and sighed again in his heart.

Last night, under the cooperation of Chu Xiaoxi, he claimed in his communication with his parents that it was rare for him to come to Sigma City with his sister.
He decided to just have fun in Sigma City for the night and return home the next day.

Although his parents complained, they did not suspect much and only instructed Chu Nan not to bring Xiaoxi to those messy places.

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If possible, Chu Nan naturally did not want to lie to his parents.
However, he knew very well that if his parents knew about the situation last night, they would definitely be abnormally worried.

In any case, the matter had already been settled, so they did not have to worry for no



Chu Nan suddenly shook his head and turned to look at the two corpses of the transformed man and burly man in the distance.
He frowned slightly.

Had the matter really been settled?

The situation last night was urgent.
His mind was filled with thoughts of how to save Chu Xiaoxi and defeat the transformed man.
He did not think too much about anything else.

After a night, Chu Nan turned around and discovered something strange.

Apart from his family, only Dong Fang knew that he had returned home yesterday.

However, these two guys could accurately kidnap Chu Xiaoxi, who had come out of her house to pick her up yesterday.
The timing could be said to be just right.

Although it was possible that they had used some method to find out in advance the information of the space class he was on, how could he explain that they actually knew clearly that he had obtained a B-rank external cultivation method from Mu Yutong, the Wind God’s Forest Crossing Leg Technique?

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Chu Nan narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment.
He gently took a deep breath and stretched out his hand to press on the ground.
He felt a sharp pain in his meridians, but the circulation of his muscles and meridians was still smooth and did not affect his movements.
He endured the pain in his meridians and swayed as he stood up.

After standing up, Chu Nan willed and an Internal Breath quickly circulated through the meridians in his body.
After confirming that the activity earlier did not affect his meridians, he was relieved.

Of course, it was impossible for him to completely repair those heavily damaged meridians in one night.
However, with the experience he had after being injured last time, Chu Nan only used one night to open up those new meridians.
Then, the meridians that had been shattered by the last punch yesterday basically recovered to a complete state.

Although it was still far from being intact, it could barely maintain the smooth circulation of Internal Breath and basic physical activity.

At the very least, from his appearance, other than his face being especially pale, there was not much abnormality.
After circulating his Internal Breath for another cycle, Chu Nan raised his leg and took a step.

Although he was still a little weak and his footsteps were a little weak, walking normally was no longer a problem.
Chu Nan slowly walked towards the corpse of the transformed man.

After walking closer, he discovered that the wound on the transformed man was really shocking

From his left shoulder down to his left waist, an extremely terrifying semicircle gap appeared, causing him to almost lose his entire body.

In the gap, one could see the broken white ribs and half of his internal organs.
The situation was extremely disgusting and terrifying

Chu Nan could not help but regret letting Xiaoxi investigate this guy’s situation last night.

When such a terrifying situation fell into the eyes of a young girl like her, who had never killed a chicken since she was young and would be sad for half a day if a dog died on the farm, it was no wonder that she had nightmares.

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Chu Nan did not feel anything.

This guy actually dared to kidnap Chu Xiaoxi and even had such an abnormal thought.
Naturally, the more miserable his death was, the better.
He did not have any sympathy for such a person.

Most importantly, Chu Nan had experienced tens of thousands of battles in the virtual space.
Apart from being killed by enemies in various strange ways tens of thousands of times, he had also personally killed countless enemies.
He had seen even more tragic situations than this and had long tempered an extremely strong will.

Although there was ultimately a difference between a virtual space and reality, the virtual space simulated by the mainframe A.I.
was extremely realistic.
There was no difference in the disgusting scene.

Chu Nan slowly walked over and squatted down.
He took the personal terminal from the transformed man and pulled out a few strands of hair from his head to tie it to the personal terminal.

After thinking for a moment, he reached out and touched the transformed man’s body.

After a while, he touched something hard below the right chest of the transformed man.

He reached in and took out a thin book that was not thick.

Although the cover of the book was mostly dyed red by blood, a row of words could still be seen clearly.

Chu Nan did not recognize these words, but he opened his personal terminal to scan it.
Soon, the explanation of these words appeared on the new screen.

Type: Mondia Race Language

Meaning: Purple Cloud Eight Desolates Body Tempering Technique

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